Epic Games On Upgradeable Consoles: Giving Choice To Gamers Is A Good Thing, Paragon Will Be There

Epic, predictably, are excited at the prospect of new technology.

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While a lot of people, including a lot of developers, appear to be cautious at best, and outright negative at worst, at the prospect of upgraded consoles, it appears as though Epic are pretty excited. In an interview with GamingBolt, they were asked about the prospect (in a strictly hypothetical sense, of course) of upgraded consoles- and they seemed to be pretty positive on the idea.

“I believe that anything that gives gamers value and choice is generally a good thing,” Steve Superville, Creative Director of Paragon, said. “Whatever happens in the console space, you can bet that the Unreal Engine 4 and Paragon will expand to take advantage of the hardware available.”

Of course, with the PS4 NEO now being confirmed, and the Xbox One Scorpio widely being rumored for E3 this year, it does sound like we are going to see more developers come around to these upgraded consoles as they become reality more than abstract concept. When that happens, I can’t wait to see what they do with all that extra power on their hands.

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  • lon3wolf

    Horrible idea, consoles are popular as they are a level playing field (this will split user base and give an advantage in some online games) with no worries about hardware upgrades.

    • Michal Gloc

      True, but if you keep the model of new consoles every 10 years, that bottlenecks the games. Since gaming industry seems cater to console players mostly, the gaming tech progress is getting slowed down. This business model doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. I see couple solutions – game studios drop console supports once the hw is not good enough, release new consoles more often, or have them upgradeable, which is basically a PC. Personally I’m for the 1st option, but I suspect you won’t agree. 🙂

    • lon3wolf

      What point of reference are you using for the console HW to not be good enough? As both the PS4 and Xbox One struggled with 1080p @ 60 fps from day one (most games are either 30 fps@1080 or 60 fps @ variable resolutions). Even if we said 2 years and the console HW is then holding games back, who wants to spend £4-500 every 2 years for a new console? I would say a 5 year cycle on consoles would be a sweet spot but for a few years they will still hold games back. Just my opinion of things as a gamer who games on both consoles and PC.


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