Fable 3 versus Fable 2 HD screenshot comparison

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Fable III is looking like it is going to be one of the top role playing games this year. With the talented LionHead studios burning the midnight oil to get this game ready, we at GamingBolt decided to do a high definition screen shot comparison to give an indication as to how Fable 3 stacks up with Fable 2. So let’s have a look.

Note: Click the image to see it in full screen. First image is from Fable 2 and the second one from Fable 3 in each of the respective comparisons.

Comparison 1

In the first round let’s take a look at how the two games look with similar infrastructure and environment. The one thing I really liked about the Fable 3 screen shot is the simulation of water. The water touching pillars and the walls seems much more realistic in Fable 3 as compared to Fable 2. In the Fable 2 screenshot, the objects don’t seem to be immersed inside the river. Also the shadow effects are much more prominent in Fable 3, like the shadows falling on the opposite structure which is almost absent in Fable 2.

Comparison 2

Let’s see how the game compares when a combat sequence is going on. The obvious object which catches the eye is the magical glow in these screens. Fable 2 magic powers look a wee bit low resolution compared to the much “shinier” magic effect in Fable 3. This screenshot also gives us fair idea on how the enemies look. The low resolution grass and clothes of the enemies are a bit off put compared to a much more detailed look in Fable 3. The equipments, guns and the magic effects are much more prominent in Fable 3.

Comparison 3

Now let’s see how the characters look up close and personal. We often see a huge graphical jump between two generations of gaming, but a transition from Fable 2 to Fable 3 is pretty big as well, as evident from the screenshot. This screenshot of Fable 3 almost makes the Fable 2 one like a PlayStation 2 game. The character modeling, high resolution textures and much better looking backgrounds makes Fable 3 a distant winner.

As seen from the screenshot comparison, Fable 3 is looking like it will easily trump its predecessor graphically. Look for more about Fable 3 in the coming months on GamingBolt.

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  • Makidian

    The sad thing is that Fable lost a lot of it’s audience in the transition between the first and second games because of the promises made. While this game may sell well I doubt it will sell much better than Fable 2, which is a shame because Fable 3 looks great, like Fable 2 should have looked.

  • gta_manic

    If they didn’t tell me which was which i truly wouldn’t be able to tell, the Fable 2 looks brighter then fable 3 but after that it looks about the same. It’s kind of embarrassing because if they thrown a few F2 in a gallery of F3 i would have a very hard time spotting them

    • i see what you could mean, at first glance they look the same. But if you do look at the detail for a minute, you can tell the improved details put into fable three. Which isn’t what graphics difference should be one game to the next in a series. aside from the obvious blending glow effect in fable three, there is no BASIC graphical difference in the two.

  • Ice Blue Rhino

    I think all of your accessments are incorrect and that is because you are using bad images from fable 2.

    On the first image you have a bad angle that doesn’t show the great reflection that fable 2 has.
    On the second image there is a huge flare from the attack in fable 2 that washes out the rest of the image and it is really hard to effectively compare the shots.
    On the third image the fable 2 screen has the sun right behind the player with the sunflare washing out the image where as the fable 3 shot is inside.

    Please use better fable 2 shots and then compare the two games. The two games are running off of the same engine with minor improvements to increase over all performance for developing realistic lighting and texturing without long render times. Watch the Vid Doc and they explain this.

  • Hello,

    I used to run a gaming website named Hamsterfist.com (I wish it was still up and running so you could see my written work.) Currently I participate in a weekly podcast on theplaystationshow.com and I go by the personality name Hamsterfist. I would love to get back into games journalism, and opinion.

    Thanks for your time,

    Matt Lorenz

    • admin

      Please mail me your email id. We will take it from there . Thanks

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