Crysis 2 Comparison: Which one looks better?

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We have found some screens which compares all the three versions of Crysis 2 in full 1080P. Check them out below.

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  • HA! see I told em, 360 gets page 1, but if you look at page 2 and 3 The PS3 takes it. Shadows are more vivid, trees are more clear. It does depend on the screenshots but 2 out of 3 is sayin somethin.

    • Ok if you notice on pc version there are booies or however you spell it on the ocean, where as the ps3 and x-box do not, also the lighting from the sun glaring on the surface of the water looks like HD bloom effect which works great in that time of day so I say PC 1 all other platforms 0 haha

  • doub7

    Most of the things I am hearin is that 360 is the better lookin game in motion. Ps3 is known 4 havin frame rate issues b/c of the lack of RAM. The differences r prolly negligible anyway. Mafia II looked worse on the PS3 but I still enjoyed it & got xtra DLC 4 free so I was happy.

  • PilarVIRUS

    PC looks the best, but comparing the consoles, the 360 got it.

    • dd you look at page 2 and 3? Trust me, I give credit where credit is due. But those pics say the PS3 got this time around.

    • PilarVIRUS

      No… I’m telling you overall, because the 360 has the high resolution of the game. Tho it has frame rate issues and the PS3 version doesn’t.

  • I don’t see how you guys can see the 360 being better, I don’t know if you’re you’re just bias or what but the PS3 has far more advanced hardware. If and when it lacks, its because the Ps3 is so hard to program.

  • Thatruth86

    hmmm of course pc takes it but honestly lets me real here ps3 looks better then 360 but not by much but still looks good on all platforms

  • Same shit. Only difference is the lighting. PC is number one, PS3 second, and Xbox 360 third. The lighting effects are rendered differently and I came up with my list depending on which one was more complicated to render on screen. It’s all subjective though, 360 is darker and makes colors more vibrant, PS3 has softer lighting with realistic shadows, PC has HDR over blow.

    It all depends on which one looks best to you, while the PS3 looks more realistic, the shadows seem more washed out at first, the 360 looks more modern, but may be too dark in some areas, and finally the PC is more stylized because of the dramatic HDR.

    It’s the same shit on all three, looks identical.

    As a pc gamer, writing that sentence hurt me more than anyone could possibly imagine.

  • Obviously the PC is much better, if you notice the lighting on page 2 and page 3 you can see the rays shining through the trees very significantly on the PC version while the PS3 and 360 just have a slight amount coming through. And on page 2 the trees on the far left, the PC version has a lot of light shimmering off of them but the console versions look a bit more duller. And for some reason on page 2 the consoles dont have that huge cloud of smoke on the far right like the PC version does.

    • Also there is supposed to be a DX11 update for the PC version here in a couple weeks ive heard, so that will definitely make the PC version look even better.

  • doub7

    The PS3 is much harder 2 develop for due 2 all the diff processors & it has less RAM than the 360. So it has less memory for textures, etc. Look @ the grass in the ps3 version of Mafia 2 vs the 360 4 an example. I haven’t played the ps3 version so I don’t know regarding this particular title but framerate had been an issue in other multiplatform games like Bayonetta. Its possible than cryengine 3 negates these problems. Sounds like the 360 has a little slowdown as well according 2 the review.

  • Doesn’t hold a candle to my PC…

  • PC take the win… hands down…

  • doub7

    Wow Pilar I am surprised 2 hear that bout the framerates but I believe u. I have no personal experience w/ multiple versions so I could only make assumptions based on past experience.

    But I do remember a Crytek dev sayin in a interview is that 1 of the best features of CryEngine 3 is that they r able 2 leverage all the diff consoles 2 their fullest potential. Sounds like it worked, kudos 2 Crytek. I can imagine how insane this game looks on a high end PC.

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  • ps3 renders crysis 2 with 25% less pixels in compare to X360 and X360 has less framerate issues.


  • One thing consoles can’t do yet is Eyefinity/TripleHead. PC>Console. With the right GPU(s), good drivers, and maybe a little bit of OC’ing, Crysis 2 can run like a beast on PC with multiple screens.

  • All three look good. PC is obviously gonna look a little better due to lack of hardware limitations that the 360 and the PS3 have. If Microsoft and Sony upgraded their consoles with the newer processors, and increased the memory and put in better graphics processors they would probably look just as good as on a PC, which is eternally ever growing more powerful. Hell 700 dollars will get you the new GeForce 590 and be ever more powerful in the pants over a console. But ya gotta give the 360 and PS3 credit where credit is due because they both look great. Its not like they utterly bogged the graphics in order to be playable on the consoles.

    • Thanks captain obvious !

  • Notice how the PS3 version is the only one where tiling is noticeable, especially on the water’s horizon. Crysis 2 is an excellent game and is probably the most impressive thing on any 7th gen console, also for how they managed to optimize it so well, but it’s certainly not the trend opposing, boundary pushing game that Crysis was for the PC. The sequel was made with consoles in mind first and foremost, hence the linearity, small maps and lack of destructible environments. Sadly this is the only means by a developer may make a worthwhile profit. The potential for video game advancement (not only in visuals) is being stunted by the disproportionate popularity of the console market, which has yet failed to release anything cutting edge for 6 whole years.


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