Fallout 4: It Seems Like A VGX Reveal Might Be Happening

Speculation everywhere! Mind your head.

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So here’s something that might actually amount to something for a change. Though I can’t quite put enough emphasis on “might”. If you fell for the Fallout 4: Shadow of Boston hoax, then shame on you. Shadow of Boston? Really? For shame, you should know better that a title like that wouldn’t fly in the wake of Shadow of Mordor, too many similarities.

But Geoff Keighley, respected video games journalist and Spike TV host, recently tweeted out an image of himself having dinner with some of the heads of the powerhouse group, Bethesda. The tweet reads, “Great night planning with the ladies who run Bethesda. You are missed @DCDeacon.” DCDeacon, just in case you’re curious, is Pete Hines whom is also from Bethesda.

Given that a stage host and 3 studio staff are “planning” something, does that perhaps mean that we may finally be seeing a reveal? Sure, Bethesda denying Shadow of Boston may just be to clear up any copyright concerns that may have arise between them and Warner Bros. But it may also be a way of clearing the way before a reveal at VGX. A deep breath before the plunge, if you will.

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  • Alex

    wow a fallout 4 article that isnt garbage

  • Salama

    Hmm.. If anything it will probably be Skyrim remake for next-gen… Not getting my hopes up again. 😀

    • AtomicMetroid

      Too many remakes!! We should be swimming in mind-blowing, next-gen adventure games……..new ones………but we’re not. Excuse me while I weep

    • Salama

      Yup. I am very annoyed by that too. And people cheer for a year old remakes. Halo i can understand because it’s a whole collection and not sold one game at a time. But still… 😛

    • gordon strickland

      Would it be wrong to hope for a Fallout collection?! Imagine playing FO1 & FO2 on your phone or tablet! Either way FO4 should be in the works…

    • Salama

      Well there is the Baldur’s Gate Enchanced editon so why not. But these large should invest their time and money on new experiences altogether.

      Indie gaming is blooming now because they take risks with their projects. It makes a sort of sense to port older aaa games to new gen consoles, lower expenditures, no need for new scripting, voice overs and such.

      Large companies are playing things safe because this gen seems like a nest of angry wasps at times. Make a wrong move and the whole internet explodes in your face. So… Make safe games and that means no new experiences or risk taking on gameplay.

  • Jaret Whitt

    i mean shadow of Chernobyl is more relevant than shadow of mordor js


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