Evidence Mounts for PS2 Classics Coming to PS4

Sony, just go on and announce this already.

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Although full backwards compatibility with the PS3, of the sort that Nintendo’s Wii U has with the Wii, or even Microsoft’s Xbox One with the Xbox 360, may not be ever coming to the PS4 (thanks to the PS3’s excessively eccentric hardware), Sony can still at least emulate their two classic PlayStation systems on the PS4- they can bring PS1 and PS2 games to the PS4 digitally, via PlayStation Classics. They already did this on PS3, PSP, and PS Vita- there is no reason to stop now.

We’ve had a lot of evidence in the past that this is exactly what they are planning on doing, from a patent filing that reveals that old PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games might be updated with native Trophy support and PS4 OS functions, to recent PEGI filings for PS4 for games like Dark Cloud and Twisted Metal Black- PS2 games, both of them.

Now, here’s the newest bit of evidence. The Star Wars PS4 bundle that was just released. While for most people, the centerpiece here is the new Battlefront game, there is something extremely interesting to consider- the bundle also comes with the PS2 classic Star Wars games, Bounty Hunter and Jedi Starfighter. Not only that, but according to a reddit user, the games are updated with native Trophy support (confirming that they are emulated on the PS4 OS).

Are PS1 and PS2 Classics finally coming to the PS4? When would they be announced? The PlayStation Experience is coming up, it’s right around the corner. Maybe during that…

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  • dont forget that the xb360 also have a ppc cpu… the thing is that sony dont want to make ps3 bc. because they want to sell you their crappy psnow… that is what it is about, and calling the ps3 hardware excessively eccentric is just bs..

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      No it cost alot of money to do reverse engineering which you don’t understand business. I am not a fan of psnow but being honest only a small percentage care about backwards compatibility. Once you beat a game it has zero replay value unless it is a first person shooter. It didn’t help xbox one in sales whatsoever. People complain about remasters. It isn’t bs again you don’t understand technology and business. They have plenty of games to play already. If they allow ps1 and ps2 disc to play hey that is an added bonus.

    • Michael Norris

      Eh the similarity ends there,CELL was a different beast.It actually did graphical tasks that Cpus don’t normally do.I really wish Sony would had just used what MS used and just beefed up the Gpu/memory this wouldn’t be an issue.

    • thats what they claim and want you to believe… nothing more. its about time you wake up and stop people putting words in your mouth.

  • Riggerto

    Hmmm ps2 classics would be kinda cool (I was expecting it to happen with the Vita… but sadly no).

    I imagine BC for PS3 on PS4 is tricky but not impossible. They probably just have more important things (financially) to focus on. And the PS3 “exotic” hardware thing is just a convenient excuse (personally I’m not too fussed about PS3 BC I’m done with last gen).

    • XbotMK1

      I think PS3 backwards compatibility is impossible for certain reasons.

      Benchmarks show that the PS3 Cell Processor CPU is actually stronger or just as strong as the Xbox One and PS4 CPU. Each PS3 game used the Cell Processor SPEs in a specific way. Some games used only a small amount of the SPEs, while other games used more or less. Even if they found a way to make it work on PS4, they would have to forfit so much time and resources on a game by game basis to the point that it wouldn’t be worth it to anyone including PS4 owners.

      I think Sony realized this and decided to suck it up, which is why they made PS Now. The $20 subscription isn’t a bad deal for people who never played most of those games or traded in their PS3 games. If you got some money back from trading in your PS3 and PS3 games, and you ever feel the need to go back and play some PS3 games you didn’t play before or games you want to play again, then renting them from PS Now could come in handy especially once the PS3 is discontinued. PS Now isn’t bad value depending on your circumstances.

      For example, if a young person buys a PS4 but never owned a PS3, and it’s his or her’s first console, PS Now would come in handy.

      PS One and PS2 backwards compatibility is arguably more valuable than PS3 backwards compatibility because PS One and PS2 are much older systems and many people still own their PS3s, like me, which makes this PS3/Xbox 360 backwards compatibility hype rather silly and overated to them.

    • Riggerto

      Thank you for the excellent answer.
      You are perhaps quite correct. When I think about trying to get some emulated stuff to work on PC it does take a bit of CPU grunt (so I can only imagine how tricky PS3 would be).

      Speak of the devil, murmurings of PS2 emulation:


  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    What I’d like is any PS1 and PS2 classics you buy, you can download them again for free on PS4 so you don’t need PS3 to play them anymore.

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