Developer Explains Why MotoGP 14 Is Not 60fps On PS4, Real Deal Is The Resolution

MotoGP 14’s Director Andrea Basilio explains why he prefers a higher resolution over frame rate.

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MotoGP 14

Milestone’s MotoGP 14 runs at 1080p and 30 frames per second on the PlayStation 4. Given that racing games usually run at 60 frames per second, why did the develpers opt for 30 fps?

“The PS4 version is running 30FPS on 1080p, because we really want to ensure our players with a stable and visually rich experience. MotoGP is also featuring a maximum of 34 bikes together on the track which is not bad at all,” says Andrea Basilio who is the game’s director.

And what are his thoughts on the resolution and frame rate debate that is going on and whether he prefers a higher resolution or higher frame rate? “In my honest opinion the real deal is the resolution, rather than 1080p, a 4K texture makes a huge difference,  especially on the new TVs that are starting to come out recently.”

For more on the game, check out our full review of MotoGP 14 here. Stay tuned for more coverage of MotoGP 14 in the coming days.

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  • You are flat out wrong’s mom

    next gen hardware is weak thats why. i hope this ‘sub-next gen’ only lasts 3 years max

    • shanedem

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  • Kamille

    Frame-rate > Resolution


    • Guest

      Opinions arent facts

    • Антон Иванов

      If framerate is low BUT consistent, then resolution might be more important.
      My opinion, you are right, good point!

    • benbenkr

      60frames > 30frames, it’s a fact. Don’t try and argue, it’s not even opinion.

      More so when they’re sports games.

      Why would you watch sports channels is 24frames as a movie does? Jeez.

    • PmC

      That’s…not what @Guest was arguing at all. Frame rate being more important than resolution (or vice versa) is being debated here.

  • Mark

    I agree that texture resolution is more important than picture res. Also, pixel quality trumps pixel quantity anyday imo. Look at TitanFall on X1 vs 1080p on PC……barely a nudge in graphical beauty. And solid frame rate equals a better gaming experience than if it’s sacrificed for visuals. I hate it when I’m fighting in UFC and I lose control temporarily because of dips, ughhh.

  • True_Fan

    Lol BUT BUT BUT the ps4 is a SUPER CONSOLE and execs promised their lives if 1080p 60fps wasn’t achieved. Another exclusive not 1080p 60fps on ps4, can’t blame XB1 or last gen holding this game back.

    • Holeybartender

      You can’t blame Sony,either.Its all the developer’s fault. 1080p 60fps on PS4 already has been proven and done. If Naughty Dog can do it,anyone can.

    • Psionicinversion

      Have you seen the pics of TLOU remastered, its not exactly pretty, its not pushing the boundaries so should be able do 60fps really easy. most 60fps games arent 60fps there average framerate is between 45-60 so they just call it 60 fps. TLOU will be solid 60 but its one of the few games that will do it. The fact is the PS4 is not as powerful as your led to believe so if they want do push gfx the framerate has to be lowered. Its the same choice PC gamers have always had. If your hardware isnt powerful enough to run the game at max settings and an acceptable framerate then lower the settings till its achieved seeing as ps4 GPU only about as powerful as a 7850, its not good

    • Psionicinversion

      To LMFAO yeah but who cares, my GPU has 280GB/s, 66GB/sec for the stuff that doesnt demand that much speed +600MB/sec SSD feeding the gfx so not HD limited. a 7850 which is pretty poor, the new GPU should of bin out by now but arent but they will put the 7xxx series to shame. DDR4 = 100GB/s so not that far behind then and yeah GDDR5 would be expensive but also a rubbish option which is why the PS4 has 256MB of DDR3 in it for OS functions. and its not powerful… played infamous, killzone blacklight and destiny, none of them impress me. With infamous if it didnt have the lighting it will be rubbish.

      To You a Fool, lets see how witcher 3 and Star Citizen put anything the PS4 can put out to shame, MGS Pain all youve prolly seen is a video of it… probably not alot going on it so keeps the resource usage down.

      to Jamie Peterson a 7850 might of bin decent 2 years ago but not anymore, not for these new games thatll become a low end GPU

    • Not_true

      1. No Sony exec ever promised their lives over “1080p 60 fps on PS4”
      2. MotoGP 14 is on PC, PS3, Vita, 360, and PS4. It’s a multiplatform game.

      Stop spreading fanboy lies, hatred, and FUD.

    • Neco The Sergal

      1080p is Key
      60FPS is an Optional bonus varying on the genre

      Driveclub is 30FPS and it was a decision. The Last of Us Remastered has a 30FPS Lock Option for those who prefer 30FPS. Sony wouldn’t promise PS4 to be the ‘1080p60fps Club’. Just that they’ll be demanding 1080p to be the benchmark of most games, which is infact 95% True since most games, multiplatform especially, are almost all 1080p.

    • Failz

      They did with Killzone..

    • But Xbox even worse some devs can’t even reach 1080p

  • Brian

    smdh!….in a racer? 60 fps!!!

  • d0x360

    Motogp as a series has run at 30fps before and while 60 is obviously always preferred the game was just fine at 30. Never any issues with the controls as long as that 30 is rock solid. The real important question is how many times per second the physics engine updates?

  • Failz

    For the fanboys who buy consoles for visuals/graphics, think again. Consoles just arent powerful enough for 1080p/60. Devs will choose 1080p > 60 based on the kids who think it makes all the difference (PS4 devs anyway)
    Games and visions only get bigger. Unless there building games on last gens scale, which they wont. Get use to games running at 30 or under 1080p unless your a PC gamer.

  • Bozo Sapien

    PS4 owners need to realize that every single game on the console isn’t going to be 1080p 60fps. You’re holding developers to an unreasonable standard.


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