Fallout 4 or Fallout 1/2 Remake: Which Would You Prefer?

A return to glory or a new post-apocalyptic wasteland?

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Bethesda Softworks has been extremely cagey on any information related to Fallout 4. In fact, the developer has gone so far as to say that it’s unrealistic to expect information in a short period of time (which is indication enough that development might not be as far along as we think). This hasn’t stopped people like Obsidian Entertainment designer Chris Avellone, who also worked on Fallout: New Vegas, to talk about where he’d like to see the next Fallout game take place.

However, with the announcement of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind being rebuilt using the Skyrim engine, an interesting point has come up: Would fans rather go for Fallout 4 or a remake of the first two games using the Fallout 3 engine (or even id Tech Engine 5)?

The first two Fallout games are still relatively unknown among a new generation of gamers, and reintroducing them in a new form would both be a great way to garner revenue as well as give Fallout 3 fans something to satisfy them until the fourth game hits. Of course, the obvious benefit of having Fallout 4 immediately is that Bethesda will be focusing all its resources on creating a brand new experience, one that we’ll be seeing that much sooner.

What would you prefer to see: a remake of the first two Fallout games or Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Walker

    I would rather see Fallout 4.
    And after it is released or with the release I would like to see a bundle of 1 and 2 as well as Van Buren using the Fallout 3 engine (since it is already easier to work with)
    Unfortunately I believe Interplay still owns the rights for a couple of more years and considering the fight over FO online…not sure they’ll give it up.

    • Walker

      Though I honestly would like to see a future Online Fallout done by Bethesda but I want 4 to be a single player or two player experience not mmo.

  • Fonzie the dragon slayer

    I would like to see fallout 1/2 remade with the fallout 3 engine, while fallout 4 would be a sight to behold many people have never even heard of one or two so this would provide people without access to the first two with a new outlook on the waste land and people who haven’t ever played before with the introduction they needed.

  • Wyatt

    I think if they licesned obsidian to remake fallout 1&2 it’d be great, while bethesda works on fallout 4.

    • Davos

      yes, and make sure fallout 1 and 2 come out a year before 4. That way those who havnt played them will have plenty of time to enjoy the classics.

  • harris

    I would rather go back and do fallout one/two so that way it keeps the fallout franchise out longer and gives the developers more time to creat a better game… and most big fallout fans would agree

    • Dou Chebag

      Can you elaborate on this? I never played 1 or 2. Thought about it. Checked em out. Read their history. But they were too old school by the time I came around to the franchise (3). I like post-apoc. I like no govt. I like propagandizing. That’s everything that F3 represented, and very much not of what NV represented.

      Don’t get me wrong. NV is a great game with far more replay than 90% of the industry, in large part thanks to the Nexus. I will always treasure my copy. But it’s not one for the ages. Like F3, San Andreas, FF VII, Goldeneye, R.C. Pro-Am or Pitfall II. Was 1 or 2 true post apoc like F3? Or was it quasi, like NV with power grid infrastructure and a nationally recognized military in the NCR?

  • Dou Chebag

    Another pointless article.

    They even referenced an article on their own website as evidence to support this article. Or blog or whatever it is. That’s a new low. Oh well, whatever. I’m pretty desensitized at this point. It’ll be ready when it’s ready.

  • Garrett Lee Goolsby

    i don’t want a brand new experience. i want fallout 4. i will gladly accept a remade Morrowind until then.

  • Alex Williams

    Fallout 4! moving things along is always better than going backwards. Im sure if anyone loves Fallout 3 enought, they would go back to look at the old games. But would would still love to see the old games remade.

  • Nibbles

    I can’t find anywhere on the web where, “Morrowind being rebuilt using the Skyrim.”
    So what’s up with that?

    • Jacob Johnson

      Search for morroblivion.

  • Dreadfiend

    fallout 4! i played 1 and 2 but i don,t think they need to waste time or money on remakes when they could use it make fallout 4 a lot quicker and not only that but make it as revolutionary as fallout 3 was. I still play 3 even know i have New Vegas Ultimate Addition.lol

  • Krieg

    Leave my fallout 1 and 2 alone you assholes!

  • Jacob Johnson


  • Doc_robalt

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Fallout 1/2 and Tactics released for iOS or even like an Xbox live downloadable game, because most copies in stores are buggy as shit.

  • Adam

    Fallout 4.
    But can I make a request? People really need to stop posting articles speculating or wishing about Fallout 4. I get so tired of seeing some game journalist give his or her Top Ten Things We Want From Fallout 4. They always include 8 bullshit things that nobody I know would want, and then two things that they already have. Stop trying to make Fallout something it isn’t. Its not a multiplayer game, so stop saying we all want co-op. Its not a racing game, so stop trying to add cars. All of these requests, if taken seriously, would turn Fallout into the same damn game as everything else coming out anymore. Bethesda knows what its doing. And yes, while we all want maybe, more guns, or intricate conversations with NPC’s, we don’t need to write an article which passively asks for them…

    … and so help me god if there is co-op I will shit myself with anger…

    • Dou Chebag

      While I agree with your sentiments, please lets not have more guns! There are literally hundreds of different guns, explosives, blunt and edged weapons. I’m working on a mod right now that includes displays for all these weapons (NV), and it’s friggin taking a week! I mean I’m all for diversity. But damn!

  • arcoolka

    Info about Fallout 1 Remake – fan mod for FNV, can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fallout-1-The-Story-development-diary/551016521590582

  • Skepticalchimp

    Fallout 4

    Also, I saw somebody raise an interesting concept the other day. Something along the lines of playing in the 50s and the apocalypse happening before your eyes. I think that’s an amazing idea. It would help express the story immensely and would show how people adhere to small factions and it would give you a far more in depth approach as to what path you’d want to take.

    If that’s too complicated, at least can the main questline and customize it to the point where you can choose exactly what kind of role your character should have.

  • Recep_Baltas

    Fallout 1/2 Remake!

  • cameroncr95

    Id love this. Since both games were directly involved with each other closely (Fallout 1 and 2), they should be remade as one pack. Use the fallout NV engine and craft the game. I’ve always wondered what the originals would be like in a new engine.

    • Bialar Crais

      I really would love to see Fallout Tactics, too. Maybe as an big DLC because it’s not really huge from the storypackage


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