EA bans yet another Dragon Age 2 player

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In what seems to be a norm these days, yet another player has been banned from Dragon Age 2 and it’s DLC.

A user by the name of tez20 had the following to say:

Hey guys, funny story here which mirrors another story that was present on these boards a few weeks ag but this one is actualy worse.
My EA account has been permanently banned (tez19) and therefore like the other guy cannot access my DA2 game or DLC.
Just would like to throw this out there for people to talk about.
Unlike the poster before me i did not call EA the devil or insult EA or Bioware in any way. In fact I did insult other people who were insulting members of Bioware (The guy [Towering Fury] for wishing death on David Gaider and another poster who was typing racial remarks towards Stanley Woo).
I am very disappointed as anybody would be that My games and DLC have been disabled and my EA account has been permanently banned. I guess people who said you shouldn’t register your games to your account were correct.
Unfortunately it seems EA has lost another customer.

We have also attached an email that the user apparently received from EA:

***Please open the image in a new window.

A couple of days we had reported a similar incident which you can check that out here.

What do you think about the ongoing phenomena of banning users? Let us know in the comments below.

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Thanks to Jace for sending this in.

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  • …and I was really looking forward to Battlefield 3. Oh well, one less game I was gonna buy in the coming year. Good job screwing your customers over EA, have a nice time almost going bankrupt….again, lol.

  • Ea crap thats right They disabled and band my account steveajr@msn.com Then called me a fisher asking for free stuff as I was not and took my money as well I can’t even get my money back They need to be sued. I try to let them know there games has issues but they don’t care so why make games then not care rip off artist

    I called for teck support they don’t fix the games they give you coupons thats a trap I was a dum dum to fall in a trap thats how they got me every game I bought had issues after issues so to fix the issues I was band for the email support team ter 1 2 3 I don’t like the way they treat there customers PS I told Gamestop all the stores as well its not right to steal money form you and
    Story is don’t fall for free coupons and DLC titled to your account or fix the game and try to exited the downloaded copy to fix the files SO many tickets got my account band and disabled they Gave me the coupons and DLC content to help me then I got rated out and gotten my account band 🙁 I want my stuff back not gonna happen They won this battle


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