Fallout 4 Nuka World May Not Be The Last DLC, More Can Come In 2017

At this rate, support for Fallout 4 will never end.

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Fallout 4 Nuka World

Looks like Bethesda really like Fallout 4. They’ve already committed to more extensive, lengthier post launch support for the game than any other of their titles, but it seems like they’re not satisfied with that, either- they may want to stretch out support for the game even further.

To wit: the hastily announced at E3 Nuka World was presumed to be the final bit of DLC for Fallout 4, capping off the second wave of post launch content for the game (two waves were all that were announced). However, in a recent interview with IGN, Bethesda’s Pete Hines has hinted that Nuka World may not be the final bit of DLC for the game after all- in fact, Bethesda may continue support for the title into 2017.

“We announced three DLC packs [at E3],” Hines said. “Whether or not we ever do any more is really not up to me, it’s up to the team. We thought the last time that we were done, and this time we very well may be done. But for right now, these are the last three we will be doing, unless the team decides otherwise.”

I really hope not- Fallout 4 is ultimately, to me, a disappointing game, and I would rather Bethesda move past it and start work on The Elder Scrolls 6. It’s not like it’s not received a whole lot of support at this point already.

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  • D.Va

    Disappointing is not the word u wanna mention. This game was fun but the only complaints is some of the DLC that didn’t contain much content.

  • I was dissapointed too, but I still like it and I like the big packs of DLC… I do hope we get more, I would love to see a followup to Mothership Zeta and a spiritual sequel too Broken Steel… in that it would address the problems with the main story…

    (seriously options to deal with the main factions were inadequate, and not to mention that while you can get a “good” ending with BoS, Minutemen, and Railroad all alive there is little-to-no hints or clues in the story on how to get the ending)

    and maybe a mutant-centric DLC… solving ghoul and super mutant sterility problems has long been hanging over the franchises head, and these need to be solved because… they cant just keep retconning new super mutant emergences and hastily explaining how every character who is a ghoul became a ghoul.

  • whodat1

    Yeah, they’ll come out with another ‘DLC’ after Nuka-World called “Sticks & Stones: aka mo’ building crap”

  • Miranda Scrivener

    I feel FO4 is a huge improvement over previous titles. I certainly prefer Skyrim but FO4 is by no means mediocre or bad. My concerns with the game aside, I still have a lot of fun and that’s what’s most important for me. Far Harbour was a brilliant piece of narrative – one of their best DLCs to date.

  • E71

    Highly unlikely.

    Producing more DLCs not covered by the season pass will piss off a lot of fans. If they make those DLCs as part of the season pass they’ll just lose money.

    They should stop offering season passes for popular games, that way they can keep making more DLCs as long as people buy them.

    • BeardOfZeus

      So the choice is no additional content, or additional content that you can have if you pay some more for it. You really think fans will be stupid enough to get angry about the latter?

      Wait. This is the internet. Of course they are.

    • E71

      If Bethesda told everyone up front that their season pass will cover X number of DLCs or X number of months/years worth of DLCs then yes, I don’t think the fans would get mad because they would know what they’re paying for.

      It’s simple consumer rights — if you pay for a season pass that makes no mention of its limits, then you expect all the DLCs to be included.

    • BeardOfZeus

      It’s a season pass. So it’s limited to a season, right? They could just say it’s a 2nd season of mods 🙂

    • E71

      Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see more DLCs for Fallout 4 and will gladly pay outside the season pass for them, but a lot of other fans may not be as understanding.

      Consider how many people have been complaining about the lack of story DLCs. Now imagine Bethesda creates a second season pass despite not telling people up front about the limitations of the first pass, then releasing story DLCs as part of the second pass. Fairly sure that would piss a lot of fans off.


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