Fable Fortune Dev: Xbox One X’s 9GB RAM Allows Crystal Clear Images, It May Be The Last Xbox ‘Update’

“It’s always hard to predict the console market.”

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The Xbox One X promises to be a hugely exciting machine, at the very least on the basis of its hardware, which is sophisticated and advanced beyond any other console on the market. When the Xbox One X finally launches later this year, it will be the most powerful console ever made.

One of the many ways in which the console is a step up over other consoles, and even some mid range PC builds, is the memory pool- the Xbox One X has a total of 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, of which 9GB is available to developers. What are the advantages to this?

Speaking to GamingBolt, Tom Wimbush, Lead Designer of Fable Fortune, noted that there are multiple advantages to how the memory is laid out on an Xbox One X. “Unlike in a desktop PC the Xbox One and Xbox One X enjoy a shared memory architecture,” he said. “This means the memory can be divided between the CPU and GPU as the developers need. When bringing the title to Ultra HD resolutions [on Xbox One X] we’ll need the increased memory on the GPU in order to make room for higher resolution textures for crystal clear images.”

We also asked him if he foresees a longer life for the Xbox One X- it seems to be powerful enough, after all, that it is future proofed well enough. According to Wimbush, the Xbox One X should likely be the last update to the Xbox One – anything beyond this will officially be ‘next generation.’

“It’s always hard to predict the console market. The Xbox One X is certainly a serious piece of hardware. If I had to guess, I would say that this will be the last ‘update’ that we’ll see to the current generation of consoles as efforts shift towards planning for the next generation, but I could be wrong!”

All of which sounds sensible enough- though it also does raise the question, will there be a next generation for Xbox? Microsoft has indicated an interest in keeping the iterative consoles model going for the foreseeable future. It will be interesting to see how things unfold/

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  • Will

    Ooh. 100 million??? Well, Xbox generated $1.9 billion in a quarter, but if they’re spending that kind of money for a product that has a 10 year lifecycle, I just don’t know how they can stay afloat!

    Now let’s see. Am I the one that claimed Xbox is more profitable? No, it was actually the CEO of Microsoft. I’m sure you know better, though, a devoted fan of Sony.

  • Will

    Oh, I see. I should revere console sales, estimates of subscriptions, and estimated sales numbers of physical copies, since actual sales numbers are not provided, rather than go by sources, such as Microsoft’s CEO and companies that sell games to get the real picture.

    I can see now that you know better than those selling the products.


    • Eddie Battikha

      Nice try Willy boy u knew from the start i was talking about Console Sales, Fanbase and Exclusives keep being in La La Land about just subscription sales. When theres over 30 million Consoles more sold what do u think avout the amount of games sold????? Ur to slow and always insecure about real facts take care of urself William.

    • Will

      Oh look, more nicknames, “Willy boy”. That’ll help your points.

      So you actually believe that higher console sales (how many more is estimated and unknown), an arbitrary estimation of fanbase, based on console sales (completely unknown), and a higher number of exclusive games (ignoring sales of those games which is also unknown), proves that Satya Nadella is wrong about Xbox being more profitable?


      “Nice try.”

  • Will

    And you quoted all that for what exactly? (except for the part where he states that they are more profitable. Couldn’t stomach it, I guess.
    lol.) Either they’re more profitable or they’re not.

    You failed to address the fact that all of your sources are estimates of unknown information. You are clearly enamored with Sony. You’ve used multiple blatant and stupid logical fallacies as tactics, including ad-hominem, stupid nicknames, appeals to credibility based on Disqus profiles and upvotes (LOL) in your posts, and absurd generalizations (they’ve sold more consoles!) with no information about profit per console, actual game sales because we don’t have the information, and other blatant conjecture.

    And I should believe anything you say?


    Face it, you’re a clueless fanboy, cheering for Sony, and it’s rather pathetic.

    • Billy

      If you look at Sony’s company divisions and profit increases the only division to have any increase was the PS Division. However if you look at MS’s divisions every division had an increase including Xbox, not by much but still an increase. Now each console has to pay for 1st Party games, where dose the money come from most the time it comes from the parent company, if a division is doing well sometimes they pay for it upfront. Just a look into the finances of gaming.

      Now to all the analyst, you cant analyze something without reference so Xbox putting out a console that is not marketed toward new and unhappy gamers but instead marketed toward Xbox gamers who spend more time and money on gaming, so how can you analyze that. Something that Xbox could track if they wanted to, but don’t advertise how would they know.

  • Will

    *Herp derp*. Another bright argument. Now we’re counting links in posts? Hmm, I liked your “upvotes” argument better. Another logical fallacy post. Wow.

    Obviously you had no trouble verifying the facts I claimed.


  • Smart guy

    Na only cookie strains from the cookie fam


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