Fable Legends Currently Running Under 1080p At 30fps, May Change In The Final Release

Geoff Smith from Lionhead Studios explains to GamingBolt that their focus is to create a great gaming experience.

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Fable Legends

Fable Legends is an upcoming role-playing game with cooperative elements which is under development at Lionhead Studios for the Xbox One. GamingBolt was present at Microsoft’s E3 booth last week and we caught up with Geoff Smith from Lionhead Studios who is the game’s executive producer. Among the various topics we discussed, GamingBolt was able to get some technical information about the game, namely resolution and frame rate.

The game is currently running at a resolution lower than 1080p and at 30fps. However those numbers may change in the final retail release. “At the moment we are just focusing on creating a great experience. We are not at 1080p right now but we are making something that feels great to play and looks wonderful so whatever we end up with, it’s going to be a gorgeous experience,” Geoff revealed to GamingBolt.

He also revealed that 30fps suits the gameplay mechanics. “It’s [running at ] 30 fps and that suits our gameplay very nicely. That’s what it is right now and I can’t comment what it will be in the final [version].

It’s important to note that the June Xbox One SDK update is out now so Lionhead Studios can probably use that to bump up the resolution to 1080p. The game is running on Unreal Engine 4 and as you know it gels well with the Xbox platforms [Gears of War].

Fable Legends is due exclusively for the Xbox One. Stay tuned for more coverage on Fable Legends.

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  • Tyler Durden

    That is unacceptable. Pathetic.

    • DLConspiracy//

      Taking it a bit too seriously don’t ya think?

    • Guest

      ask the ms fanboys who went wild in that “hardline is 1080p 60 on xbox” article

  • Guest

    You guys are going to wish Destiny was 900p on Xbox One when it arrives at 1080p with big framedrops from 30 fps, screen tearing, and lower visual effects.

    Hardline? It’s not even running 1080p on PS4 right now. Seems like Visceral games is pulling some legs.

    And now Sunset Overdrive and Fable Legends 900p. How quickly the fanboy bluster deflates.

    • Psionicinversion

      how can BF Hardline not being at 1080p on PS4 its the least visually demanding game ive seen in a while. I was runnig it 1080p ultra details solid 60 fps… i know cus i was running fraps. there are some massive frame drops in places and latency all the usual battlefield BS but its hardly demanding at all

    • Guest

      No clue. DF determined it was 900p with framedrops on the PS4 beta. Visceral games might have bitten off more than they can chew.

    • Psionicinversion

      ive seen some sites saying the environment might even be a little less detailed than BF4 but its 6v6, if it was 64 man operation locker when you got LVG’s spamming HE’s everywhere in a tight place i might think ok but its 6v6…. 6v6 lol


    Well……this is it.

    Exclusives having to dissect themselves in order to obtain a decent playing field on a particular piece of hardware. Just a matter of time before this kind of stuff was going to poke its ugly head out.

    Pretty funny though, but I do hope that more devs take the PC as their lead and insist on pushing for extreme hardware along with simple configurations.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah cus the maxwell line and especially Pascal is going to make 780 look slow

    • Guest

      Maxwell is mainly trying to lower watt usage, not a huge boost in performance.

    • Psionicinversion

      its 50% faster than kepler at 50% less power. They better not pull some matching rubbish on high end cus if i wanted a low power rig id buy a ouya

    • Guest

      You know damn well they’re going to gate off Maxwell for years until the “880 Ti” years from now. Then start the whole dance again with Pascal.

    • Psionicinversion

      well they cant cus Pascal will come in 2016 and destroy the maxwell series in performance.

      think a 780 is about 2300 cuda cores. A 2300 maxwell cuda core = 3450 kepler cores im hoping thats what they pack in the 880 then the mid refresh 980 puts 2800 in as AMD could come bursting out the gate with a 3500-4000 stream processor 390x

    • Guest

      You actually believe that?

      They will milk maxwell as long as they can while staying ahead of AMD. Just like Intel is doing right now with their desktop CPUs.

      You’re gonna be waiting a looooooong time.


    And besides I prefer to play at whatever “frame rate” I prefer albeit 60-120+ FPS……

    This whole 30 suits our game nicely is a simple cop out attempting to not explain that their hardware they’re working on is crap and can not maintain what they really wanted to bring to the table.

  • Oooh, really? And I guess Halo 6 is running at 0p and 0FPS! What a shame! Uh?!

  • David

    To be fair this game doesn’t even have am official release date. I think it’s way too soon to question the games resolution and frame rate.

  • Illusive Man

    Really? We are going to cry like little girls because a game that is at
    least a year away from now is not at the optimal resolution yet by all
    accounts from demos it looks “stunning” in person.

    • Guest

      microsoft fanboys have been crying like little girls ever since xbox one was announced

    • Ps fanboys had no better to do than say “Xbox sucks”…
      This make me think..


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