Cuphead Is Now The Game Its Creators Always Wanted It To Be

The story of how Cuphead became what it is today.

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Cuphead has been a long time coming- the game looks fantastic, and has had the eye of many, even people who don’t own an Xbox, for a long time now- but it’s just been in the works for so long, there have been many who have wondered if the game will ever release at all. One of the reasons for the game’s delays has been its expansion in scope- it is now a far more ambitious game than it was when it was announced.

Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, co-creators of Cuphead, and founders of StudioMDHR, spoke to GamesRadar recently, and revealed that the game’s scope now is actually what had been intended all along, but been cut back from owing to the realities of their development team being a three man outfit.

“The reality is, Cuphead is closer now to the game we always wanted,” Chad said. “We aren’t throwing levels in to mollify people, we’re putting them back in after originally cutting them from our ‘dream scope.’

“The truth is that we started Cuphead as a three person team, just working on the weekend. With such a small team we knew to keep our scope small; there were just a few bosses and a couple of weapons and everything was just less insane. We demoed Cuphead at E3 2015 and the response was mind blowing.”

That response led to a desire to make Cuphead the game that they had always wanted it to be- and they decided to take some risks to ensure that it would turn out the way they had wanted it.

“We realized that there were a lot of people out there that wanted what we were doing,” Chad continued. “My brother and I quit our jobs, remortgaged our houses and began expanding the team. This was our chance to actually deliver the game we wanted to make all along, rather than the cut-scope game we originally planned with a three person team.”

In the end, they were able to accomplish what they wanted, and Cuphead looks absolutely fantastic- we can only hope that, in the end, the game lives up to its vision and its hype, and does well for the players who have wanted to play it for so long, and for the creators who poured everything into it. Cuphead launches later this year for Xbox One and PCs.

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  • Fweds

    Looking forward to this game, glad they didn’t release it before they got it right.

  • Cigi

    Rooting for this one

  • Poseidon team

    I think this game looks and plays great, but people should not hype it too much.

    The game was born as a “boss fight game” with optional co-op. Devs added levels with plataforming under fan request but that is it. For sure the boss fights seam interesting and have multiple phases. If you don’t expect a lot more than that you will be like it.

  • “three man outfit” –> “three-man outfit”
    “three person team” –> “three-person team”

    Compound adjectives require hyphens.

  • Dougdec92

    For their backstory I pray this game does well… The best of luck.

  • Troy Marcel

    already pre ordered, cant wait to play it.

  • Guest

    Day one from steam.
    I won’t wait for a PS4/switch version that could still come up few months later.

    • Fweds

      Don’t bother waiting as they won’t be coming to PS4 or any other console’s (Nice try though fanboy)

      Search youtube for. ‘ Ashen & Cuphead Only For Xbox One ‘

      Watch first video and listen to the man explain clearly they will only ever be on Xbox consoles and are lifetime Exclusives.

      They are not like that revamped Crash Bandicoot with the lagging control system that Sony paid for to be ‘Timed’ exclusive and is already available for pre order on Xbox 1, Cuphead and Ashen are real console exclusives.

    • Guest

      LOL can’t you read? I said I’m not waiting as I’m getting it day one on steam!

      Oh yeah that’s what these people say.
      That comment was made last year.
      This year Ashen is a “console launch exclusive”

      Also we’ve already seen such statements in the past:


      Quantum break

      Like I said, unlike silly fanboys like you I play on different platforms. I own, played and finished QB. I might get Ryse on a steam sale and I’ll get Cuphead day on on steam. I can play all these “console exclusives” without ever owning a XB1.

    • Fweds

      Of course they now go to PC,(But NOT PS4) it’s all now one ecosystem, did you see how much MS made last quarter ?
      They are not fools, they have a system where they can now port games from one system to the another in a matter of days.

      Back to your original claim, what you actually said first was “I won’t wait for a PS4/switch version that could still come up few months later”
      Which as you know means you were trying to be negative simply because the game isn’t coming out on your console.

      Were you disappointed that Anthem that looked so great on the Playstation pro on the Sony channel turned out to be the Xbox1X version with PS4 controls Photoshopped onto it ?

      Very naughty of them.

    • Guest

      LOL I’m not really a fanboy so I don’t really care how much they make.
      Ashen is now a “console launch exclusive”. It really depends on what the deal is. They have already lied multiple times in the past so. We don’t know anything about the deal for sure so we’ll just have to wait and see.

      In the Cuphead’s FAQ it says “Cuphead will be available on Xbox One (console exclusive) and on PC at launch.”
      The interesting thing there is “at launch”. Why would they add this? That’s why I think it could still come on other consoles. You don’t need to be mad about my opinion. Why should you be mad about a game coming on more platforms?
      You’re strange…

      Unlike some kind of stupid fanboy, power and resolution didn’t
      suddenly become my priority. After 4 years mostly gaming with the weaker console and lower resolution, suddenly power and resolution becomes the priority?? HAHAHA

      Resolution has never been my priority. I didn’t buy a pro. And even if it was, I would just need to get a 1070 or a 1080 for less than 500 bucks to outperform both pro and XB1x.

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