EA Apparently Doesn’t Care About EA Access on PS4

‘Ask Sony, they talked about it.’

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EA Access

EA’s EA Access service is available on Xbox One for Xbox Live Gold members, and it is a really good deal, especially if you are a fan of EA’s sports games- you get to play games before they ever release, and you even get a whole host of great EA games for free, as long as you subscribe for $5 a month. It’s a nice setup, and something that Microsoft has been leveraging in its marketing of the console a lot.

It is a good enough deal that PS4 fans want it on their system too- and the last we checked, Sony blocked EA Access on PSN, because they felt it wasn’t good value (but likely felt it would conflict with their PS+ and PS Now offerings). And if you felt that the year that has passed since may have changed the picture… well, it hasn’t. In an interview with Gamespot, EA COO Peter Moore made that very clear.

“Doesn’t matter [about it being on PS4]. It’s on Xbox One, and those customers love it. We have analytics on everything these days, and subscriber satisfaction rates are through the roof. EA Access customers get to play more, because of the Vault, they get to play early, ahead of general release date, and they get to pay less because of the discounts it offers.”

Gamespot then tried to ask Moore if extending those satisfaction rates by expanding the market would not be a good idea, to which he said, “But it’s not. It’s on Xbox One.” Recognizing that Moore might not want to talk about it, Gamespot asked Moore if this was a topic he would rather not say anything about. Moore’s response was “Well, Sony talked about it, ask them [laughs]. There’s not much left for me to say.”

So… it sounds like he’s a little bit bitter about this. I mean, I know Sony wasn’t exactly very sporting about it, but I would have let it go by now. Still, Moore is known for nursing grudges, so I guess I am not surprised.

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    Sony charges Playstation 4 users for backwards compatibility and now raising Playstation Plus prices in Europe they also don’t want to give Playstation 4 users the choice wether to subscribe to EA Access or not
    Sony has the nerve to say they’re for the gamers Sony should be ashamed of themselves

    • Orion Wolf

      Sony blocks your account if you dare go to the bank to get back the money that was stolen from your PSN account.

      Yep for the players all right /s

    • XbotMK1

      No they don’t. Once again, your twisting words and the truth.

      Sony bans your account if you go to the bank for refunds while fraudulent charges are being investigated.

      The reason why Sony bans your account is to prevent people from stealling games by buying them and then going to the bank to get money back. Sony reinstates your account if the investigation concludes that the transactions are fraudulent.

      You support Microsoft and yet Microsoft has similar policies. You hypocritical, lying, Xbox fanboys need to die.

    • Orion Wolf



      Now show me “similar” articles about MS.

      And mate, was the die thing really necessary?

    • Mark

      This guy’s reached his boiling point, to where “Xbox fanboys need to die”….wow, I have no words for that kind of zeal.

      U know the moderator Bishop from NeoGaf, name Tim Lewinson, who’s banned countless pro Xbox members there, works with Adam Boyes, Sony’s Publisher Relations guy?

      Really crazy stuff dude. One thing I hate, and it’s bias. People can disagree, but the Xbox hate is on an unseen level. S’why I just surf a handful of sites now.

    • Orion Wolf

      And there we have it.

      SonyGaf is the new OFFICIAL name… no more pretending they’re not biased.

    • XbotMK1

      You’re a hypocritical, lying, Xbox fanboy applying double standards.

      Sony isn’t charging for backwards compatibility. PlayStation Now is not backwards compatibility. PlayStation Now is a service that has server costs.

      Sony raised the price of PlayStation Plus only in Europe and not for the yearly subscription. You have a lot of nerve to criticise Sony for the price of PlayStation Plus when you support Xbox Live which is more expensive.

      Sony has their legitimate reasons for denying EA Access. You think Sony would turn down EA Access if it offered such amazing value?

      Sony never stated, “For the Gamers”. “For the Players” is a marketing slogan. You criticise Sony but support Microsoft who stated they reversed DRM and removed Kinect for the gamers and yet still makes anticonsumer business practices.

      I hope you Xbox fanboys die. Your lies, hypocrisy, and double standards are cancer to society.

    • Mark

      “I hope u Xbox fanboys die”. Wow ur a loser dude lol. Goin way overboard now. U should just stay away from GamingBolt and breathe. Ur the first person I’ve seen mention death over consoles….all to defend Sony. I’m speechless, not cool in the least bit.

    • XbotMK1

      No, it has nothing to do with Sony. Xbox fanboys are nothing but lying corporate slaves that are a disease to society and need to die. lol

    • Mark

      Has EVERYTHING to do with Sony….without them, you’d have nothing to defend, and we’d have no “target”.

      Listen to yourself, u want us to die because we lie. Even if true, lying about a corporation = death? Where are u? China? Saudi Arabia?

      So what people lie on your preferred brand of gaming…..it’s GAMING! Not politics that affects people everyday!

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      That’s the saltyness going 2 far.
      Been a GAF member, is it true the rumour users are getting emails to be more “pro Sony” or loose their account?

    • XbotMK1


  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    Some hardcore GAF users are supporting Sony on this and agree it’s bad valve.

    • Kinect

      Of course. EA Access is bad value.

  • Mark

    Gotta disagree Pramath, what’d u expect Moore to say to a question answered by Sony last yr? If Gamespot hounds the man, probing him as tho it’s EA’s fault, of course he’s gonna get rubbed the wrong way. Why are they asking him again? Wasn’t it Sony who neglected the program? Less they want EA to cry to Sony to accept it, I mean jeez. Interview Sony!

    • Orion Wolf

      “sounds like he’s a little bit bitter about this. I mean, I know Sony wasn’t exactly very sporting about it”

      Hey EA, I know we declined your offer and went as far as give a statement that will tarnish the service (so we don’t have a direct competitor with PSNow and PS+) and had around 100 articles (and 1000 youtube videos) “explaining” why Sony is right.

      And the fanboys … well, they were ok with it … until they learned about what the service implies … and then they started attacking Microsoft and EA as if it’s their fault for the service to be missing from the ps4, BUT you don’t have to bitter about it ok?

    • Mark

      Lol. Real talk.

  • XbotMK1

    I don’t understand how people think EA Access is a good thing or offers good value, and I’m sure Sony denied it for a good reason. I’m sure If EA Access starts offering better value, Sony will reconsider.


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