Fake Xbox Support Account Takes To Abusing Users In Wake of Xbox Live DDoS Attack

Oh dear.

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We just reported how Xbox Live experienced outages last night as the result of an alleged DDoS attack on the service by the group of hackers who call themselves the Lizard Squad. In the wake of that outage (now ended), it appears that a few fake Xbox Support Accounts are now harassing and abusing Xbox users.

Twitter account @XboxSupportPST has been responding to Xbox Live subscribers following the online attack with rather crude and abusive remarks, that are sometimes sexist and racist in nature (link withheld). These remarks include (profane language censored): “F*** You,” and “light your pubes on fire and kill your family.”

When the actual Xbox account was made aware of this fake, they said, “That is not an official account, I’m afraid. We’ll look into it but best to ignore them and come straight to us.”

This sounds like smart advice to me. I do wonder why Twitter has not banned the other account yet.

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  • Mark

    Change ur Live or PSN account passwords now. Things r getting real with these people.

    • d0x360

      No they aren’t getting real. Its all bs. These people haven’t done a thing nor will they ever.

    • Mark

      I hear u on this Lizard squad group. But, ever since the 2011 PSN hack, people have sensibly gone to Amazon to buy their pre-paid cards for PSN use. The way I see it, there’s no need to panic yes, but, it would never hurt to change our passwords frequently. That’s the best approach regardless. Sometimes I get lazy, leaving up the same password for way too long. Anyway this will, and should, keep me and my friends resetting things frequently.

    • d0x360

      I’m 100% with you on password security and I fully understand especially where Sony is concerned even more so since the movie studio hack a couple weeks ago but as I detailed in my post (separate comment thread from this) lizard squad is an dude on twitter who claims responsibility for services being down but only after its happened. Anyone can do the same and nobody in the “scene” believes lizard squad is a legitimate group nor do they believe that lizard squad has ever actually carried out a DDOS attack. All evidence points to them having done nothing… Ever.

  • d0x360


    Lizard Squad is full of **** anytime a gaming service goes “down” they claim it was them. They don’t do anything. They don’t ddos anyone. They look for service interruption and then tweet and sites like this report DDOS.

    There was no DDOS on xbl yesterday nor was there one on MLG or PSN a couple weeks ago. Stop falling for it. XBL auth servers weren’t down world wide, nation wide or region wide. There was a interlink issue on a backbone that prevented a small number of people from logging in. It was an ISP backbone issue not a service issue. Just because you can’t access a service doesn’t mean its down. Just because 100k people can’t access it doesn’t mean its down. Not all connection’s will be routed around down nodes due to latency a service which relies on fast connections will say your connection is too slow and not let you connect. The same goes for PSN.

    They claim Xbox live will go down Christmas day. If live goes down Christmas day it will be due to 2 million users trying to login on Christmas morning not because these asshats say they did it.

    PAY ATTENTION. Lizard squad always claims a ddos after a service is down never before. In the case of Christmas they picked the most likely day of the year for a service like psn or xbl to have connection issues due to so many people being online. Nobody works that day nobody has school everyone is home and gamers are gaming. No service is designed to handle 90% of its users all at once it wouldn’t make any business sense to pay for 100x the hardware for a single day of the year. Use your brains.

    Until lizard squad says “tomorrow at 1pm we will take down service x for 45 min” then they are full of **** but because people keep posting stories they keep saying its them.

    Guess what!? If any group of people was really messing with multi billion dollar companies like Sony and ms on a regular basis you can bet your last penny and first child the FBI would have arrested them by now. USE YOUR BRAINS AND BASIC LOGIC.

    Thank you.

  • Lucky Star

    This is what happens when MSFT is run by IT Slaves from India….a bunch of kids can hack in and hold up millions worth of Enterprise. Indian IT guys are over-rated bunch of yahoos.


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