Deus Ex: Mankind Divided First Review Score- 9/10 From EDGE

Finally Adam Jensen can be happy.

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided

It appears as though the long awaited Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will end up being well worth the wait. Though the official embargo for the game’s reviews lifts tomorrow, print magazines with reviews for the game are already going out, and it seems as though the reception for the game is very positive.

Take EDGE, for example, who are historically a tough outlet to please- it appears as though they have given Deus Ex: Mankind Divided a score of 9/10, which is exceedingly high and very rare from them. Judging by precedence, it all but guarantees that Mankind Divided will end up being exceedingly well reviewed and high scored by just about every media outlet.

Of course, to know for sure, we need to wait until tomorrow, when the embargo officially lifts. But until then, I am sure that Deus Ex fans will take heart in this EDGE score, and take it as a portend of things to come.

[NeoGAF, Edge]

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  • NL37

    Game gets delivered in 4 days cant wait! Although their is a 4GB day one patch to deal with 😛

  • Fleming_007

    This game had me really worried when all the pre order bullshit came to light and I feel that’s why the hyped tanked for this game. I’m very happy it turned out to be good because I really liked HR.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Your source is a forum thread on Neogaf?

    I mean it could very well be true, but that’s the source that you decided is good enough to write an “article” around?

    • ProcHoliday

      What are “quotations” and how do they “even” work?

  • TZO2K15

    Currently I have the digital deluxe for $67 sitting in my GMG cart…Awaiting the results on 8-19/20th before snagging it!

  • Containerization1

    I’m planning on getting it IF steam and metacritic USERS like it.
    I never trust these reviews and review sites. Who in the world didn’t think some paid hack wasn’t going to give this game a 9 or 10?

    Thank gawd for user reviews so that I can get the real story.

  • Jim Ott

    Even if this game is a 7, I’m still going to find a way to molest this game like I did the last one

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    • Jim Ott

      Go ahead, they won’t find me

  • Drakulus

    Never could get into the Deus Ex series. I might check this out in the Steam Winter sale.

  • Jim Ott

    Their average review score is a 64. They score 8.8 points lower than the average reviewer. They give platinum games (Ex: Borderlands 2, Skyrim, GTA San Andreas) typically a 9. That’s pretty good. Still, reviews don’t tell the whole story.

    • DocHolliday44

      Yup and somehow people honestly believe Skyrim is the best RPG ever. Just because it was a major commercial AAA title that sold really well lol.

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