Carmack: 60 fps “hard” to achieve on Consoles; Comments On His Coding Style

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It’s a known fact that RAGE runs at 60fps. You could probably say that RAGE was one hell of a technical achievement on consoles, although, that framerate is actually hard to achieve on consoles, says Carmack.

He advises developers to stick to 30 fps if they cannot maintain a constant 60 fps. Certain games like God of War 3 and GT5 have a variable framerate where it usually drops when there is a slight load, but Carmack doesn’t prefer that sort of design.

“Unless you can maintain 60fps almost all the time, you are better off locking at 30 instead of dropping all the time. 60 is hard,” he said.

Consistency is a good thing, but on current generation consoles that 60 fps smooth framerate doesn’t come easily. The best examples are the CoD games, as they usually run at a Sub-HD resolution to accommodate the frame rate.

He also mentioned that Doom 3 was his first C++, which should be a well known fact many because the idtech 3 engine was re-written in the C++ programming language.

“Doom 3 was my first C++, it is nothing to hold in high regard,” he revealed.

In related news, RAGE is 50% off on Steam right now, so if you haven’t played it yet, what are you waiting for?

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  • ” He advises developers to stick to 30 fps if they cannot maintain a constant 60 fps ”
    Well carmack practice what ya preach. 360 drops frames and does NOT maintain constant 60 fps. And to be honest carmack, you was good in your day, but now fella theres people out there making games that are far better than what you have made. RAGE was a overhyped game that had LOADS of problems.

    • ME

      Carmack is the man behind the code. I’ve always believed that Carmack is hard to match in terms of his coding, but the games his team makes have been lacking since the 90s. Doom and Quake kicked some butt… but since then it’s always been about their engines, not their games, that made people excited. Even Rage came in on a hype train bigger than we’ve seen in a long time and got mixed 7-9s because people were impressed by the tech and underwhelmed by the actual game.

  • Your Comment…

  • RAGE is a great game! I just played the demo and against all my prejuice (because of people above me being all negative about it) I was surprised how good it felt and looked. This game is a must buy…don’t believe the PC Elitist who think they’re entitled to such shameful comments. Thx Carmack and IdSoftware this game stands on it’s own and is certainly worth more sales!

  • Bla bla bla… bla bla. Who the fuck cares how Carmack writes code for his games?? The only one who thinks people still care must be Carmack himself and his incompetent designers at Id.

    I used to have a great deal of respect for Carmack, but after playing Rage I have totally lost faith in him and Id software. Let me explain: For me Doom3 was one of the most, if not the most anticipated games ever. I followed every scrap of news. Studied every screenshot, but when I finally played it it was one of the worst games I have ever played. Sure the graphics were great, but that was about the only thing that stood out in Doom3. After the first two hours I started to get very frustrated of all the dark corridors and all monsters that jumped at you from closets. It seemed that Id had never heard the word variety. There was nothing in the game that changed the pace, that felt as a breath of fresh air. And the story was even worse than the gameplay. The bad guy Dr Betrueger?? WTF was that all about? Worst villain in video game history. I can´t believe they hired a professional writer for doom3.

    With Rage I wanted to give ID one last chance. The game had killer graphics, like all id games but the game itself didn´t make me want to come back. Like doom3 it had quite a promising start but then repeat, repeat, repeat… I still haven´t completed it and will probably trade it in for another game. Rage was the last time I bought an id game.

    Id and Carmack should shut the fuck up and start making great games instead of talking so much bull and never delivering. Tim Willits is even worse with his constant talk of “we invented the first peson shooter genre” Jesus man, stop talking and start making some decent games instead.

    I won´t apologise for the rant against id. I thought it was a great opportunity to say this, because I was just leaving for gamestop to trade in Rage and buy another game. Probably battlefield 3.

  • @Jari
    You are only making a review on the demo, the game’s reviews of 7’s are pretty accurate.
    There was so much potential but as soon as the game gets going it finishes..such a shame

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  • Yep totally agreed tech driving the RAGE Engine is superb. I think if Carmack would have tried for 30fps and smaller scale (just look at scale of Rage guys, on top that its a sand box game) he could have beaten all games till date in terms of graphics.

    Carmack has already said he will create DOOM 4 with RAGE engine (id tech 5) and it will be 30fps and will be smaller in scale!!! I think DOOM 4 will be best looking console game.

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  • No matter whats said or done i think carmack is taking the pee with coming out with this ” He advises developers to stick to 30 fps if they cannot maintain a constant 60 fps. ” when he can’t do so himself. What a tard.

  • Sefni

    Hmmm. Interesting. If they did release a Linux port I would leeinitfdy invest in it as it looks like it will be something different for id software. If they don’t I’m not too worried. I’m finding myself wasting enough time on Quake Live as it is.


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