Crysis Console Vs PC Comparison: Which version looks better?

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Four years have passed and still there are a few gaming PCs around that can run Crysis at maximum setting and resolution. Recently Crytek and EA announced that the four year old shooter is making its way on consoles, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
We decided to compare some recently released screenshots of the console version  and what we did was fire up our beastly PC and compared the exact locations. Mind you we made the resolution 720p but with all the settings on high.
There have been some interesting findings. The lighting on the console is definitely better due to gamma corrected HDR and a better color palette. Of course the PC version is going to smoke the console version due to the RAM advantage and hence we see better draw distance and tremendous amount of vegetation even at 720p on the PC. However, the console versions do not look that shabby and we think it will actually be graphically decent.
There are a lot of tiny details visible from these screenshots, please tell us in the comments section if you find any. We would love to hear it.
Note: Please use the next – back buttons to navigate through the gallery. Apologies for our ancient gallery system, the new one will be better.



Crysis for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is due this October.

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  • It seems to me that the pc version is superior…although not by much. The PC version seems to have much better textures.

  • Videos comparing this same console footage:



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  • The PC is clearly superior in lighting and draw distance. Especially the water. In at least 2 console scenes there is more seen in the distance, Like that mountain that isn’t even in the 360/PS3. If all I bought was 1 version or the other I wouldn’t even consider the difference and think this is a good looking game and enjoy it on that basis – if I liked it of course. Never played CRYSIS.

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  • The PS3 version is more superior than PC version. Better detail textures, PC version looks washed.

    • On pc or any tv you can just up the contrast, brightness etc etc so it wouldnt make too much of a difference either way though.

    • u have n o idea what ur talking about. these pc pics dont do it any justice. throw i crysis warhead into this maxed out and itll blow ur mind for a game thats 4 years old. you obvs dont have a rig that can handle crysis maxed out so u cant even comment

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  • Generic PC gamer: “consoles can’t run Crysis”


  • john

    Most of these screenshots are not taken at the same time. 3 of them are not even taken in the same place… It is hard to compare the density of the vegetation as in some places it is thicker than in others. This comparison is not good for making that determination. It must be at the exact same place in the game. Anyway Crysis is a GREAT looking game no matter what platform its played on. However Farcry 2 and of course 3 look significantly better


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