David Hayter Sound Files Found In Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, Medic’s Face Finally Uncovered

The ruse cruise continues.

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Take this with a massive grain of salt, but one Reddit user has dug deeper into the PC version of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and was able to extract audio files from the the game’s code. The user who goes by the handle of HackedOutGames at Reddit has posted the audios online.

You can have a listen over here, here and here. Although they sound like David Hayter’s voice, we will still suggest that this report should be swallowed with speculation. HackedOutGames also posted a video which shows the final cutscene of Ground Zeroes with Big Boss invisible. You can take a look at the video below. There has been lot of speculation regarding the Medic’s identity as his face was intentionally hidden in the last cutscene of Ground Zeroes. He is rumored to have the same voice actor as Big Boss i.e. Kiefer Sutherland but again, Ishmael is voiced by Sutherland too. So it seems that Sutherland is voicing three characters in the game.

Another Reddit user who goes by the handle of Brotigan posted crystal clear screenshots of the Medic. This is essentially our first ever look at the Medic.

Given that HackedOutGames is most likely the first individual on the internet to pull off that trick with Big Boss, it adds a bit of credibility regarding his findings of David Hayter’s audio files in the PC version of Ground Zeroes. If the PC version indeed consists of those audio files, why would Kojima Productions have them in the first place? Is Hayter coming back? Too many questions.

What do you guys think about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Percy Jackson

    after the kojima station and the chicken hat….i doubt it 🙁

  • This Hackedoutgames guy’s a dumb. That’s not David Hayter, that’s Raiden’s voices used during Jamais Vu.

  • Rivv

    i just think kojima is trying to make us believe hayter isnt in the game but he infact is. isnt he snakes voice. and the guy we play one of his brothers

    • SiliconNooB

      Don’t count on it.

    • Kevin Child

      Hayter has done Solid Snake’s voice (Big Boss’s son), and Big Boss aka Naked Snake from Snake Eater (That’s who you play in Ground Zeroes, not his sons). This “game” takes place in 1970, shortly after the Shagohad gets blown up and Big Boss deserts the US to start a Merc group in I believe Cuba…the game to cover all of that is Peace Walker (A rare gem, it was for the DS which I don’t play, or in the HD collection for XBox360)…if you complete Ground Zeroes, you learn of the Les Infants Miserables Project….that’s how Solid Snake and Liquid Snake come to exist, because they’re the test tube babies of Big Boss, and is why he left the CIA to begin with. If you followed the story, played the games, or even read the wiki, you’d know this.

    • Willium_Bob_Cole

      Oh dear….
      *1975, after peacewalker(1974) and portable ops(1970), which is way after MGS3 and the Shagohod incident (1964).
      *Peacewalker was on PSP, NOT the NINTENDO DS……. the HD collection is also available on PS3, not just 360.

      *Les Enfants TERRIBLES, not misreables LOL

      I assume they’re just mistakes since it’s just a few inaccuarcies, but if you’re trolling, well done sir, you got me good ;P

    • Ty W.

      He also said they were test tube babies. EVA/Big Mama clearly stated that couldn’t be done and they were birthed naturally.

  • Jason Mounce

    Neh, the voice is definitely Raidens’ voice. If you listen and give it a long-lasting impression, you can ‘hear’ that it’s too smooth, wouldn’t come out of Hayters’ voice. It’s Raidens’ VA.

    As for the medic? Well, he is odd indeed, always thought that way.

    • DJ Lucifer Nox

      Uhh raiden does not sound like those voices

    • Jason Mounce

      Yes he does. Just those are possibly unused audio files from him and they’re not as filtered to sound as robotic.

      The stripped audio files are muffled not due to poor quality or something magical, they’re filtered to sound robotic, if it was Solid Snake, there’d be no reason for him to hold up a soldier and say “Don’t move” and have it sound robotic/static’y, there’s absolutely no reasoning.

      It’s just lines like from this:


      On The Ground sounds like Solid Snake, don’t get me wrong, but the other 2 are the kind that are ‘obviously Raiden’ – but then there’d be no point in having one that line as Solid Snake, all of them are surely Raiden muffled with a computerized filter, makes him sound more gruff. If it were Hayter/Solid Snake, it’d be Clean of all distortions, no distortions are needed for BB or Solid Snake in holding people up, unlike if it was in a codec call or cutscene.

  • Tyler Durden

    Awesome news. If you’re reading this from NeoGAF whether you’re an active poster or a lurker, and want to make fun of the queers there, come join us at http://www.reddit.com/r/NeoFAG.

  • Gray Fox will end up being played by Ryan Gosling.

  • Gromber Fox


  • Luke Bailey

    No that isn’t Hayter.. doesn’t sound anything like him

  • Colin Thompson

    Might just be placeholder voices that were put into an early build of the game until Keifer had recorded his VO? Games get so full of old assets during development that sometimes things slip through the net that didn’t make it in the final build. Look at GTA San andreas as with its “hot coffee” remnants or star wars knights of the old Republic 2 with sound files for multiple endings and a level that was cut out? Or it could just be the voice for raiden in jamais vu although I didn’t notice a difference to snakes voice tbh when I played that mission.

  • Allah Akbar

    this is bullshyt.. that utube guy has too much time on his hands. that is raiden voice

  • ZeroSbr

    “On the ground” definitely sounds like David Hayter, but the other two are definitely Raiden. I guess they’re all Raiden, since I don’t know why Snake would have a robotic filter.


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