Fallout 4: What If Bethesda’s Next Game Is Not The Successor To Fallout 3?

Fallout 4’s development cycle should be under the command of the mighty Gaben.

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Fallout 4 fan art

So the internet. That’s a wacky place right? Full of some colourful characters, needless to say some less savoury than others. But nearly everyone has something to say on the internet, it’s why we flock to forums and social media sites in such numbers and with such devotion that it has literally killed people. So when you apply that mindset to the gaming community, a community which is already devoted to its chosen pass time, you would expect some serious outcry on social media platforms if Bethesda were to announce that their next game wasn’t Fallout 4, right?

Well, surprisingly not. Granted, there is huge demand for Fallout 4. The masses want it, make no mistake. But despite this, no one seems to be particularly bothered about the lack of Fallout 4 in the foreseeable future. Sure, fans are a little tired of waiting and being drop fed the smallest nuggets of information. But it seems like people may well be ready to throw in the towel and leave it to the fates.

Similar to Half Life 3, no one knows much about Fallout 4 and it’s now become a joke amongst peers.  With gamers saying they could wait indefinitely at this point given the vast array of games available across multiple generations of gaming platforms, to gamers quoting the good old “Fallout 4 or Riot” statement, there is still a clear demand but a waning enthusiasm.

So how would you react to Bethesda announcing that the next big thing isn’t Fallout 4?

Me? I couldn’t really care less. Sure it would be nice to have it, but I won’t miss it if it never comes to light.

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  • fatpreacherman

    You suck, this is the only game that I am “anticipating”, yes there are other games to play, but when half-wits such as you claim no one cares…you have no real investment in the game, the fallout universe, or its future. I personally refuse to buy anything else from Bethesda till they release real info, which includes a release year.
    Fatpreacherman #gamertalk

    • SquidMcFishfish


    • Ocelotty1


    • SimonSays

      Double Ditto

  • Jim_Watford

    Give it to Obsidian to make, then we’ll get an RPG rather than a follow the arrow hiking simulator.

  • SimonSays

    Fallout is either the best or in the top 2 best Bethseda owned products.

    Why wouldn’t they capitalise on the obvious want of the game. Strikes me as bad business planning, Im not sure they can really handle games like Fallout any more and thats why they are dragging their feet. Shame to see once strong companies become a Sunday hobby club.


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