Did The Latest GTA 5 Gameplay Trailer Feature Toned Down Graphics?

A screenshots comparison.

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The Latest GTA 5 Trailer

Its been close to two years since Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto 5 and during that period the developers have released a handful of videos and tons of screenshots.

Earlier this week, Rockstar released the first gameplay trailer of GTA 5 and it looks and feels spectacular, however eagle eyed fans have caught some major differences in the quality of visuals that is present in the gameplay trailer compared to the ones that were released before.

For example take the screenshot below:

GTA 5 Comparison

The first screenshot was released before the gameplay trailer was revealed and the one below has been screen grabbed from the latest trailer. The second picture is just a tad past the bridge and you will see a drastic cut down in the number of trees.

Now let’s see another pair of screenshot:

GTA 5 Comparison 1

GTA 5 Comparison 2

You can clearly see the difference. The details have been toned down and there is a difference in surface textures.

You have to consider that GTA 5 is releasing on game consoles that are almost 8 years old, so this might be a part of optimizing the code so that a game of such scale is doable on current generation of consoles.

Regardless of this toning down of visuals and textures, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a stellar looking game and minor hindrances such as this should not be enough to put off fans.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Images taken from GTA 5 Sub-Reddit

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  • Kristoffer Mobæk

    well, if the game is going to run better with scaled down grapichs and still look and run better than gta4 im not going to complain.

  • Dakan45

    AHHAHAHAH wait till the game comes out, you will see that the graphics will be EVEN WORSE since consoles cant possibly run a game like that at the resolution that the trailer was shown, that resolution was most definetly NOT 720P but higher.

    Also the framerate will be awful.

    You thought people learned that with gta iv and RDR.

    • Maureen

      What do you expect from six year old consoles,how many times did you need to upgrade your PC,why are you stating the obvious.

    • Dakan45

      my 5 is 5 years old, it runs games on high, while consoles run them at low with lower resollution and less fps.

      If the games run on medium on consoles, then i run them on very high.

      Hell bf3 on consoles was on low pc settings.

    • PC_Gamer

      My PC runs a zx morbatron bulkhead at warp lighting speeds, AND it does 69736-FPS with 1080p X4 HD with super dooper AA , AND it pictures of boobies on that i sometimes look at while touching my tinkle. You know if i keep touching my tinkle it does a special wee! Anyway i have to go now, my mother has made my favourite lunch, turky dinosaur shapes with alphabet sketti. I’m going to eat them in my spiderman pyjamas while watching the big bang theory.

    • Maureen

      Actually the Xbox is 8 years old that’s almost a decade

    • Matt

      PC Gamers…..who wants to be one!

    • Dakan45

      Matt, you are such a big troll you dont even make a fuckign acount, so the stereotype is pretty strong with a spammer.

    • Dinosaur_Dan

      Epic FAIL! Everyone knows that PC gamers are basement boys and bed wetters who still live with their parents. You all like to shout about how superior you are compared to console gamers and how powerful your PC’s are. Between playing on your PC’s and shouting about how great PC gamers are online, where on earth do you find the time to do anything, you know, normal things, like go outside and hang with friends and meet new people, spend time with a girlfriend, or even a find a girlfriend, because we all know you won’t find one while playing on a PC or shouting about how great PC gamers are over the tinterweb. Chicks don’t tend to dig that shit, you know what i mean! You all just shut yourself away in your parents basement and waste your life doing meaningless poop!

    • Dakan45

      Yes everyone is apaprently a stereotype retard.

      Its also funny that you are a troll that apparently likes to argue on which prebuild crapbox is better the paupestation or the xbone?

      Hell even people comparing ios to android are better becasue there are things to compare, you on the other hand have the same trash for many years.

      Yet you seem to spent so much time in the internet arguing about it and somehow try to appear “cool” You know some years ago “chicks” didnt “dig” consoles either.

      But you are gonna make up bullshit to piss me off.

    • UK_guy

      Maybe in your country mate! Here in the UK console gaming lost it’s stigma in the in the mid to late 90’s when a late night gaming show called ‘BITS’ came along. It was presented by 2 British chicks and a Canadian and was very wild and colourful. It made gaming edgy, cool and more acceptable for adults. There are vids of it on Youtube. Then the Nintendo DS came along (which was originally aimed at kids) but much to Nintendo’s surprise it was adult women who were buying and loving it. Because the DS was a huge hit with adults and kids, they decided to make the Wii a console for all the family, which in turn smashed any stigma that surrounded console gaming. Even pubs and old peoples homes have Wii sports nights here in the UK. However, PC gaming in the UK still very much has it’s stigmas intact. There are truths to stereotypes. I have 4 friends who are PC gamers, all 4 are now late 30’s early 40’s, only 1 has ever had a girlfriend (it didn’t last 5 minutes), 3 still live at home with their parents, their PC gaming friends are very similar. I think the only time they leave the house is to go to some kind of convention like a Star Wars, Star Trek or comic convention, oh and to the cinema every now and again. It’s all pretty sad and unfortunate.

  • Cooper

    Could this mean there could be a possible next-gen version, with enhanced visuals???!!!

    • touch_my_tinkle

      I think there will be a next gen version coming, because Rockstar said that all images are from ‘in game’. Saying the images are in game may well be true, just in game images from next gen versions.

    • Well, there is a caveat to all in-game footage – the footage may be from the engine, but it may not be actually running at time of the screen shot.

      So this could be from a PS3, but they are only rendering the scene from one particular vantage-point – so nothing else of the map is loaded into memory. They can then add more detail to the scene for the screen-shot, giving us lighting effects that would never work once you are actually playing the game at 30fps.

      This was brought home to me by Arthur Gies who remarked that you should never trust any footage or screen shot unless you can see someone playing it on the specific console, with a controller. 🙂

      Look at E3 – literally 95% of all next-gen games were running on dev PCs. They may say it is in-game footage, but it may not strictly be from the console unless it states “In-game footage from the PS4”

      Tricksy buggers!

  • Joseph

    I seriously hope this comes out on next-gen. Way to put a dampener on my day.

  • dino

    butt the gameplay was played on a ps3 and the details you see in the mountains are a little bitt better on the xbox 360 and a lott better on the pc with high resolution

  • guest

    Those screen comparisons are crap,Cause they’re not from the same location.Plus you’re comparing actual gameplay to high fidelity screen shots.
    If GTA 5 has Red Dead Redemption graphics or better than Congrats and in any case they still look better than GTA 4!Please PC fanatics go F*Ck yourselves..It’s not my fault that you waste 1000’s of dollars for better graphics.Graphics aren’t what make games it’s story and better yet the experience while playing them.A game with huge lag or bad catastrophic freezing that’s bullsh*t!This game is the biggest GTA yet not only in scale but also in content!Shut up about graphics cause you’ll still get the game,you probably already pre-ordered it like I have!


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