No God of War Will Keep Dante’s Inferno From Greatness

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God of War III has some stiff competition as Dante’s Inferno is about as epic as they come.

When talking about 2010 there are a few titles that immediately come to mind. Mass Effect 2, Halo Reach, and especially God of War III rank among the most anticipated. Having now played Dante’s Inferno I can say without a doubt that it not only deserves to rank up there next to God of War III, but it has the potential to surpass it. A bold statement I know, but play the demo and you will understand.

For those who haven’t been following the game, Dante’s Inferno is based on the Divine Comedy written by Dante Alighieri. You must battle through the Nine Circles of Hell to reclaim your love Beatrice. You start off as a simple member of the Crusade in the religious wars that took place in the 12th century in the Middle East. Prisoners break free of their cages and begin to attack you. The combat style is almost directly copied from God of War but that is by no means a bad thing. Your combos flow well, though not as smoothly as in God of War. Upon dispatching the attacking prisoners a burning ship crashes near you granting you passage into the next area.

Shortly afterwards you are stabbed in the back by a surviving prisoner. Death comes to claim your soul and you are told that your actions have damned you to eternal torment. Dante, none too pleased at discovering this after all the Crusaders were forgiven for their sins by the Bishop, tells Death that he will redeem his soul. You are thrown into battle against Death so that you may save yourself from eternal damnation. In the final blows of the battle you not only claim Death’s scythe as your own, but you slay him with it in a God of War style quick time event.

Expect some epic boss fights in each of the Nine Circles.

Expect some epic boss fights in each of the Nine Circles.

After a brief cut scene, shown in a style similar to the pre-launch Dead Space motion comics, you return home to see Beatrice and begin your quest toward redemption. However things never seem to work out that easy and you find Beatrice dead. Minions of Hell take her soul and leave you to dispatch those that remain. At this point you gain access to the upgrade menus. Upgrades run much deeper than in God of War. There are two skill trees, Unholy and Holy, which feature different types of abilities. Using the souls gathered from fallen enemies you unlock new abilities such as new attacks and abilities or improvements to ones you already possess. You can gain favor in one tree or the other in how you kill your enemies. When you grapple an enemy you have the choice to punish or save them. Your choice will progress that particular skill tree granting you more abilities of that type.

As you chase Beatrice you will enter a church being torn apart to reveal the depths of Hell beneath it. You will press on fighting through traps and other obstacles as you continue lower and lower. Finally you will reach a poet, likely meant to symbolize Dante Alighieri, whom Beatrice asked to act as your guide. He grants you your first spell and you will be introduced to new enemies. The new enemies are similar to the Minotaur in God of War. As if you couldn’t already tell having experience in God of War will make this game an easier experience.

Once the final creature has been slain a giant boss monster breaks through the wall. Once you have weakened it enough you kill its master and take control of the creature yourself. More creatures spawn around you but they are no match for the strength of your beast. The demo ends in the worst place possible, as you open what appears to be the door to Hell itself.

Nothing will stop Dante from goal.

Nothing will stop Dante from his goal.

Now I realize that I said several times that this or that felt like God of War. While the game is very similar, it manages to feel like an entirely different experience with its story. Rather than the classic tale of vengeance found in God of War you are driven by desire in Dante’s Inferno. The desire to reclaim your love, the desire for redemption, and most importantly, the desire to see what happens next. Dante’s Inferno has an excellent story to drive it forward and keep it feeling fresh.

As a side note, the game looks fantastic and runs at an oh so smooth 60 frames per-second throughout. The art style is truly hellish and sets up a great atmosphere. There is no doubt in my mind that Dante’s Inferno will be a fantastic game when it releases and will be one of the top games 2010 has to offer. The only question now is whether or not the veteran badass Kratos will be able to keep up or if Dante will steal his thunder.

Dante’s Inferno is set to release on February 9th 2010 on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PSP. The demo is available now on the Playstation Network and will be available on December 24th on Xbox Live.

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  • Sarkin

    It’s almost certain that the guide that Beatrice asks to oversee Dante is actually Virgil. Virgil functions as Dante’s guide in the actual Inferno and Purgatorio. Also, he was the writer of the Aenead, a previous epic poem, and one of Dante Aligheri’s role models, which is probably why he was written in as Dante the Poet’s guide in the Divine Comedy.

  • Ulysses

    “Finally you will reach a poet, likely meant to symbolize Dante Alighieri…”
    Not at all. The poet is supposed to be Vigil, on of the main characters of the original poem. He acts as Dante’s guide through hell.

  • G Rye

    In regards to the demo, I played it 3 times. This game straight up copied God of War so much that it made me angry. The same button combos worked, the same dodge mechanics worked, I didn’t have to learn any new strategies at all. Playing was like playing as a less awesome version of kratos. Having played both demos i can say this: In no technical sense is Dante’s inferno ahead of GoW. In Graphics and Presentation GoW kicks the living crap out of this game. The graphics in the demo for DI were not very good at all. The cut scenes were cool, but even those borrowed too much from those in GoW for me to be happy.

    In short, if GoW didn’t exist this game would be hailed as awesome. But the bottom line is that the creators borrowed too much without giving credit. Hopefully the story of this game is good, otherwise it will be a plagiarized failure.

  • Killakev

    A respectable designer never copies for the sake of copying. This is almost as bad as the Gran Turisimo clones that are out there. Personally I find the game fun and entertaining but I felt bad playing ( a guilty felling like I was stealing or cheating it just felt wrong) I do agree it comes close but does not surpass the original GOW. I have no respect for the creators as designers what so ever. The game has a great high concept but that is all that they can claim as there own. Imagine how great this game would have been if had a great original combat engine not a last gen rip off. The desingers sold them selves out.

  • ninelven

    The main character is Dante. The poet/guide is Virgil. It helps if you read the book… I recommend Robert Pinsky’s translation.

    • Lenny Nugget

      lol at least someone read the books. sorry i didnt see this one sooner, do you think this game will do ANY justice to the books?

  • Dan Jesus Christ

    What to say, I’m glad someone finally said this, I loved the demo and I for one will be purchasing this game along with god of war 3, I have the feeling a lot of people now aday’s don’t play games for story. It also looks like 1/2 the people commenting here are kids screaming things like “OMG NOOBZ KNO NOTHING OF GOOD”, great article you just got yourself a new reader.

  • tintagel

    Yeah, this review is a bit fishy… I’m suspecting it’s a paid advertisement.

  • the game looks like it should be really good, it has to be if it wants to try and stay up with all the other really good games out there

  • Lenny Nugget

    Has anyone else actually read the divine comedy? I would assume that the poet that is sent to guide you is VIRGIL NOT DANTE YOU TARD!!!!!! You clearly play as DANTE and he is lead by a “shade” of the poet Virgil in the books…… jeez get out from in front of a screen and read some truly classic literature that makes you think. Jeez this game seems like it will be more blasphemous than than the seventh layer of hell….

    • the cleaner

      hey buddy! calm down. its just a video game. not everything has to be exactly like the poem. because if you think about it. that would suck as a game.

  • God of War 3 is a good game but I am waiting for Mafia 2

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  • It was awesome in Castlevania why not here?

  • gharlik

    I watched the videos and are amazings, graphics, sound and music, story and the char are goods. I think this game will better than gow 3.


    Devil May Cry, Heavenly Sword, God of War… and now this Copy Cat

  • I’ll have to wait for the PC version, wonder what the minimum requirements will be for the graphics card.

  • Curtis

    Yo, i love the game, but there is something u have to think about before u say something like that, God Of War was first, and the exact same style of game. So much in fact that i think they were made with either the same devolopers or at least the same game engine. It’s an amazing game, and being that there is no GOW3 for 360, that makes it a one of a kind play on the system.
    So can anyone tell me if the same programmers worked on this?? If the same engine was used? Cause if so then the makers of the Engine will get big$ from both games regardless. But God of War 3 has an amazing demo, and so dose Dantes Inferno, but i think God Of war is still better for a HUGE reason. The cutscenes. The Cutscenes in God Of War 1&2 look amazing, and 3rd will probably blow the first two out of the water.

    Dantes cutscenes aside from in game graphics cutscenes, have alot of cartoon style, not bad, but not as crisp and as fun to watch as Watching Kratos Kill Zeus, though having Dante Kill Death in the begining was fun.

  • sean

    i played the demo sorry it should be called god of dante you could get any more of rip of from god of war if you tried. i while not be buying the game. sorry the game had some potenetial but it is just way to much of a copy cat of god of war.


    Dante’s Inferno,
    Is A Whole Lot Better Than God Of War
    And Even The Graphics Are Better
    It Might Be Hard To Accept It
    But This Game Has A Lot To Offer
    When Compered To GOD OF WAR III,
    A Game Who’s Story Is Not Even Half
    As Interesting As Dante’s…

    • john

      O.O you’re joking right?! THE GRAPHICS AREN’T EVEN HALF AS GOOD!!! are you blind? seriously… and God Of War 3 has a AWESOME storyline… Im not saying Dantes Inferno is crap or just a ‘copy’ of God Of War or anything of the sort, infact I think its a good game in its own right and so I bought it for my Xbox 360… but seriously its got nothing on God of war 3!!! I take it you haven’t even played God Of War 3? …


    @ Sean,
    Every Game Composer Gets His Idea From A Certain Place Or Even Places, So If Dante’s Inferno Is A Copy Of God Of War Then God Of War Is A Copy Of Devil May Cry In Other Words, I Do Not See How Dante’s Inferno Is A Copy When The Story Is Based On A Classical Poem Written Years Ago, So Grow Up And Admire The Game And If You Do Not Like It Or Whatever Then Shut Up And Fall Back…


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