Crysis 2 launch trailer is go, looks awesome

Posted By | On 22nd, Mar. 2011 Under News

EA’s released the launch trailer for Crytek’s upcoming shooter, Crysis 2 and it’s full out mental.

There’s explosions, action and lots of bullets flying around in the trailer and everything’s looking really good.

The game’s out tomorrow for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and our review is ready, stay tuned to catch it later in the day.

For now, enjoy the trailer.

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  • shastyxmcnasty

    I cant wait to read your review…I’m hoping for review averages somewhere in the 90’s, if a game gets below that i find it pretty hard to get into it. However based on the mp levels I were able to play alone I cant see this game getting below 9.5

    • I agree, the online may hold it back from being a perfect 10 but this game is a must have, not just a rent. To be honest though, my feelings about this game won’t change no matter what. All the poor reviews in the world wont stop me from enjoying it as if there is nothing better out there. I’ve been waiting for this game for a while, the same thing happened to me with Prototype. Even though I never got to play it until recently, I still enjoyed the shit out of it.

  • “Best looking game on consoles”
    I highly doubt that.

    • don’t be a downer dude, It very well might be.

    • Rashid Sayed

      it is indeed the best looking console game. Check out our Xbox 360 version game later today.

    • PilarVIRUS

      AH…. You’re getting me even more excited ;). lls I can’t wait, I can’t wait. It’s my Crysis and I need it NOW.

  • That just brought a tear to my eye. It’s more astonishing than I could have ever imagined. I’m baffled by these graphics. Time Square was immaculate, the buildings were perfect and scale size. I really think this might be the best game to date on all platforms.

  • PilarVIRUS

    This game is 3 TIMES longer than a COD game AND has multiplayer too!!!! Talk about bang for your buck

    • And that’s what every game should aspire to be without settling for less

  • doub7

    Wow I can’t wait 2 play it after reading Rashid’s comment. My eyes r gonna b very happy. Looking forward 2 that review!

  • doub7

    Man that sounds like a nice lengthy campaign 4 an FPS. I hate that I never got 2 play thru the story of the other 2 Crysis games. Hope I won’t b 2 lost.

    • You won’t be, all reviews are saying you don’t need to know much about the last game

  • doub7

    I hear u Pilar, glad its out finally. My friend said the demo didn’t do the mp component justice, there r 12 maps & he said they r all amazing.

    • I wonder what kind of dlc they’ll relase and if it’ll add abilities to the suit.

  • doub7

    EA luvs their DLC so I am sure we will c a steady stream of content 4 this after release. That is good news cuz this MP seems like it will have sum serious legs.

  • woodysroundup

    The use of “Invaders Must Die” for the multiplayer trailer was superb. That said, even though this song doesn’t fit into the trailer
    I don’t understand why did they have to go with a rap type song Killzone 3 launch trailer had a better song it was something that fits the game these slow paced rap songs don’t work with games like these
    Personally I can’t wait to get this, I think it looks awesome! Really glad the early reviews have been positive as well. It means the MP can’t be that bad either hopefully!i thought i might have a chance of winning the nano edition but i see im a few weeks late ):


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