DriveClub May Not Get A Sequel, Sony Boss Says

‘Driving is a difficult genre right now.’

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driveclub ps4

In spite of all odds, DriveClub became a success- Evolution Studios’ PlayStation 4 exclusive racing game overcame its troubled launch, poor worth of mouth, and toxic reception at launch to go on to become one of the most loved racing games of the generation, and also one of the most successful, with 2 million copies sold worldwide.

And yet it may not get a sequel. In an interview with Eurogamer, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida was asked about the prospect of DriveClub continuing as a series, and his answer was not exactly the most encouraging in the world.

“The driving genre’s a very difficult market right now,” he told Eurogamer. “The team, we need to find a great angle for the racing to continue, to come up with a new racing game, if we’re to look at another racing title. Creative ideas come when things are tough, so that lightbulb moment, I’m looking forward to.”

I’m not sure I agree with him- DriveClub was a success, Forza Horizon 2 and Forza Motorsport 5 were successes, and Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8 is one of the most successful games of this generation- then again, maybe DriveClub’s initial middling response did more damage than Yoshida wants to admit. Maybe that is why we got this non answer.

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  • Rodney Patrick

    I’ll tell you why it won’t get an sequel Sony has no money and they lied about the sells this game did

    • sampson3121

      tissue xtwat?

    • Giovanni Cheng

      Sony has no money? Lmao, nice try, trol;

  • XbotMK1

    I think I understand what he means. Sales for racing games in general are not looking very good compared to recent years. 2 million sales is not that much for large big budget AAA games. If VG Chartz is correct Forza 5 sold far less than than Forza 4. Forza Horizon 2 struggled to hit 1 million, and Forza 6 has flopped hard so far.

    It’s a shame that Driveclub received such bias hatred from critics (probably because of the “Forza Killer ad” and Forza has alot of fanboys). Driveclub is a great racer that doesn’t deserve a 71 score in it’s current form.

    Now we just need to wait on Gran Turismo 7, the racing sim everyone coppied the fk out of.

    • GHz

      Noooooo….. it means that they cannot afford to build another right now. MSFT released 3 AAA racers in the span of time it took Sony to release 1. Remember, Yoshida don’t understand pple who only wants to play AAA games. I mean that’s what the man said. he said his customers can look forward to plenty indie games to fill the lack of AAA titles. Why don’t you cite your gods who live in japan instead sugar coating their decisions? You deserve better cause you’d give your life for Sony. You shouldn’t tolerate this behavior from them after all the support you gave. You are everywhere preaching the Sony Ps4 religion. You deserve better. Let Yoshida know that you deserve a sequel! Xbox fans support their games and so get SEQUALS! Why not Sony fans too!

      According to VGcharts? o_O LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 😀 That’s a good one!!! LMAO.

    • red2k

      Forza 5 and Horizon 2 sells 6 million combined.

    • sampson3121
    • red2k

      Sorry buddy

      Keep confident to VGCharts… They have Titanfall with 4,4 millions lol

      Lying is bad buddy.

    • MaxKill

      1- You are Comparing the sales of Forza 4 (+70 million install base) with Forza 5 (Launch Title)….
      2-Forza 6 Flopped? lol
      3-Drive Club Reciving Bias Hatred from critics?..Did you Remenber the Launch?,i do,it pass almost 2 month to the game to work properly,so it deserve all the critics,

      Drive club is the Best looking Racing Game till now,a Great game ,but all the problems at launch buried it.

    • Leticia Agarwal

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    • XbotMK1

      I wasn’t refering to online issues. If you go and look at the reviews on metacritic, many of the reviews weren’t based on the online issues. And the game is much different from what it was at launch which means the reviews are outdated which is why I stated it doesn’t deserve a score of 71 in it’s current form.

    • Michael

      Stop your wining , pony. Drivedud socks and it bombed. That’s why there will be no sequel. Forza 6 hasn’t flopped. Nice try pony.

    • bewareofZ

      You know that DC sold more than Forza 6, right?

    • Tech junkie

      Umm 80 million install base, vs not 13 million of course it’s going to sell more.

      Driveclub is arcade, Forza is a sim. They aren’t even in the same league.

      Are already linked you a vid from a sim reviewer calling Forza the best sim on console and comparing to high end PC sims. So don’t try to play off Forza as arcade.

      Horizon selling 1 million copies to it’s install base is just as good as DC selling 2 million to it’s install base. So give it up. Horizon also got an 86 I believe. DC 71. So give it up you loser. Why don’t you go to a Playstaion article and have something good to say.

      If you weren’t so threatened by Xbox, you wouldn’t spend so much time in these articles spreading propaganda.

      Not sure why you are even threatened, if you like Playstation so much go play it and don’t come on xbox articles.

  • Kfal Balli

    It was a average game. They need to focus on gran turismo

    • Lamont McNair

      Driveclub is far from average, it’s fantastic!

    • Kfal Balli

      No it’s not. It’s average.

    • sampson3121

      that’s your opinion that most don’t share.

    • Kfal Balli

      Most do. Otherwise it would be getting sequel. Which it isn’t.

    • MaxKill

      The Best looking game till now,it’s Beautifull,but limited veeery limited,no custimization at all,no paint,no motor parts,few cars and circuits.
      average game.

    • sampson3121

      I paint my cars all the time.

    • MaxKill

      Ok,Vinyls customizations,car body?,tires?,spoilers?

    • G-Bats

      once again you want to put spoilers on cars that already have spoilers… and also why rice exotic cars?

    • XbotMK1

      Driveclub has over 100 cars beautifully crafted and around 70 tracks.

    • MaxKill

      70 tracks?you mean 35 locations that you run in both ways….,

    • G-Bats

      You want to put body kits on Ferraris and Lamborghinis? and stick tacky engine parts in them like air filter upgrades and that? Jesus respect the cars haha

      But really the modifying and tuning is a none starter, the devs wanted Driveclub to be open to all, not just Tommy Try Hards with too much time on their hands to endlessly tweek a car for each individual circuit.

      They also wanted it to be about the driving, If someone is ahead of you in the race or leaderboard, that person is better than you plain and simple. Someone set a fast lap time, you can also set that laptime if your practice.

      Its a great and refreshing system that means the focus is on you being a better driver and not just a piece of ham in a rocketship.

      Also Driveclub had a rocky start because people were bandwagon jumpers ready to bash a game that didnt have the online section working properly… thats the only thing that didnt work on the game at lauch and you would think it was completely Tony Hawked.

      But as far as dev support goes, dev communication and dev attention to detail Evolution put the gaming industry to shame.

  • GHz

    I agree with @Kfal Balli

    Focus on Grand Tourismo. Great racer for its time and its next gen debut is waay overdue!

  • G-Bats

    The thing is Driveclub is a fine game, and was at launch. The gameplay was fantastic and engaging, always making you have one more lap, one more race… the only thing that was broke on launch was you couldnt go online. Thats it. All that ‘Broken’ talk was because you couldnt go online. The main bulk of the game was still there, the single player tour mode to unlock new cars and stuff. The lap times were recorded so you could beat them. All in all the game played brilliantly and blew other games out of the water with its graphics (which have since been improved upon since launch)

    So yes the early criticism was harsh and frankly uncalled for with the levels of bad press it got. But thats hungry bandwagon jumping fanboys for you. They see a weakness in a game and they pounce and simply wont let go. The reason a lot of the abuse for the game went down is those people actually ended up playing it and couldnt fault its gameplay or the way it looked.

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