Evolve’s PS4/Xbox One Resolution & FPS Not Finalized Yet, Dev Explains Why It’s Not Coming To PS3/360

The new consoles allows the development team to achieve their original vision.

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Evolve was one of the best multiplayer games we saw at E3 and it might very well be one of the best new IPs of 2014. The game is only coming to the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One, but at some point Turtle Rock Studios must have thought about the 160 million install base of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. GamingBolt got in touch with the studios’ co-founder and design director Chris Ashton and asked him the reason behind why they are not releasing Evolve on PS3 and Xbox 360.

“There is a risk in trying to make the game run on the older systems and you know Evolve is quite intensive on the CPU with all the wildlife we have and also all the vegetation and cover for the monster to hide in. It was a really big concern with ‘could we get it to run on those systems without making sacrifices that would hurt the gameplay?'”

Turtle Rock Studios eventually wanted to make a game where their vision is not sacrificed and the new consoles allowed them to achieve their vision. “Evolve is an old idea that we wanted to make for a very long time and we were only able to execute now because the systems are more powerful,” Ashton explained to GamingBolt.

So how are Evolve taking advantage of the new system and whether the game  is going to run at 1080p and 60fps on both the PS4 and Xbox One. At this point they are not sure.  “Well, were still in development right now, I am not sure where we’re going to end up,” Ashton said.

Evolve launches on October 21st across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Looks beautiful. Hope there’s parity across platforms…

    • Sticky Notes

      I hope all platforms are maximized to take advantage of their individual strengths. Including PC.

    • Guest

      Why would you want parity when some hardware is factually more powerful?

    • Guest

      Exactly why would you want other systems to be gimped just so there can be “parity”? Talk about selfish. If you didn’t care about power than you shouldn’t have gone with the weakest system.

    • You actually answered your own question. Listening to this petty bickering, attacking and whining between all parties on the internet is why I hope there’s parity just like the last two console generations for multi-platforms…

    • Guest

      My man, if you don’t want to hear bickering, attacking and whining between fanboys then I suggest you find a new hobby, cuz its never going to go away. Or don’t read any comments

  • Michael Norris

    If they can pull off 1080p 60fps,I will be in love the gameplay looks so fun.I really hope this game delivers.Playing as the beasts looks like solid fun.


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