Cliff Bleszinski Says He Would Never Work With Nintendo After Firing Of Employee

The Gears of War creator had some harsh words for a company he professes to love.

Posted By | On 14th, Aug. 2015 Under News

cliff bleszinski
Cliff Bleszinski has never one to be real shy about sharing his feelings about one goings on or another in the video game world. The creator of Gears of War is someone people still turn to because of this fact. This week, Bleszinski weighed in on the recent firing of a Nintendo employee who apparently spilled too much info regarding the inner workings of the company. Chris Pranger appeared on a video game podcast to talk about his employer and was subsequently fired.

While the editor seemed to take his dismissal fairly well, writing on Twitter that he was ultimate to blame, Bleszinski clearly thought the move was a massive overreaction by Nintendo. The Gears of War creator took to the social media site to voice his concerns, talking about the road Nintendo was going down by taking this action. “Nintendo fires employee that goes on a podcast. Next up they can folks that post youtube videos and do Twitch streams and Twitter?!” He wrote in one tweet.

He also pointed out the move makes Nintendo look like they are trying to hide something, saying “Way to allow for some transparency, Big N.” After engaging in some conversations with people who felt Nintendo was justified in carrying out the firing, Bleszinski gave the final word from his end on the issue saying that he was “sad” that a company he grew up loving and still admired was also one he would never want to work for.

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  • SinCityAssassin

    You’d think a guy like him would understand how NDAs work.

  • ArceeK

    Did Cliff Bleszinski ever plan to bring Gears of War to a Nintendo system anyway? Can’t threaten to take away what you never planned to offer in the first place.

  • Pattonfiend67

    The guy violated his contract. In any career he would have lost his job.

    Cliff is a fool who has no clue as to what he is even talking about. I would love to see his employees leak confidential information of the inner workings of his company and games and see how he likes it. A matter of fact, I would like to see him personally do it to a company like Microsoft and see what happens.

    It is a shame this Chris guy was such an egotistical idiot all the while
    insulting Nintendo loyalists, his bosses , and legendary developers such
    as Sakurai.

    Guy has zero integrity and should have just kept his mouth shut. Good riddance.


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