Crytek Dev: “It’s Unfair To Compare Consoles With PC Hardware”

Brian Chambers talks about the limitations of consoles especially with regards to resolution.

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ryse son of rome pc

When Ryse: Son of Rome first released for the Xbox One, Crytek created a stir for a fair number of reasons, chief among them being the 900p resolution. Granted, many games since then haven’t implemented 1080p on both the Xbox One and PS4 but it was a major point of contention at the time. Crytek stated at one point that the new console cycle wasn’t about resolution though but with Ryse: Son of Rome on PC supporting 4K resolutions, what is their current stance on the subject?

We spoke to Crytek senior producer Brian Chambers about the same and he stated that, “It’s unfair in my opinion to compare consoles with PC hardware. A console, regardless of how powerful it is, will have limitations that the user won’t be able to modify. PC hardware on the other hand can be as simple or powerful as the user chooses to build it out.”

Thoughts on the same? Let us know below. Ryse: Son of Rome is out for PC on October 10th.

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  • PcRules

    No Sh*t Shercock, even the most stupid console peasant should know that but obviously thats not the case eeh!

    So listen and learn peasants!!

    • Guest

      Stop being an idiot, everybody knows that, even console fanboys. You are being an obnoxious idiot, especially if you think otherwise.

    • Michael Norris

      My Pc doesn’t play games as well as my Ps4.

    • Psionicinversion

      you must have a really rubbish gfx card then

  • Guest

    “Granted, many games since then haven’t implemented 1080p on both the Xbox One and PS4”
    What!? What the heck is this bull, there havent been many games on the PS4 that arent 1080p, there’s only 3 games (BF4, WD, UFC) that arent, while yeah, there’s been plenty of games on the X1 (more than 20 plus games) that are 720p to 912p. Get your facts straight Gamingbolt and dont spread misinformation.

    • Michael Norris

      Gamingbolt has always been a pro MS site.

    • All together there are only 14 titles that are 720p to 900p put together the rest are 1080p

    • Guest

      No there’s not, there are 22 games that are under 1080p in that list, you cant count or something? You cant lie to me with your bs fanboy lies. I can count kid. Now try again DJ Qua dinero, and go back to school cuz and learn how to count kid.

  • random dude

    Best thing about PC , you don’t like that crappy motion blur? Turn it off.. you hate that dumb noise effect in MGR:R ? Simple tiny modded file fixes it for you. you dont feel like playing with mouse and kb? take controller , you want better fps in competitive games , you lower settings and soon adaptive sync is coming out on PC so bye bye tearing and stuttering under 60hz , PC > consoles


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