Destiny Taken King DLC: Season Pass Holders Will Receive VIP Treatment

The White Glove treatment comes with some pretty big strings.

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While some people might be more than a little mad that even if they are season pass holders, they will have to pay $40 in order to get Destiny’s Taken King DLC, Bungie says it wants to make sure users know its worth it. In order to do this, the company has said that it will be treating the people who have been loyal to the firm like they were VIPs. Mark Noseworthy, Executive Producer at Bungie recently talked to Attack of the Fanboy and laid out the plans to make season pass holders feel okay with the additional fees.

Noseworthy told the site that “They’re going to be getting an exclusive emblem, shader, and a sparrow and some other things in the tower to commemorate the first year of Destiny and to say ‘thank you’ to the community for playing the game.” This sort of treatment has been called the “White Glove” treatment by Noseworthy and while that all sounds nice, it doesn’t sound like something that is worth an additional $40.

That thank you also apparently has a time limit on it, as well as a particular level gamers will have to reach. Pair that with the fact that quite a bit of Taken King will bring environments that have already been played and then played again and one has to wonder if Bungie has really thought about what they are asking Destiny players. Specifically, players who want the “White Glove treatment” will have bought expansion 1 or expansion 2 to Destiny before August 31 of this year or have one level 30 character.

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  • Kfal Balli


  • Jamie Brizendine

    No offense, but this is bullcrap. A shader, a sparrow, and an emblem?

    New players, or players willing to shell out 80 on the Legendary edition (which includes Destiny, TDB,HOW aka STUFF WE ALREADY OWN) get

    3. Cayde-6 Cache

    And here’s the awesome part, these “loyal” players can download Destiny and the DLCS AND GET THE SAME “VIP” REWARD AS THE LOYAL YEAR LONG PLAYER!

    You call THAT VIP treatment? Yeah right. This is an absolute joke..

  • Plerpy

    And if you’re Australian it’s $70. Not even joking. You can buy brand new games for less.

  • Adam Acuo

    Try Dark Souls. Get gud.

  • Rich

    I’m sorry I think I miss something, where is the VIP part exactly?

  • This have to be a joke cause season pass should of meant something

  • M.N.I.M.N.

    What is all the crying About. The season pass was for one season. In which they told you everything that is coming with the game. The game and the 1st two dlcs. Which you have gotten. Now you pretty much getting double what the dlc content had offered plus more for 40 bucks. This is prob the real reason they took out the raid for house of wolves. So what they are bundling everything for new players that is what happens for every game that has sold a game of the year edition a year or two later. Enjoy the game clear out space in your vault and be happy you may have people a year later willing to to VOG so you can get whatever gun they have not blessed u with.

    • pbizkit

      I think it is the top tier 80 dollar deal that has people mad.. The only way someone who has played from day 1 to get the new emotes and whatever else comes in the collectors edition is to rebuy the game/dlcs.. While a new player gets the new stuff and old for a good price.. It’s kinda bullshit

    • M.N.I.M.N.

      im not impressed with the couple of tings that they are offering.

  • Change the title to “Previous Season Pass Holders” and you’ll get more traction,,, this sounds like the people that order the Season Pass of TTK


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