Child of Light Will Run At 1080p/60fps On Both The PS4 And Xbox One

Difference between next and current gen versions detailed as well.

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child of light

Child of Light will run at 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution on both the PS4 and Xbox One, Patrick Plourde, Creative Director has confirmed to GamingBolt.

Speaking to GamingBolt, Patrick assured that there are no major differences between the two next gen version of Child of Light. “The only difference on my side was that we could give more Achievements on Xbox One then on PS4 because the Xbox One doesn’t have the notion of XBLA games anymore,” he said.

He also detailed the difference between the next and current gen versions of the game: “The main difference is the resolution. The game is at 720p on Xbox360, PS3 and WiiU. On WiiU we use the GamePad screen to control Igniculus and the players can do the same on the PS4 by using the PSVita in remote play. That resumes the differences between versions.”

Child of Light is due April 30th, 2014. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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  • John Nemesh

    “The only difference on my side was that we could give more Achievements on Xbox One then on PS4 because the Xbox One doesn’t have the notion of XBLA games anymore,”

    What? WTF is he talking about?

    • Steph

      I didn’t get what he mean either

    • John Joe Silver

      XBLA games were limited to 20 achievments for 400 points (i think those are the figures or something close)… on xbox one this restriction is now gone and every game can get 1000 points and X amount of achievements

    • Ki EuKiTo

      It’s not like the fk’n points can be traded in for anything. Or the score on PSN really means sh*t. I don’t see why it would be limited on any console. It should be up to the developers creativity. Although I suppose they could abuse that to push the sales of a crappy game, by just putting like 1000 achievements/trophies in it, lol.

    • Fersnake

      so in the ps4 the trophies are limited to?

    • tcnitsni

      Sony limits short cheap games from having full trophies including gold and platinums. Otherwise people would inflate their scores with easy platinums and such like they do on Xbone. It’s a good thing.

  • Steph

    Game is shaping up nicely

  • Sheldon Prescott

    It seems likely I’m the only person looking forward to this game. I keep mentioning it, and nobody knows what I’m talking about.

    • incendy

      I am, I can’t wait!

  • Psionicinversion

    another 1080p game on the X1 boom, coming back to action!

    • You are flat out wrong

      Had better hope so. It hardly looks graphically intensive.

    • Fersnake

      lol, if you notice the x360/ps3/wiiu hast 720p so in theory the nextgen consoles should give at least 1080p resolution in this type of games. btw in a more intensive games the xbone resolution dicreases an that its a fact.

    • Ki EuKiTo

      The Wii U is like 1.5x more powerful than 360/PS3, so it’s a shame it didn’t reach 1080p on Wii U. Even if it only had a 30+fps, because Wii U may have the best control option.

    • Ki EuKiTo

      If the XB1 couldn’t hit 1080p on this game, I would take it out back & shoot it.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Oh man, more cheevos!!!!

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