Dev On PS4/Xbox One Differences: ‘We Are Not Too Concerned Which Console Can Output More Pixels’

“Our native resolution is 384×216,” says Discord Games’ James Petruzzi.

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chasm ps4

Chasm is an upcoming role playing game employing procedurally generated gameplay mechanics. The game takes inspiration from dungeon crawlers and promises to put the player in a world full of enemies and secrets. The game is under development for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

In a recent interview with GamingBolt, we asked the director of Chasm, James Petruzzi about his take between the differences between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and his response was rather surprising and honest. “Our native resolution is 384×216, so we’re not too concerned about which console can output more pixels to the screen,” James revealed to GamingBolt.

This again shows that for most developers, resolution and framerate are primary factors, and it is the gameplay that takes precedence, and Chasm indeed plays well if the video below is anything to go by. James’ comments falls in line to what Alex Preston, developer on Hyper Light Drifter said to GamingBolt a few months ago.

He was also all praise for the PlayStation 4. “It’s been a great system to develop for just because it’s so close to a PC. We haven’t really had many issues getting the game to run smoothly on it.”

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Matt


    • Guest

      Exactly, but tell that to the pathetic fake gamer Sony fantards.

    • Guest

      Or the even more pathetic and fake gamers, the Xclowns. And if you don’t care about higher res and better graphics and higher framerates, then why even buy a current gen system? Why not just stick with whatever you got. Im assuming a Atari 2600. You MS fanboys are the absolute worst fanboys period! Obsessed with the Sony fanboys

    • Matt

      You’re not making a good example of yourself.

    • andy

      We know of these kind of looking games. We have plenty of little great games like this for PS4 made by awesome small teams like this. The irony hurts that it is actually a “fantard” like you that complained the entire 2014 year about these Indie devs on PlayStation though.

      Great games like Hotline Miami 2, Spelunky, Velocity 2X, Titan Attacks and Nidhogg but are all irreverent or suck to you, am I right? ^_^

    • Guest

      Then stick with a PS3/360 or better yet a Xbox/PS2 or how about a 8bit Nintendo. All gameplay is fine nowadays. Tell me one game that plays bad. Only people with sh itty graphics and res/fps say that gameplay matters most.

    • Matt

      Yawn pleb.

      I’ll never get back the 3 secs it took to read your response.

  • Mark

    Gameplay is def king for me. Graphics bring me to ur doorstep. And frames, well that’s genre specific.

  • andy

    That’s good for you little gaming dev. Hilarious that a massive company like Ubisoft took the same approach to the PS4 with AC Unity.


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