Crysis 2 versus Crysis 1: HD Screenshot comparison

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Crysis 2 is definitely one of the games that we are looking forward to in 2010. Coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC later this year, Crysis 2 should be able to set a new benchmark in the visuals department again. So how much has the game evolved since the last game?  We decided to do a high definition screen shot comparison of both the games, so check it out. The first screen is from Crysis 1 and the second one is from Crysis 2.


Comparison 1

Comparison 2

Comparison 3

Comparison 4

Comparison 5

Considering the fact that Crytek are using an updated engine so it is quite obvious that Crysis 2 definitely looks better than the original. With almost a year left for development we could only imagine how the final game will look like.

Can’t get more of the game, check these high definition images from Crysis 2 below:


Thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    so pretty much the same?

    • dm

      Looks like they added lens flare.

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  • Marshall

    So basically without all the forest they had to render in Crysis 1, which was incredibly taxing on a system (Grass, bushes and trees everywhere!) they barely manage to pull off a slight improvement? Sounds like they’re aiming at more development time on the consoles than the PC for sure. Not to mention shadows look far shabbier. I guess its so that a larger amount of PC gamers can actually play it this time round at acceptable frames, but I thought that was what low and medium were for…

    • Silverhawkroman

      Dude, did you see how shitty the shaders were in medium????
      I think its a good idea to improve the engine, as to make it so efficient, that it looks better in medium, than the one in Crysis 1.

  • FlamerFromHell

    What people fail to understand is that this is perfecting the cryengine 2 and not necessarily adding. There are minor details changed and they had to compromise in order to maintain a balance between consoles and pc.

    • c1c2c3c4c

      its not rendered on pc the pc version has improved fetures and the modles themselves are higher detail than the console version of the cry 3 engen alows

  • jimbo

    And dont u guys realise this is xbox 360 crytek havent released pc screenshots yet. I mean look guys it looks better on console than number 1 did on pc.

  • jimbo

    U guys r idiots this is it on XBOX 360 not pc Crytek havent released pc screenshots yet if it looks better on console than the 1st did on pc imagine what pc will lokk like!

  • zob

    And in the end there were idiots afterall uh.
    Those screenshots look the same as the pc in maximum details, now that it has been released.
    and if you remove the lighting effects (which are slightly better than in crysis 1) the rest is actually less good than crysis 1.

    yay consoles…

  • zac

    wtf the quality in crysis 1 on the 5th comparison are shot in like the bloody lowest graphic quality i can only play it in medium specs with texture and physics on high and the texture quality is amillion times better than that

  • screenshot comparison is bull. It’s like comparing posters; edited pics. Wtf are you doing?

  • dd

    big diferents !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crysis 2 was dumbed down compared to the first and warhead….even at max on crysis 2….I’ll stick with a relevant benchmark. And to dm….pretty much…that and wish wash to boost framerate without clarity

  • lol, the details at your crysis 1 are dx 9 and medium level? Mine look faaar better (comparision 5 crysis 1 screenshot has not even any shaders on the gun you are holding). Crysis 2 has better developed textures, that for sure.
    Watch in 1080i.


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