Destiny Fans Frustrated With Bungie Invalidating Older Content

If Bungie cycles out old content while cycling in new content, the math says there’s still not enough content to make players happy.

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One of the things that Bungie has said over and over again when it comes to Destiny is that the project is a decade long and it will all be tied together by a common thread. This is one of the reasons the company has been working so hard to introduce new content as often as it has, because it wants to make sure that whenever Destiny 2 comes to be, it will be able to pick up where the first game in the franchise left off.

While Bungie has made it clear this is one of the reasons the company is doing what it’s doing, its actions are being met with an increasing level of anxiety by some Destiny players. A number of Redditors [in thousands] have been talking about the approach of late, especially when it comes to the way the company is seemingly leaving old content behind whenever it brings new content to the forefront. The problem for some people, as they’ve laid out is that there really isn’t enough content in the game in order to replace it.

Instead, these people would rather prefer the game bring new content and let the old content sit on its own. As one particular Redditor lays out, “Bungie changes the leveling system every time new DLC drops and increases the level cap by requiring a new set of gear each time. At the end of 10 years we will have just as much relevant content as we do now. 1 raid with a hardmode, 2 sets of raid gear, Iron Banner gear, Trials gear, no elemental primaries and a whole massive group of unexciting exotics with mediocre perks.” This seems to be a problem Bungie needs to address or the company will indeed find itself in the same situation it did before it launched the Taken King and that’s not good.

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  • Cyshox

    ‘Hey I just got a great idea: Let’s cut sth out witch each new patch!
    And before releasing a DLC we should disable raids and make them available again as soon as they bought the DLC.
    We don’t want to overwhelm our players with 2dozen hours of content.’

  • Cyshox

    There are devs like Rockstar which release games with lots of content and free DLC’s.

    And there are devs like Bungie which release games with nearly non-exist content, without any story (pls don’t call that story at all) and overpriced DLC’s which lock previous available content.

    I still don’t get why most people accept this. Some even tend to defend Bungie…
    I bought Destiny on Release and I regret it. With the first expansion coming out and locking the only available raid at that time I abandoned. I wont come back nor buy any expansion or further bungie releases. They’re probably the most greedy devs out there.

    • kevin

      At launch there was like 20 something story missions, 5 or 6 strikes, a fleshed out pvp mode with a nice selection of maps and modes, a raid, numerous armor sets and weapons, mini missions to take on the planets, bounties to complete, superb gunplay and movement yet supposedly to you it had non existent content lol. That’s more then alot of triple aaa games come with anymore look at evolve, titanfall and battlefront which were mp only and super bare bones or sp only games like order 1886 and ryse that had maybe 5 to 6 hours of content and nothing else and yet destiny has no content. Could it have had more content yes and once taken king came out you saw the review scores from sites jump up and the metascore jumped by almost 10 points on metacritic because of how much they added, tweaked and fixed. Don’t let the insane unrealistic hype you had for the game that was never going to meet your expectations cloud your judgement of destiny.

    • Cyshox

      You’re propably the first on the internet who argues that Destiny offered lots of content since launch. May it’s better today but launch content was horrible. Where they put their $500million in?!
      ’20 something story missions’
      Yes 20 short story missions without a good story. They weren’t really different at all, just the planets where they played.
      ‘5 or 6 strikes’
      No just 4.
      ‘a fleshed out pvp mode with a nice selection of maps and modes’
      You played another Destiny? I don’t had much maps nor modes.
      ‘a raid’
      …yes..only 1 raid, which has been removed from the 60$ base game, just to make sure you buy the The Dark Below
      ‘numerous armor sets and weapons’
      which weren’t that different because you pretty fast got highlvl gear and legendaries were merely 1% better (maybe better today) + there was a bug (pick a purple reward, get a green one)
      ‘mini missions to take on the planets, bounties to complete’
      Which were very boring & repeating…just like Preston Garvey in Fallout4 but at least he made you discover new areas.

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    • jordanlund

      If you compare Destiny to other shooters the vanilla content far outstripped other games. Look at CoD or Halo as examples. 10 story missions? Tops? Really? Destiny had 20.

      Plus, you might not have liked the story, that’s not to say it didn’t have a story. The story was there if you actually watched and listened to it. You didn’t even have to pull the Grimoire cards which added a whole bunch more.

    • Cyshox

      Did you played the launch destiny? I did and the story was more than thin and incomplete. You didn’t even had interesting characters. It’s not about liking it or not, because there isn’t much to like/dislike.
      You found reviews which praise destiny’s story? I just found some which made fun of the story cards you found online, outside of destiny. I never checked those cards…

      Sure, maybe there is lots of more content today. Maybe it’s even fun. But at this point you throw around 150$ at Bungie for one single game with 3dlcs and it still doesn’t feature content of 2,5games.
      Except you waited over one year to buy The Taken King Legendary Edition. It has an accetable price-content ratio.

    • Gnoizic

      “Where they put their $500million in?!” [sic]

      Marketing. A whole shit-ton of marketing. The game itself wasn’t budgeted $500 million for production. As for who controlled that marketing: Activision.

      On to semantics:
      -It did have five Strikes at launch. Six if you had it for PS4.

      -Raid was never removed from the game. Made somewhat irrelevant due to lower-tier gear. Fixed later to ascend gear to highest light levels of year one. Left behind again after TTK, but still there.

      -Engram “bugs” were fixed long ago. Purple engrams always get you legendary or higher, green always green or higher, etc.

      -Launch gear was pretty vanilla, since the best gear was from the Raid and the Raid only. That’s changed drastically.

      Basically, the game went through some growing pains, but is now in a much better place, with better story elements and plenty more to do. Compared to some games, this may fall short, but compared to every other FPS title on the market, the bang for your buck is solid, especially as key changes have been made since launch.

    • Cyshox

      Of course Bungie blocked lots of content for non-upgrading users. I know I couldn’t play some strikes/raids after Dark Below was released. That’s why I quit and sold destiny.
      I just googled whats about The Taken King. Again they locked content. Content for which you already paid for around 100$ (if bought at launch incl dlcs). Just to make sure you spend another 40$ to play on.

      Destiny is like a drug & bungie isn’t a nice drug dealer. Bungie plays with your addiction and drains money out of you.

    • Gnoizic

      Technically all the content is still playable. The biggest issue is the restricted access to upper-tier playlists of that content. Destiny players without TTK can still play every Strike, Raid, and Prison of Elders mission, but only to the highest base level. The content players paid for is still there, it’s the events and playlists that are put out of reach.

      This does suck, and Bungie should come up with more tiered options for those who haven’t bought into the latest DLC (they do have some basic PvP playlists, why not do the same for lower-tier Strikes?), but as far as content goes, you have everything you paid for. The high-end Nightfall-level Strikes are for players who can reach the highest levels within the game, which is only doable by purchasing DLC. The only alternative would be making a level 34 (or so) level Nightfall accessible to only players without DLC, with lower rewards and the like.

      Could it have been handled better? Absolutely. Even if other MMO-type games hold some things back for paying players, they make some accommodations for those who don’t continue paying, and Bungie could do a little more of that. But while it’s all obviously catered to the paying crowd, you can still play every bit of content you paid for.*

      *Nightfalls and other playlist-based events seem to be just that: events. They’re treated as a modification to the content you have, not the content itself. Haven’t found anyone but you mentioning being locked out of a Raid they’ve paid for, however.

    • Tech junkie

      I think you are confusing Bungie with Activision,
      I sill laugh that Bungie left MS because they felt they wanted too much content too soon. So they went the Activision?!?!?!?!?!?!

      Bungie to me is still one of the best, they just need to get away from the big studios and go out on their own

    • narcogen

      Bungie were owned by Microsoft. They have a publishing deal with Activision. What they wanted to be was an independent company and own their own IP, which they now do. It wasn’t about who is less evil, Microsoft or Activision, but about which state is better– being a first party developer for a single platform, or being an independent company?

    • Tech junkie

      Yes, they are independant but activision has taken some control away from bungie. Bungie owns their IP and is free to take it else where in 10 years, but Activison has made major game changes causing Bungie staff to quit.

      Bungie is better off in some ways and worse of in others.

      Either way if Bungie left the control of one devil and signed a partnership with another.

    • narcogen

      I think you’re vastly overstating the role Activision has had in design changes made to Destiny, mostly dating from the last year before release, and any role they might have had in high-level staff departures; I assume you mean Staten and O’Donnell. O’Donnell’s original beef was with Activision over their music choices for TV advertising, but it escalated way beyond that and became a conflict between him and Bungie’s board and other top managers. I’m not aware of any credible statement to the effect that Staten’s departure was due to Activision– quite the opposite, in fact, that it was a disagreement over the direction of Destiny’s story between Staten and other longtime Bungie personnel.

      On the other hand… I can’t imagine why I’d want to defend Activision because that just sounds ridiculous. It’s just that no publishing deal, however onerous, compares to being owned outright, no matter how magnanimous the owner. So far, most of Destiny’s wounds seem to be self-inflicted, compared to, say, what Microsoft refusing to give Bungie another year to finish Halo 2 did to that game. YMMV.

    • Cyshox

      No I don’t confuse them. But I would agree that activision could be bungie’s idol. They make so much money with low-content games….today a lot of devs are envious of activision.

  • Tech junkie

    They need to make old end game content relevant again, maybe you need to do the new stuff the get the best of the best gear, but PoE and all the old raids are useless as it stands.
    At least give me some 290+ blue gear or some legendary gear that gives me marks.
    You can still rack up strange coins in PoE but that’s about all it is good for.

    • jordanlund

      They aren’t useless, they still serve the same purpose they always served…

      Vault of Glass is there to bring people up to level 30.
      Crota is there to bring people up to level 32.
      PoE is there to bring people up to level 34.

      Now if you’re over level 34, congratulations, you don’t need that old endgame content.

      The same thing will happen with whatever comes next, Oryx will have served to get everyone to 40/320 light. Once you hit that, there’s no reason to keep running Oryx.

    • Tech junkie

      They have updated the strikes, why not the raids as well?

    • jordanlund

      Because they want you to play the new raid.

      If you could get the same gear from every raid, people would pick the easiest one to run (Prison of Elders or Crota) and run it over and over until they had all the gear.

      That completely defeats the point of having a new raid.

    • Tech junkie

      Guess you didn’t read my first post or you are just a fanboy making random stupidly obvious posts.

      I didn’t ask for the best gear just not useless gear 🙂
      170 gear that doesn’t give me marks when I disassemble it is literally useless. I would love to get more replayability out of the old content and at the very least some marks and some gear at least as good as you can get on patrol!

  • Dave

    garbage game, you’ll realize this game should of scored 4 / 10, play this game for a few months you’ll realize there’s nothing to do, no future for this game

    bungie just stole 500million and delivered a garbage game not even worth 1million in developement,

    their 10 year excuse is garbage, I finished TTK in less then 3weeks and end game content is just the same stage over and over again to get better gear

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