EA ripping off Battlefield Play4Free users

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It seems EA are ripping off Battlefield Play4Free users. A little time ago, EA implemented an update to the game which enabled players to customize their weapons. You could customize your weapons by buying upgrades too, and obviously, paying gave you the edge. EA also introduced “Legacy” weapon attachments, and a lot of users paid to buy these. These attachments, it turned out, made the weapons far too powerful, and brought about a lot of imbalance.

Seeing now that they have made a mistake, EA decided to to take this update down, and all Legacy attachments have been removed from BP4F. So all users who paid for Legacy updates basically wasted their money. Of course, they’ll be paid back in some form, and will be given what the devs are calling “+3” weapons, which have improved stats and are more powerful than standard weapons.

However, these weapons have been stripped of all attachments, and those players who had customized their weapons to their liking using attachments will now have to buy new ones from a new catalog. So basically, EA is asking players to pay for something that they’re already pay for. Say, if you increased your ammo capacity using attachments, you will have to do that again now, since all Legacy updates have been removed.

Here is what EA said:

Existing owners of “Elite” and “Veteran” weapons (a.k.a “Legacy” attachment owners) will still get something in return, as we will replace your existing base weapons with new, unique, “+3” versions. These “+3” weapons are more powerful versions of the current base weapons with slightly increased stats and can still be upgraded with the full catalogue of customization items.

People have been complaining on on BP4F’s official forums. On this specific thread, after 146 pages and over 3000 posts of complaints, EA has not yet responded. Players have been sending Tweets, Facebook queries and e-mails to them too, but they haven’t got any replies yet.

This is a really strange move by EA. Those +3 guns need to be really good, or else the backlash against the decision will only grow.

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  • Jon

    This “article” is very biased and clearly written by someone who feels “ripped off” by EA.

    There is also falsities in this “article” that tends to mislead anyone reading this.

    Pre-customization, you bought a weapon that had superior stats. When the customization update came, you still had that same weapon, you couldn’t modify it in any way without spending credits or battlefunds.

    So while you did pay for a superior gun previously, the wording in this article implies that you not only bought the gun but also bought the modifications that you wanted. The legacy attachments were given to you as a replacement of your previously bought superior gun.

    EAsy did realize that the legacy attachments were too unbalanced and subsequently removed that advantage from those weapons replacing it with a small boost to the damage.

    The outrage on the official forums aren’t solving anything, only making the rest of the community angry.

    AS far as the “backlash” growing, I predict another outcome. The ones who feel slighted will stop playing and leave the game. New people will arrive and the community will remain the same.

    • Jon this article is dead on….You sond like an EA employee!!! I bought Several Elite class weapons for all of my characters….when legacy came out…there was no need to customize the weapons…because Easy gave us a tricked out weapon in compensation for the lose of the Elite class…Now after a couple of weeks…they decided to nerf the legacy class weapons…making them shodws of their former selves…..and now offer customizations that can only be rented for short periods of time that can bring the guns closer to where they were …..so you see…they took our stuff…and are now trying to sell it back to us….plus move along ..you obviously are EAsy or a complete moron…
      EAsy and EA ripped us off…and we are going to flame their forums…and bitch and moan until they close up shop or give us what we payed for….troll!

  • I really do not know what is going on with the “comment” section for this article but, since my comment did not shown up, I’ll have to repost it.
    Well this article doesn’t point out the fact that the so called “+3” weapons are far inferior to the original weapons what customers paid for while EAsy promised them to be “on par” with the original attributes.
    Meaning it should be at least near-equal level to the gun which have been bought by the customer.
    But it is not!
    Some basic-stock weapons are even more predictable then +3s
    And that is only the gun, what about the missing attachments which have been also paid for in the “legacy” deal, where customer could buy a gun pre-fitted with legacy attachments?
    The new +3 weapons are stripped from all attachments.
    To put it simply, EAsy promised something, customers paid for it and EAsy did not held up its end of the contract.
    And by the way, the EAsy store shown the Legacy weapons as “PERMANENT” which means the gun in that form shoud have stayed in the customer’s inventory, as long as the customer’s account is active.
    Yes we understood the balance issue, and we would not complain if the +3 would be a match for the original and it would have the attachments on them.

  • You should have saw this coming fools.
    Funny enough now EAsy are favouring freeloaders through the act “balancing” even though they are trying to make money.
    It’s your loss, it seems money can’t buy everything.

  • dude,I don’t play Bf but from all bf fans and ea hater it looks like ea is selling Old gamers so they can stop hearing New gamers say the game unbalanced(which is Rarely happen)

    One suggestion to Ea.Don’t make yourself be like STEAM because STEAM regret it….

    For for my bad english… I just finished hiding under rock…

  • when you bought those ‘overpowered’ weapon, it clearly said they last forever.
    And its not the cause they were overpowered, it’s the nerfing of the basic weapons that made the difference bigger than it was before.

  • Jay

    Look at it this way. We paid for a Ferrari. After driving it a while, the company we got it from comes back and says “People are jealous because you have a nice car, so we’re taking the Ferrari, now here are the keys to a Yugo.”

    Point is we bought the weapons, and attachments. Many times they told us in many other forum posts that we get to keep them as we bought them. They reneged on the deal. Not the first time EA has done this, now people are just sick of it!

  • I paid almost 10€ for non-holo-SAW with 120+360 bullets.
    Now I have 80+80 bullets so I have to pay AGAIN, for ammo !

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  • Err… lawsuit waiting to happen….

    You can’t sell an item and change it later without giving the money back or getting the person to agree to take something else in exchange.

    Think of this way.. you pay $50 for 100 cable t.v channels of your choice…. half way thru the month the cable tv company takes away your channels and give you different 100 channels telling you these are better channels…. IF they are better you don’t care… IF they are not, you have a breach of contract suit.

    Now I’m sure EA has tried to use terms of use agreements but in the end when have they ever stopped a lawsuit….

  • Obviously jon is being biased by trying to justify the update, probably even works for them.
    The weapons tested and paid for before the update are not the same as they are now after the update, and the question is would you pay for that same weapon now the way it is, obviously not.
    And out of all this we were told nothing would be changed; you get to keep what you paid for.
    So even if the ‘rest of the community is angry’ does that mean we can’t be aswell.

  • BOB

    A mention about gun pricing. The original guns could be bought permanently for real money. Replacement guns are very weak and the attachments are REALLY expensive, cannot be bought permanently and fall just short of the old legacy attachments.

    Complicated I know. Lets give some figures. Prices taken directly from the website today.

    To put the gun back near the old performance (still short, still feeling odd to handle) will cost 4850 game credits for 1 day (about 18 hours of non stop play) or 2555 BF (currently US$15/GB£14). The maximum time/deal is one week for real money, only 6390BF (US$36.26 GB£32.60).

    This is for one gun, an engineers MP5, to be ok’ish for one week.

    To not make any changes and use a base gun youll find huge recoil in all 4 directions plus bullet deviation figures that makes it like an invisible wall between you and your target.

    There are so many other things I could mention, but this is the latest and worst. If JON thinks its a storm in a teacup then I suggest he could be a freeplayer that benefits from having all the vets guns being reduced, plus is not affected by the insane pricing structure. Its basicly changed the game from right under us.

    JON also ignores the fact that EAsy only unbalanced the Legacy stats by first giving all the renters a very weak gun. The same weak gun theyve swapped in for us to buy attachments on now. Also there was a suspious bug introduced on the 1st that made all weapons more powerful than usual. Only after 3 weeks of vets testing, saying ‘we refuse to buy any new guns if theyre that weak’ did EAsy change tack and nerf the legacy items too. This is despite promises back in feb/march that Perm was forever and what we bought we kept. This has plainly not been the case and it was not a simple balancing as JON suggests.

    This is a complex subject with heated opinions being voiced. Lets not let the truth slip away eh?

    Merry Christmas Easy

  • Jon,
    part of your comment is true, but your explanation is not true at all.

    When Battlefunds were introduced, people had the choice to rent weapons and to buy weapons for unlimited time. After some time, Veteran and Elite weapons were introduced and I bought an elite weapon. After the Weapon customisation update everyone who had bought its weapon permanently, gained the “Legacy attachments”. However, EAsy still needs more money so they took the Legacy attachments hoping these users would put MORE money in this game. This is just sick! They need to give us back our elite weapons RIGHT NOW!

  • Spyan

    So let me get this straight. While waiting for BF3 I spent like 70 euros bying an MP5, Killer sniper rifle (the m95 + extended scope), a SCAR and 2 other fancy overpowered guns that I very much enjoyed. Back a year later, I don’t have any access to the guns I blew 70 FUCKING BUCKS on. Like I’d rather blow 70 bucks ON FUCKING FOOD FOR A WHOLE FUCKING MONTH. You HAVE to be shitting me. I’m gonna raise fucking hell on those thieving EA fucking PIKEY FUCKING ASSHOLES.


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