Difference Between Xbox One X And PS4 Pro Is Not As Big In Terms of Development – Streum On Studio

“The hard part is getting your game to work well on the vanilla console.”

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The PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X are rather fundamentally different hardware- the former is an iterative, conservative refresh of its base system, while the latter represents a full, radical overhaul. Indeed, it almost seems as though there is more difference between the hardware of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro than there was between the vanilla Xbox One and PS4.

In a recent interview with the developers at Streum On Studio (the folks behind Space Hulk Deathwing), we asked them their take on the differences between the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X from a development perspective.

“The differences between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are not as big in terms of development as you might think,” the development studio said to us. According to the development team, the actual hard part in development is getting the game to run properly on the base PS4 and Xbox One and that the new consoles allows them to add “cool bonuses”.

“[PS4 Pro and Xbox One X] They are both more powerful version of the “vanilla” console and serve the same purposes: providing a better graphical experience for the user. The hard part is getting your game to work well on the vanilla console, then the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X allows for cool bonuses,” they stated.

That is an interesting statement because the power difference between the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, at least on paper seems to be quite wide. But as usual, developers see and approach these differences in a different manner while actually developing the game. Even the PS3 and Xbox 360, which were dramatically different hardware, were reasonably easy to develop for by the end of last generation. A lot of this has to do with streamlined development pipelines, and middleware such as Unreal Engine and Unity. Even the Switch, which is weaker hardware, and ARM instead of x86 unlike the other consoles, features a similar development pipeline at this point.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Streum On Studio.

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    • Luke Skywalker

      ok then you are agreeing that the vast majority of games will look better on xbox one x. a few exclusives is nothing compared to playing games that run better and look better


      No sir, learn to read before you speak and embarrass yourself!

      I said it better make the vast majority of games look better! The fact that it should doesn’t remotely mean that it will!

      And lord no! The mediocre lineup the Xbox has had this gen could use a 20% of the ps4 exclusives more than the extra pixels! If it offered more fps, that could be a more reliable argument but it hasn’t been the case so far!

      Games already look good on the base xbone, more and better games will always be better than extra pixels!

    • Will

      I strongly disagree. The PS4 Exclusives argument caters much more to a fad than to reality. There are a handful of standout games on PS4, as well as on Xbox. But to say that PS4 has loads of amazing exclusives is just bandwagon fluff.


      I would say then that we agree to disagree, but the fact that ps4 has more exclusives with better scores isn’t my opinion. IT’S A REALITY!

      take this year ‘s exclusives that score above 80 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a336594a175902f1fc756ca36a67cfdad76ef96c8cef98bd24bca77b1dc285e2.jpg

      You didn’t know, I get it, but you know now! You’re welcome!

    • Will

      Oh good. Critic reviews. More of the marketing fad.

      Look, I don’t care how good of a score Nex Machina gets, it’s not better than, say, Titanfall 2 or Horizon 3. It’s just not a better game.

      Oh and by the way, Puya Puya Tetris is also on Switch.

      Yes, we’ll agree to disagree. Especially if you’ll use critics as a support. Only a select few of that list, I believe, are truly standout games.


      Yeah, I tried to use your scores but, no one care to actually post them! So we use what we can.

      Titanfall 2 isn’t and never was an exclusive, maybe it’s a good thing no one posted YOUR scores!

      And forza horizon 3 isn’t from this year genius! You just proved there is NOTHING this year to even make your argument!

      Yes, but not on xbone outside Japan, and all xbone ex-clusives from the last two years ARE ON PC , so you better not use that excuse.

      You will try to ignore reality! There’s no intelligent being in the planet that even tries to pretend that the xbone has enough exclusives this year to even compete with the ones ps4 has, in number, scores, graphics sake, variety, etc.

      Glad you exposed your blind fanboyism by yourself!

    • Will

      You completely missed the point. It turns out that Nex Machina has a higher score than Titanfall 2. The point is that a critic score doesn’t make the game “better” or “more appealing”. The game is nowhere near as good as Horizon 3, either, though its “score” would tell you otherwise.

      In other words, the scores are pretty much useless except for marketing.

      What’s even more telling is that you want to talk about exclusives in 2017, like you want to win some contrived, arbitrary contest. There’s nothing more “fanboyish” than that. So exclusives in 2016 aren’t games anymore?

      What really matters is that the Xbox One X has over 1,700 games to play, whether exclusive or not, and it will play those games better than any other platform, except a PC that’s triple the cost. And it is worth noting that Xbox has some of the most successful and important exclusive franchises in the gaming industry. They are competitive in that regard. The idea that Playstation has so many more great exclusives is just garbage, and a marketing fad.


      Except when they all agree on the excellece of a game, like Horizon ZD or the very Horizon 3! courious thing is Horizon 3 is THE ONLY XBONE exclusive ever to get past the 90!

      Now, where is the part were you try to justify more than 30 ps4 exclusives this year vs a handful of non AAA xbone exclusives this year? THAT IS VERY TELLIG!

      Oh! you want to compare 2016 exclusives? fine:

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aa5373f9c3a593f754d07f154023413408c96494c048c1b9e4a38cc0c10b69ae.png Xbone loses again! what is your excuse this time?

      What really matters is that ps4 plays 96 or 97 % of those current games and it did BETTER without having to pay an extra $500! the extra games are just old games while the ps4 has more and better curent games! YES! Horizon, nier, nioh, yakuza, persona 5 ARE EASILY superior than ANY xbone eclusive this year!

      that Idea that makes you choke of salt IS REAL! https://saifkabirasif.com/2017/07/14/Meta_XBO/ and is wonderful watching the x bots squirming with it!

      The very fact that you cant even name a single 2017 released xbone exclusive in your arguments says it all!

      Look at it like this, good thing M$ hasnt given you ANYTHING worth buying all this time will help you save those extra $500 to at least say all those timed exclusive indies look better in 4k!


    • Will

      You still don’t get it. Still talking about scores, like they matter?

      “Oh! you want to compare 2016 exclusives?”
      No. I want to compare games. It might be tough for you to grasp.


      You STILL PRETEND to not get it! WE ARE talking about games!

      Ps4 has MORE! Forget about the huge score advantage, just the number of them! And the variety!

      You still pretend to talk about games, well, what relevant xbone exclusives have you played in the last 10 months?

    • Will

      This is really tough for you. PS4 has around 1700 games. Xbox One has around 1700 games, including backward compatible ones. WHY are you asking about the last 10 months only?

      Do you not get that the games will play better on the One X? It’s really not difficult.

  • Heavenly_King

    The real difference will be seen in first party titles that will be optimized to also run in the PRO-X version.

    From next year on GOW, Spiderman and TLOU2; every Sony title will be truly optimized for the PRO.

    The thing is till now no company has actually optimized their games for the “Elite” version of each console. They just optimize for the vanilla and add some whistles and minor stuff for the Elite version. TR had some monetary incentive by MS most likely to optimize their game for the XOX, that is why some of the difference.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Yup The Final 3 big Exclusives for PlayStation in 2019 are Death Stranding, i heard Sucker Punches new ip is a melee combat cyberpunk game and The Last Of Us 2. PS5 will launch Fall 2019 as that’s PlayStationa 25th Anniversary also.

  • Justin Venture

    Yes, this is true. I want to state though that the lifetime sales in the US as of January were 17.8 million for the PS and 16 million for the Xbox.
    When you look at the PS4 outselling the Xbox two to one, that is only applicable to their markets overseas, mostly in Asia. Here in the US there is very little difference in sales.
    I so wish Microsoft would get on the ball with exclusives, GoW4 and Halo 5 just weren’t that great in my opinion, even though I enjoyed playing them. They don’t compare to tLofU, Uncharted, and HZD, all of which I loved.
    I still don’t understand the animosity towards either camp, it’s kind of mind boggling. Very similar to the Apple vs. Android world.

  • Xbox One X unlocked

    Its backed up with our mistercteams research

  • Cenk Algu

    lol I have never said that the XOX has better Vega features,All I said is they opted something better which is obvious.The XOX can run games at much higher resolution pwith enhancements.

  • Apollo Dean Campbell

    One uses 4k textures due to it’s massive video ram of 9GB, while the other still looks like a PS4 using old limited 1080p textures.

  • Max Brass

    As cool as the XOX is, it doesn’t have VR support.

    • Luke Skywalker



    Who said they weren’t? Just the exclusives are the ones lacking!

    No, it’s not a good thing, yet, it’s not that bad either, considering the best current games are in the ps4! No dummy! That 10 month drought (and counting) isn’t mine, that was made by M$! You don’t like months? Let’s change it for this year! What relevant 2017 xbrick exclusives have you been playing?

    I dare you to glee the other examples beside ark survival!

    No it won’t! The most relevant games already released this year aren’t even on the xbone, and the ones about to come out (destiny, Battlefront, cod, assassins creed) will play exactly the same!

    So your 500 investment gets you extra pixels, but as far as exclusive goes, it still lags behind so bad. Next time you try to claim “ps4 has so many more great exclusives is just garbage” remenber how badly and repeatedly you chocked at the most basic and telling question of all : what 2017 xbrick exclusives have you been playing?

    Oh, another important question for you is : if you now pretend you care so much about the extra pixels, why on earth did you wasted $500 on an inferior console in the first place?

    • Will

      “remenber how badly and repeatedly you chocked at the most basic and telling question of all : what 2017 xbrick exclusives have you been playing?”


      That is not the most basic question. That is the most narrow and misguided question. Just so you’re aware, Uncharted 3 on the PS3 is better than most of the games on your PS4 list. The game is six years old. Just because a game came out three months ago doesn’t magically make it better than games over a year old. Get it through your head, because there’s a fundamental flaw in your logic there.

      The most important point remains: the Xbox One X will play nearly all “relevant” games better than any Playstation.

      “if you now pretend you care so much about the extra pixels, why on earth did you wasted $500 on an inferior console in the first place?”

      Xbox One inferior? Wrong again. The strength of a platform rests on many factors.
      Which has the best controller? Xbox, by far.
      Which has the best multiplayer network? Xbox, of course.
      Which has the best performance? PS4 had slightly better performance.
      Why? The PS4 was easier to develop for because of its unified memory pool. Its real advantage was the ease of harnessing memory bandwidth, not as much the six extra compute units.

      The differences between the two were marginal at best. We were seeing 900p vs 1080p many times. In some cases, there was no difference because devs were able to use enough bandwidth on the Xbox.

      Overall, the Xbox is the better platform. Marginal performance differences aren’t enough to overcome the other advantages Xbox has. Some games even performed better on Xbox when devs were able to use the ESRAM bandwidth properly, and were recommended by Digital Foundry.

      Now with X and Pro we’re seeing 2160p vs 1440p, and with better framerates and effects on the X. It’s not a marginal difference; it’s a crushing difference.

      The only (slight) advantage PS4 had has been taken away. Playstation now has literally nothing to offer except withholding a few games from other platforms. It’s pretty sad, actually.


      LOL you still cocked!
      No , its not! who said that?
      no, obviously not, but the thing is, ps4 has gotten great exclusives every month this year, the xbone? ….NOT! thats the FLAW in your logic and the xbone!
      No it wont! you failed to name a single game other than Ark (which is not even that relevant to begin with) FLAW IN YOUR LOGIC!
      LOL your opinion only! Ps4 had a better controller without the need to waste another $150 for a better one! and PS4 has had more and better games, period! THAT ADVANTAGE WILL NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY!

      Ps4 Full hd for $400 from the beginig and counting! You? $1000 and four years later to finally get full dh or better, but not more fps or exclusives!

      THEY ARE CALLED EXCLUSIVES Whinner! and yeah, they are more and better than the non existent ones on the xbonex!

      Once again! remeber how you chocke at the question! If you cant answer what great exclusives have you played (or even goten the possibility to play) all this time, it means your console sucks BIG TIME! and THAT IS SAD (and hilarious)



    • Will

      Um, yeah, Uncharted 3 is a superior game to most of the games on your list. Ex Machina, Wipeout, and Tetris, etc. just don’t cut it. If that’s your idea of “great exclusives” then I hope it’s a complete joke for the sake of your credibility. The idea that all these games are better is just laughable.

      It’s really simple to find comparisons of Pro and X games. Just look up Digital Foundry comparisons, and you’ll see the plentiful examples of smoother gameplay on the X. If you deny this, then you are clueless by choice.

      “PS4 Full hd”

      *Herp derp*. Not every game on PS4 is “full HD”. There goes that pathetic claim to fame. The PS4 is nothing to brag about. If you think 1080p vs. 900p on some games is great, what do you think of 2160p vs. 1440p?


      All your fanboy arguments are so embarrassingly trite and shallow. “LOL Your opinion only!!!”

      The standard Xbox controller is easily superior to PS4. It’s not even close. I get that you love Sony. But the controller? Pathetic.

      “If you cant answer what great exclusives have you played (or even goten the possibility to play) all this time, it means your console sucks BIG TIME! and THAT IS SAD”

      It’s sad that I haven’t specifically listed some of the great games available on Xbox? Two points to this idiotic claim:

      1) Whether I make a list right here and now doesn’t change the existence of the great games available on Xbox. I can say I’ve enjoyed Forza 5 and 6, Halo 5, Killer Instinct, Titanfall, Recore, Quantum Break, etc. etc., but if I didn’t say it, that doesn’t mean they’re not there.

      2) What percentage of “relevant” games do you honestly think “exclusives” make up?

      What’s sad is your blind devotion to a gaming company that can’t offer anything to the industry besides keeping a few games from other platforms.

      That’s sad.

  • Will

    “No its not!”

    Wow, what a convincing claim. You named five games that you consider “great”. Five.

    Xbox has at least that many great games.

    “Lol none of those is from this year dummy! Thanks for showing your lack of 2017 exclusives!”

    So are you saying that exclusives in 2017 are the deciding factor on which platform has better games?

    “Ps4 was better for $100 less than the inferior xbone!”

    If PS4 was “better” before 2017, what games did it have back then that were better?


    Do you also realize that saying “the inferior xbone” is not evidence, and does not support your claim at all? How was it “inferior”? Was it by chance the fact that some games ran at 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One?

    So does that make the Pro “a lot more inferior” than the X?


    Your arguments are so easy to shatter.


      You didn’t offer any reason to make your false claim any more convincing! X BOT DESTROYED! and they are still more and better than the xbone ones X BOT DESTROYED!

      There are more, I only named 5 cause you couldn’t name a single one, so I don’t need to make more. X BOT DESTROYED!

      No dummy, there are plenty more from previous years, so many more I won’t bother naming all 58 of them https://saifkabirasif.com/2017/07/14/Meta_XBO/ X BOT DESTROYED!

      Lol you paid $100 more for less pixels and now are FORCED to pay $500 more for those ya pixels! X BOT DESTROYED!

      You were so easy to shatter!

    • Will

      Uh, let’s sum up.

      Your points:

      Playstation has more exclusives with better scores.
      Critic scores reflect marketing, not objective quality. Nex Machina scored higher than Titanfall 2 and almost as high as Horizon 3. The game is just not in the same league.
      Many games listed with high scores are just not up to par with others (Puya Puya Tetris, Wipeout, etc.)

      Playstation has more exclusives in 2017.
      Game quality is not defined by a date, either.

      Xbox One is “inferior” to the PS4.
      Xbox One is superior to PS4. Performance differences were marginal (900p vs. 1080p on some games). Digital Foundry even recommended some games on Xbox One. Some games were matched in performance. Xbox has a superior controller and gaming network.

      Xbox One X doesn’t have any performance benefits except for Ark.
      We’ve already seen differences of 2160p vs. 1440p, along with better graphics settings and less frame drops on the X.

      You still haven’t answered these questions:

      If Playstation is better because of games in 2017, what specific games made it better before then?

      How was the Xbox One “inferior” to PS4?
      Does that make the Pro “extremely inferior” to the X?

      WHY did you post a link to a site that added up metacritic scores of games, without naming any actual games? Are you suggesting that metacritic scores are valid in determining objective quality?

      I noticed you posted “X BOT DESTROYED!” five times. Do you think that helps your argument?



      Yeah, you squirmed a lot and try to use the little ps4 exclusives as examples, you tried to be snaeky enough to avoid the big games nioh, persona 5, nier or Horizon that are clearly superior to the xbone ones! SNEAKY X BOT DESTROYED!

      Nope! but ps4 exclusives have been superior in previous years, uncharted 4 2016, bloodbrne 2015, FFXIV 2014 , this year is special cause the superiority is now beyond undeniable! lol STARVING X BOT DESTROYED!

      LOL sometimes it could even MATCHED the performance…meaning mostly they didnt! and your controller was so inferior that they needed you to sell you a better one! DESPERATE X BOT DESTROYED!

      Again? ffxiv, second son, transistor, uncharted 4, bloodborne, mlb the show, ratchet and clank, the last guardian, resogun, disgaea 5, until dawn, guilty gear, blaz blue, dragon quest builders, and more! IGNORANT X BOT DESTROYED!

      The power (38% more) the price and the games, now the power makes the xbonex (42%) superior to the pro almost in the same ammount, just a little higher! but its still inferior price and games and YOU NEED TO SPEND $500 more! so yeah! X BOT DESTROYED!

      Cause I wont name all games, but that proves they how many more they are and they got high scores! CLUELESS X BOT DESTROYED!

      You noticed? wow you have keen eyes dont you? I notticed you keep asking for games and I keep giving them you , yet you never dared to name any 2017 xbone exclusives. Afraid? LOL you apparently don’t know that you prove the pathetic xbone lineup by not answering! SCARED X BOT DESTROYED!

    • Will

      “Yeah, you squirmed a lot and try to use the little ps4 exclusives as examples,”

      They were your examples. That’s the point. Those games got extremely high metacritic scores, but in your own words they’re “little”. Metacritic scores are just not valid. That doesn’t stop you, though. “and they got high scores!”


      Of the games you mentioned, Uncharted 4 is good, Horizon, Bloodborne, maybe Nioh.

      Second son, Resogun, Final Fantasy? lol, no. Sorry, but those aren’t exactly heavy hitters. If you really think most of the games you listed are “must have” exclusives that made Playstation better, I’d say your credibility (if any was left) has completely shriveled away. That, and your incessant cheerleader cries. “DESPERATE X BOT DESTROYED!”


      So you call 900p to 1080p vs. 1440p to 2160p superior in “almost the same amount”?


      You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about. Your posts have devolved to little more than meaningless chants. Your talking points are completely gone; you keep harping the same broken logic over and over after it has been decimated (“2017?”). There is no substance to what you say. It’s just a string of Sony cheerleader cries.

      Keep cheering.


      Oh, tell me then what scores are valid? And my examples included big 2017 exclusives and small 2017 exclusives. Yours? ZERO 2017 exclusives!

      so now you and only you can decide what games are worth it? Keep dreaming boy! You got schooled but you can’t admit it! Please tell me, what criteria is exactly the one you are using? Cause I could say that xbone only has FH3, gears and maybe, just maybe halo 5 (there are like 5 games in the same genre that are superior so it’s hardly a must have).

      Yeah, 1.8 to 1.3 is almost the same than 6 to 4.2! Specially cause the bigger the resolution is, the harder it is to appreciate the difference! And you didn’t dare to address the price or the games!

      Yeah sheep, better price, more games and better games, no xbone real exclusives since halo 5, and no relevant semi exclusives all year, and nothing but one mediocre game offers better game rate for $500?

      You sure bet I chear! I destroyed you totally! You? You keep choking with the most lack of exclusives!

      I have answered many times your questions yet you keep choking and squirming with mines. You better answer what scores “are valid”, what criteria you use to decide what games are worth it, what 2017 xbrick exclusives have you been playing and what games will give you more fps for $500 for your next reply, otherwise you are just another X BOT DESTROYED!

    • Will


      “You got schooled but you can’t admit it!”


      “2017!” “Scores!” “Exclusives!”

      Go back and read. You’ve never given proper rebuttals. No, screaming “higher scores!” after being shown how scores are not valid is not a proper rebuttal. No, relying on invalid scores just because there’s nothing else to rely on does not make it valid.

      There’s no question that both platforms have a few heavy hitters. But more crap is more crap; it doesn’t hold its value.

      The essence of this argument is that you are denying that the Xbox One X is the best console to have because it plays most games best. You are arguing that exclusives on Playstation are so great and numerous that the X isn’t the best. The reality is that there’s just not a lot of exclusives that are top-notch for Playstation, no matter what the marketing, hype, and “scores” tell you. If Halo 5 got an 84, then Hatsune Miku should not have an 84. It is simply not valid at all. Period. And yet you still repeat the same claim over again, “higher scores!”. You’re forcing the rhetoric that anybody who doesn’t play all these games is “missing out”, while completely ignoring and denying what Xbox offers.

      Your argument just doesn’t hold water because it’s false. Xbox X is the best value, by far. Most really good games are not even exclusives.

      You obviously don’t know what makes arguments valid or invalid. You seem to lack the understanding of offering real support for claims. Repeating the same claims is not support. There’s a difference between a claim and a support. It’s outright hilarious if you honestly believe that your arguments haven’t been crushed long ago. The only people who will agree with you are other Sony cheerleaders. Anyone who is honestly looking for the best value will clearly see your shallow, substance-less arguments for what they are.

      Keep cheering, though.


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