Fallout 4: Bethesda Aims To Execute On The Promise That They Showed At E3

Fallout 4 will live up to the hype, if Bethesda has anything to say about it.

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Fallout 4 is one of the most hyped games in recent memory- and as this generation has just us, that is not always necessarily a good thing. A lot of hyped games often end up disappointing, and while Bethesda has an impeccable track record, all bets are off when a game is as hyped and anxiously awaited as Fallout 4 is- what if the game does indeed end up disappointing?

Well, it won’t, not if Bethesda has anything to say about it. Speaking to The Examiner, Bethesda’s Pete Hines said that the team is doing its very best to deliver on the game’s promise from its E3 debut.

“Truthfully, I hope to be able to say we ended up delivering on and executing on the promise that we showed in the [E3] showcase,” he said.” Right? Because that is what the showcase is about: the promise and the possibility of what Fallout 4 could be. If we don’t deliver on all of that stuff, then that showcase in a lot of ways was just a waste of time. It was much adieu about nothing if we failed to live up to the potential of what all those games can be. I hope in a year, what we’re talking about is “last year was about the potential and wow, look what you guys did. Look how great Fallout 4 was, look how popular DOOM was, what a great reception Dishonored 2 received.” That’s where I want us to be.”

Fallout 4 is now only a month away from release, so we will know pretty soon regardless- but something tells me Bethesda doesn’t have much to worry about.

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  • Good vibes

    There’s no way Bethesda will mess this up, I have high hopes because they always deliver a great game. I can’t wait!!

    • Fred

      Their games are great, probably my favorite game company out there but they do have hella bugs sometimes, Skyrim is an amazing game but it was buggy for a long time after it came out, things like that should not happen. But I’m stoked for Fallout 4 more than any other game, can’t wait for next month.

    • Raza

      The modders will make an Unofficial Patch within the week. That’s no excuse for Bethesda to slack in the debugging department, but yeah.

    • Nathan Allen

      Didn’t they say themselves that they finished the game and we’re working on bugs and such?

    • Eh

      Yeah they said they finished like over a month ago or whatever and that it’s just polish, polish, polish. I’m hoping for no game breaking bugs like with FO3 and Skyrim. I don’t mind small bugs, it’s impossible to not have any at launch.

    • Gareth Jones

      I loved the bugs in skyrim and oblivion, they always reminded me to do things… Like sleep and eat. I would be dead without the bugs. 🙂

  • A guy

    Considering Bethesda is confident in this game, I am. There is a very very small chance Bethesda may screw this game up.

  • E Seminolus

    Bring it! Can’t wait!

  • micksture

    This game will be very buggy and possibly crash or have serious frame-rate issues regularly and possibly be released before it’s fully finished…
    … but it WILL meet or even surpass the hype and expectations that some of us have. If Bethesda’s history is anything to go by, they don’t focus on graphics and general aesthetics, they focus on content and gameplay – something all games companies SHOULD do but companies like Rockstar claim to but never really do and just focus on looks then gameplay.
    This is why I have full faith that this game will meet/surpass the hype and at least get a nomination for GotY 2015.

    Even if Bethesda have screwed up, from what we have seen in the gameplay-related videos, it’ll be enough to sate our appetite until a new Elder Scrolls comes along or they release an updated and “fixed” version.

    • urgelt

      Bethesda’s FO and ES games are so big and complicated, they’d have to be other than mortal to bring these puppies in bug-free. So, we’ll trip over the bugs and have something fun to complain about.

      But there’s no question that this studio knows how to put together a compelling AAA title that will suck us in and hold us enthralled for many hundreds of hours. For RPG lovers, they deliver the best entertainment bang for the buck in the industry.

      When Pete Hines spoke at E3, I had the strangest feeling that the guy had a wire into my head and knew almost exactly what I hoped to see in FO4. It was uncanny.

  • TraversEubank

    I’ve been waiting about 7 years for this game; even if they screw the pooch, I will lie to myself and shout my love for this game for as long as my delusions can hold out.

  • Gruntsvigalots

    Track record fan-boys? You are ignoring the Skyrim and ESO launches. Like Angry Joe said on the ESO review: “You f-d-it-up”. As long as game-devs only care about their bottom line and not actually making a great game with no bugs…well then we will keep getting the hype and lie dance? Crappy games we keep playing because there isn’t a regulation on this gaming industry like the ability to return the game if we dislike it being unfinished…let alone polished? Has there ever been a great game that was actually polished fine?…No never…you can not name one.

    • I could feel comfortable about pre-ordering a new model of Mercedes, or Porsche, or even Volkswagen; because even if there is a problem (in an infinite universe anything is possible) I believe that these companies would stand behind their product and fixes would be made before long. I would not feel that way about a Jaguar (more time on the lift than on the motorway), or a Chevrolet. History and reputation matter.

      I pre-ordered FO4 for the same reason. Bioshock Infinite, Dishonored, Fallout 3 & New Vegas…more than satisfied, I have been elated with the product delivered in each case. I have no reason to expect I shall be disappointed this time.

    • Yuma55

      I drive a Ferrari myself.

    • Never had one of those, myself, though I did like the lines of the ‘cheese grater’ Testarossa. So would you feel comfortable pre-ordering an entirely new model of Ferrari, based solely on photos?

    • Fusion_Pirate

      ESO wasn’t developed by BethSoft; it was Zenimax Online, which is owned by the parent publishing company. So, moot point there. Oblivion had a seamless launch. Skyrim had a great launch with the exception of the PS3 debacle, which they very openly apologized for, even offering discounted DLC to PS3 players.

      Considering the sheer scope and breadth of their worlds & designs, BethSoft have had a pretty strong launch history going back to Morrowind.

      Large games that were polished at launch? Morrowind, Oblivion, Dragon Age 2, Infamous: Second Son, Bloodborne, DA: Inquisition, MGS V…actually, there’s a bunch.

    • Gruntsvigalots

      Well now we know…the game is not next generation anything. Angry Joe once again hits the nail on the head….very funny review as he tells the good, bad and the ugly….

  • DonRitchie

    This guy loves Fallout, but he doesn’t want Super Mutants and Death claws?

    He doesn’t know what power armor is? Bioshock didn’t invent it. LOL

    • A guy

      It’s funny considering the “power armor” in bioshock isn’t even power armor. Just heavily modified underwater suits

  • My only concern (and it is somewhat minor) is with the voiced protagonist, and the possibility it might break immersion for me…I always hear the protag’s dialog options in my own voice, and it really makes me interact with NPC’s on a personal level. Worst case, though, a volume slider selectable for protagonist (similar to the ‘radio’ slider in previous FO versions) and a separate subtitles enable control would completely mitigate that…(since in FO4 the dialog selector only shows the gist, not the actual dialog)…after all, it’s not as though I’ve ever had any actual control of the specific VERBIAGE used, just scripted paths…so as long I can continue to read those in my own voice as an option, it’ll be just like being the “kid from Vault 101” or the Courier.

    • A guy

      Agreed, I am a little iffy on the voiced character. But in a way it’s a welcome change in my eyes because it means better story telling and it gives your character a personality. However the one thing I can’t get over is the 4 options for dialogue because it seems a little small in my eyes, but I hope somehow there can be more than just 4 in the end game. Also you do realize they’ve spent 2 years on voice acting right?

    • I hear what you’re saying…and it’s no disrespect to the voice talent, but I’ve been practicing with my OWN voice my whole life; I’ve gotten a bit used to it. (out loud on the let’s play videos I’ve made of FNV). The dweller from vault 111 could be voiced with unearthly perfection, but if it FEELS like SOMEONE ELSE’S PERFECTION, it wouldn’t be as immersive. I’m not clamoring for a mod or anything…obviously, I won’t know until I play it…and I’m reasonably certain such a mod will exist before long if other people share the feeling.

      It’s not like I’m going to ask for my money back. If I’m unhappy with the voice, I’ll just calm myself by commenting in a forum somewhere USING MY DANG PIP-BOY. Anyway, just my $0.02.

    • A guy

      It does almost feel like this game will be more about my avatar on the screen rather than me. I don’t mind giving that up for better story telling exactly, but I think I’ll miss it just a bit. Who knows maybe it will somehow work in the end

    • Fusion_Pirate

      IMHO, I’m very much looking forward to BethSoft’s “BioWare-influenced” take on dialogue. Personally, I’d rather play a well-acted voiced protagonist than click a silently-delivered block of text, which is then responded to vocally by NPCs. I actually think this system adds to my potential immersion. I get your point completely, but for me, having an externally-acted character balances the mood and flow of conversation.

    • That’s understandable. On occasion, though, there have been dialog options in a BioWare tree which seemed to be leading one way, but when I select them they go off in a completely different direction than I had intended. For lack of a specific example that springs to mind, imagine that you click “I’m hungry” on an NPC food vendor, and your character goes off on a rant about how he doesn’t want to listen to “all your BS, just give me something to eat”, and the NPC recoils in horror at your terrible manners and closes up the shop. Then I sit there, staring at the closed shop door, thinking, “That was NOT what I MEANT to say,” and wondering how far back the last save point is.

      I’ll grant you that not all players will feel that way: but that has happened to me more than once on games that use truncated dialog options. It’s like answering the question, “Do you hear voices in your head?” with an affirmative…all of my auditory equipment is located inside my skull, save perhaps for parts of the fleshy waveguide/reflectors, so to me, the appropriate answer would of COURSE be YES: but if you think as I do, you may be alarmed to discover that this is not at all the thought pattern of those posing the query.

  • Dkmoon

    Really, “Fallout deserves better”. The deathclaw, In my honest opinion, should be in every Fallout game, and I highly doubt they would ever generate the same enemy’s outside of ghouls, super mutants, and deathclaws.

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