Duke Nukem Forever designer calls Reviewer ‘retarded’ for Halo 4 Review

Cool story bro.

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Now guys, you don’t really call a reviewer ‘retarded’ for not agreeing with the review or score. George Broussard, the lead designer of Duke Nukem Forever (yeah), called an EGM reviewer ‘retarded’ on Twitter for giving Halo 4 a 70% score.

This has stunned plenty of people, because you would never expect someone like Broussard to say this sort of a thing. He got put in his place though by a reply which mocked the game Duke Nukem Forever. You know what they say about people living in glass houses… yeah, that applies here.

As you can see here, he not only used an old meme (Cool story bro), but also also pointed fingers at the reviewer’s credibility.

He even attempted to defend his tweet later when Patrick Klepek of Giantbomb correctly pointed out that people have opinions and we shouldn’t encourage group think.

Broussard has the right to voice his opinions though, but in a way it’s just wrong to call someone retarded because of something you don’t like. This is not really a big deal since the reviewer can defend himself too, but just something that feels so wrong.


Via Reddit.

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  • dirkradke

    Wow. I read a lot of these comments and they are almost as foolish as calling someone retarded or a review stupid. Everyone has an opinion. Maybe if we respect that fact we can move on from evil and into the light of good. Let’s try it…. Take a breath, say or think “Oummmmm….” and type what you feel. Is it working?

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  • The review was bad. Calling the guy a retard was maybe, childish, but at the same time, those who have played the game realize the review was a bunch of bias fanboy hate. To many wonder if the guy played more then the first scene before writing it.

  • Keep in mind that was one of many EGM reviews , not the official.

  • NoSafeRoads

    If you guys think about it halo stopped being original after 3. Halo 4 is a knock off of COD. I mean yes, halo gameplay style still there bit but custom loadouts armor attachments equivalent to COD perks. Halo died years ago why do you think bungie jumped to activision? 343 is just in denile and think they can bring it back. If there is anyone that likes Halo 4 they might as well get BO2 because they will almost be the same game

  • This Broussard wants Call of Duty. Or Battlefield. But whatever he wants, this isn’t those games, and this game balances it through the removal of iron sights, and the assistance of a CNI/HUD. If this kid wants a CoD game, then he should go buy one.

  • Mikee

    From the idiot that was in charge of the abyssmal DNF, being called a retard should be considered a compliment of the highest order. It’s kinda like the retarded kid calling you ‘dumb’ because you didn’t like his retarded friends diorama.

  • RondoMachete

    How can anyone who was involved in the greatest let down of this or any other generation have a go at someone who reviews halo 4 and gives it a 70% score,come on have a word with yourself,duke was the biggest miss I’ve ever played,I spent £40 on a waste of my time I’ll never get back and to top it all I took it and traded it in the day after for just half of what I paid,never again will I fall into the crap duke trap,NEVER..0/10 from me…


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