Fallout 4: Bethesda Has No Plans For 60fps Patch On PS4 And Xbox One

Why would you even expect something like this?

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Fallout 4 Nuka World

Fallout 4‘s low frame rate on consoles can be a sticking point for a lot of people- especially someone like me, who is susceptible to motion sickness on first person games with low FoVs and FPSs. So one would hope that Bethesda would maybe look into offering an option to bump up the framerate of Fallout 4 on the console versions- maybe as a PS4 Pro enhancement?

However, speaking on Twitter, Bethesda’s VP Pete Hines seems to have shot down any idea of a 60fps patch for the game. In no uncertain terms, he makes it clear that no such patch is coming. I suppose there is some sense to what he is saying- Bethesda have been very clear that they are done with Fallout 4 ever since Nuka World, so I can’t see why they would go back to the game now.

But it’s a bummer- it would have been an easy PS4 Pro enhancement to offer, as an instance. I’d play Fallout 4 (even) more if the framerate didn’t make me want to throw up every time.

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  • Vomov

    Is this limitation also due to Sony not cooperating, as they did with the mods? Or is this due to hardware limitations (which seems odd)?

    • Foccan

      I’m assuming that if the game could run at 60 FPS on console they would have done it Day 1.

      Which begs another question. Why not lock the game at let’s say 40 FPS instead? That +10 jump would be very noticeable.

    • Foccan

      tl;dr If the PS4 can’t run a certain game at 60 FPS, lock it at 40 or 45 instead, not 30.

  • Kenan Jackson

    So…how long have you been playing games? 60 fps on console is relatively new and rare, so you must have been getting sick for the past 20 years. If so, this isn’t the industry for you.

    • Foccan

      I was thinking the same thing. Everytime I switch from my PC to my PS4 it gives me a headache.

    • justerthought

      It gives me eye strain as well, but it’s not the 30fps doing that, it’s drops to 20fps and irregular frame pacing stutters that jump between 40fps and 20fps, instead of a stable 30fps.

    • justerthought

      60fps on console is not necessary, but it’s used as the go to number when complaining about poor frame rates below 30fps and irregular frame pacing stutters.

      What consoles need is a constant 30fps with even frame pacing. That is very smooth on a TV especially if you employ a motion blur effect. Uncharted 4 proved that perfectly. You don’t need 60fps like a PC does to achieve smoothness on a console.

  • Bethesda has figured out they can totally screw their customers and their customers will still be dumb enough to hand them money. They are totally taking advantage of it too.

    • Marianrwilliams3

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  • Dave21

    How is Bethesda done with FO4 if they’re working on VR for the game?

  • Philip Heebsh

    This is not news. FO4 can barely hold 30 fps. It’s not as if the only thing keeping it from hitting 60 is a patch.

  • Blind Archer X

    I think its sad that Skyrim: Special Edition can’t go 60 FPS! Your telling me a system thats 10X more powerful then the Xbox 360 can’t make a last gen game go from 30 FPS to 60FPS!? Something is wrong with the (Fallout-Skyrim) game engine!


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