Dragon Age Inquisition: Incoming Patch Will Fix Frame Rate And AMD/Nvidia Driver Support Issues

A patch should be on the way soon

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Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition, a game that has been in development for years has launched to a somewhat deserved warm welcome, but it too is victim to frame rate drops, crashes, glitches and more. The PC gaming community, being as vocal as it is for better or for worse, Bioware has been bombarded with people expressing their concerns.

However Bioware’s Mark Darrah has responded. He said, “With the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, we’ve been hearing a number of concerns from members of our PC community.” He then lists the issues as driver support, hitching and frame rate issues in cutscenes, feedback on the keyboard and mouse controls (though I personally think this game should be played with a controller) and general UI optimizations for PC.

He then assured that “player experience is a top priority” for them. So make of that what you will. Additionally he also confirmed that they are working with Nvidia to fix any driver issues. For players who are facing issues with DirectX and have AMD cards, should download the AMD Catalyst 14.11.2 beta driver.


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  • AmnesiaNight Art


  • Stevensan

    Dragon Age, with controller… LOL author…

    • Eletania

      In its current state, yes. Controller is vastly preferable. Or are you one of those HURRDURR CANT PLUG IN A CONTROLLER BECAUSE IT OFFENDS MY PC MASTER RACE SENSIBILITIES? Because you already lost that war. It’s been ten years, buy a controller already.

    • Stevensan

      I have a controller. I just not prefer to change the tactical RPG to a console shooter, if you haven’t found this one out already…

      But really, i dont think You will ever understand this.

    • SmellyFingers

      A controller doesn’t change a tactical RPG into a console shooter.

    • DanCa

      I’m sorry but calling anything after DA:O in this series a tactical RPG is ridiculous. Game has non functional tactical controls, console UI, can’t be played from tactical camera view unless in combat enabled areas and ofcource lacks the tactical action system (whatever is there now resembles pretty much what DAO was like with the “use no tactics” checkbox checked.

      This is little more than a 3rd Person action RPG with mmo-ish combat now. It’s been watered down to cater to the console carebear crowd. Oh yeah, and it runs like piss on 4.5ghz i7 + quad channel (32gb) RAM + GTX980. A wonderful stuttery mess

    • Lowcifur

      I usually prefer to play PC games with a controller, but DA:I doesn’t feel optimized for either a controller *or* a keyboard/mouse…so I play with a keyboard to more control, since they opted not to allow re-mapping controller keys.

      I hate that there’s no quicksave option with the controller, and that there’s no keyboard support for any of the menus (why can’t I just hit tab/d/e/right-arrow to go from one character to the next in the inventory and character screens? Why do I have to click a microscopic arrow in the upper right corner?)

      I hope there’s good modding support for this, because I think this game can stand to have the community fix its interface.

    • ETM

      If you’re driving a Toyota you don’t talk **** about a Ferrari.

    • Daniel Nadeau

      ya dude is smoking dope go back to the console world son!

  • Fleetwood

    “Though I personally think all FPS should be played with a KB/Mouse.” Right back at cha.

    Controller with aim-assist, LOL…

  • Donovon Lee

    Who gives a sh*t what YOU think it should be played with Martin Toney?

  • PrivatePyle

    Fix the console versions aswell please. Even the old gens. It is really anoying and distracting from an otherwise excellent game!

  • Callie84

    We should really buy a PC game version to play it with a console controller…

    You know that not everyone has a console and likes to be forced to buy controller just to use it for one game, right?
    If I wanted to play DOI with a controller I wouldn’t order a PC version of it.
    It’s just another example of a game where PC players needs weren’t addressed at all cause the game was meant to be console only as the interface points to, and then some quick port for PC one was made for easy money without properly checking it due to lack of time.
    I don’t blame BioWare, I blame the publisher, PC version should clearly be released month after initial release date so it could be tested properly and called finished and polished product.

  • Merr

    We must remember that Bioware is EA

    And EA has not now , nor will they ever give a flying hoot about the consumer.

    They do what they want , regardless of what the customer base wants.

    They think we should just praise them for releasing another Dragon Age , or Sims or whatever candle you light.

    The Biggest question I think needs to be asked is WHEN is this fix coming? Like AmnesiaNight Art said

    • DanCa

      Yes, it’s actually no longer “Bioware” Only in name, many of the leading devs and the actual founders/owners are all gone now. This is a pure 100% EA company now, nothing to do with who they were over a decade ago. Which is funny since something tells me these console catered games they now make are mostly played by kids who didn’t even play those games that defined Bio so you’d think the “bioware” name wouldn’t matter, yet it somehow still does. Good’ol deception marketing EA! You’ve managed to keep most from knowing just how little of this once great studio is still actually left there!

  • DeadInHell

    “though I personally think this game should be played with a controller”

    Boo this man.

  • scourge99

    didn’t fix it for me if they released it yet. Want my money back if they can’t make this game playable on standard intel prcoessor and nvidia GPU.


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