Fallout 4: SSD Improves Load Times on PS4 And Xbox One

Stutters and other image problems go away with the better hard drives.

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While the launch of Fallout 4 was a rousing success by almost any standard, the game has had a couple of little issues here and there, with frame rate problems being the most talked about. Those issues were such that Pete Hines seemed to get a big aggravated that he was being asked about them on Twitter. Now Eurogamer is reporting that one of the fixes for these issues doesn’t come by the way of a patch from Bethesda.

The website reports that if users are so inclined, they can see much better performance on the PS4 or Xbox One by switching out the hard drive to an SSD. Of course, this fix is not actually that easy, especially when you consider the website says you need to mount an SSD into an external USB enclosure, then copy the game data onto that drive. While those who do this kind of thing for a living are going to find this doable, SSDs are not particularly cheap and the USB caddy is going to take even more money out of your pocket.

The website did say that the improvement is quite a bit more noticeable when talking about the Xbox One compared to the PS4. The testing did show that performance does improve for the PS4, likely because the SSD is simply a more powerful and better performing hard drive in general. Whether you want to do something like this to your console in order to get the most enjoyment possible out of Fallout 4 is up to you.

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  • d0x360

    Wait so you are saying that a faster hard drive makes a game that streams all its data faster…shock!

    Ty for posting something Eurogamer posted 5 days ago

  • kee1haul

    Or just wait for the patch.

    • Elizabeth Laster

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  • JuneMas

    You don’t need an SSD for the X1. Just get a 7200rpm usb 3.0 drive and it will load the data quicker. All games benefit from an external HDD on X1 especially load times. The sata 2 port both consoles have has less bandwidth then usb 3.0


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