Fallout 4: Bethesda On Why They Announced BattleCry Instead of A New Fallout Game

Pete Hines indicates that there’s more to Bethesda than just Fallout.

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If you were anticipating Fallout 4 among the string of potential announcements from Bethesda Softworks, then you might have been disappointed to see the announcement of BattleCry. Nonetheless, Bethesda’s VP of Marketing & PR Pete Hines remains flippant about the same. Speaking to GameZone, Hines spoke about how there’s more to Bethesda than just Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

“We’re a company that has seven studios and we’re doing a lot of things that aren’t Bethesda Game Studios or Elder Scrolls or Fallout, and [Battlecry] is yet another. Again, if you’re only looking for something that is Fallout, well, then it doesn’t matter what else we’re doing. I guess you’re not interested.

“I love playing [Battlecry]. We make games that we like to play. We really enjoy every time there’s a playtest for Battlecry. Afterwards, we’re walking around outside our offices and cubes, talking about who did what to whom, and did you see this.”

BattleCry does look intriguing but we are a little bummed that Fallout 4 wasn’t announced. Are you? Let us know in the comments.

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  • MGraham

    “We’re a company that has seven studios” pretty much sums this up. Bethesda Game Studios will be working on FO4 while the other dev teams work on separate projects such as this. This announcement has no bearing on the development or announcement of FO4.

  • TheUser4574

    Six years is a long enough wait…
    It only took Bethesda five years between Oblivion and Skyrim, and we haven’t even had a decent tease of F4.

    • gr8 comment m8 will r8 8/8

      Fallout 4 isn’t something you deserve, or something that Bethesda owes us. Some gamers are so freakin’ entitled, but no game studios are required to make or release a game just because you think they should.

    • TheUser4574

      All Bethesda has to do is say “Yes, we’re making Fallout 4” and I would be satisfied. But they’re purposely withholding that fact. And I disagree that we don’t deserve it. They bought the franchise, knowing that there was a devout community that expected more than one game, especially since F3 was so good. Buying the rights to the franchise and only making one game is basically a crime, so yes, we deserve more than one.

    • Axtell71

      I swear to god, gamers these days are the worst.

      The same people who cry and complain about Call of Duty not changing enough year to year are the same whiny p****s who are complaining about the time between Fallouts.

      Just shut up already.

    • hotpie’sbastard

      “Fallout 4 isn’t something you deserve, or something that Bethesda owes us.”…mate,if i recall they make games for the fans…so it is sorta owed to those who will consume your product and support one of the products that stand out the most…

  • Joel

    Bethesda are showing Valve level of arrogance and anti-fan behavior.

  • Axtell71

    If YOU were asked daily, hounded at every turn by entitled brat gamers, YOU would get salty too.

    You don’t deserve anything, you brat.


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