Fallout 4: What Kind of Protagonist Will You Prefer?

A clean slate or an established background?

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Fallout Online

Undoubtedly, the last two games in the Fallout series have been the biggest, both in terms of scales and diversity. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas both feature interesting protagonists. The Lone Wanderer already had a established personality. The protagonist was born to Catherine and James, raised in the Vault. In Fallout New Vegas, players take up the role of Courier who does not seem to have an established background.

Given that Fallout 4 will most likely launch on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and modern gaming PC, the developers might use that extra processing power and include multiple protagonists with multiple backgrounds. Of course this is a mere speculation at this point but it’s a possibility.

What will you prefer? Will you like to play as someone who has a concrete background like the Wanderer or as someone who has a clean slate like the Courier? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Jack

    Your mother

  • Daniel Kunkle

    I think you started with a clean slate in FO3 as well. Your parents had a role and a back story but you were free to chose whether to be a savior or a devil with your character same as with New Vegas. That said, I assume FO4 will have similar options. Play as good or bad in deed as you choose. I’m thinking the big twist if the game is indeed set in Boston (The Institute) is that the game will deal with androids and you can choose to help or enslave them as you choose but in the end it turns out you are a android.

    • Thracian

      I agree. PICTURE THIS.. you start out in FO4 in a strange area without knowing where you are or even who you are, and as you explore and unfold the story piece by piece it starts flash backing your whole life like in FO3 except backwards. instead of starting out as a baby you start out as an adult and get flash backs of your child hood and you have to put the puzzle together in order to figure out WHO you are or WHAT you are and WHERE you from. of coarse as the story comes to a close you find out your A android all along. now you have a choice to make. either save the androids, or enslave or destroy them. I like YOUR idea. =)

  • Deric Anthony

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  • Lighting7

    There was certain appeal to the Courier being a mysterious figure with no known background (with getting shot in the head probably blurring things for even the character) but having parents and childhood friends in Fallout 3 actually made me feel like a part of that universe. Your father was a kind-hearted doctor with strong ties to the Brotherhood of Steel and you adventures crafted you into a greater hero than even him (if, of course, you don’t neglect his influence become a villain that terrorizes D.C.) I had the the sense that I was a part of a new generation of remarkable people in the Capital Wasteland, as if I had inherited some sacred mission to rebuild human civilization.

    • Wasteland Terrorist

      Meh, when I blew up megaton he went all, “I’m so disappointed in you” bla bla, you left your son for dead man. Who could’ve known how he would turn out, it’s strange that he didn’t have anything to say about me killing everyone in the vault tho.
      Indeed characters with an established background are, in my mind, preferred. Although the character in Fallout 3 didn’t really have it now did he? So learning little by little about your characters history in the game would be so awesoooome. (of course I don’t want the characters in the game to talk to you like you are braindead/had amnesia) OR the players character himself can speak about things that happened, like when he is thinking and such.

  • inbalence

    I think it would be a great idea to have multiple protagonist options. Going so far as to maybe even let you choose between factions and even race. IE a ghoul android sympathizer or a rogue enclave psychopath. Maybe even a super mutant

  • Jesse k

    I think they ought to not have an established origin just cause it lends to the players greater freedom to create their characters identity.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I want established identity and the option to have an established character so that those who don’t wanna bother creating a character can jump right in.

  • L-biddy

    I think that being a great big penis would be fun. That way you could go around f****** all the graphics and cuming on npc’s. Hopefully Bethesda think like me… PENIS PROTAGONIST FTW!!!

  • marcin388

    “Undoubtedly, the last two games in the Fallout series have been the biggest, both in terms of scales and diversity.” Have you even played original Fallouts?

    • miriam_0586

      He didn’t say the original games weren’t ‘big’, he said the last two were bigger.
      Numbers don’t lie. Why getting all upset man?
      Did you create the ‘original’ games? Mind your ego man, and READ.
      You’re acting like a fanboys crybaby.

  • dj Turk

    I think that being a bouncy ball would be fun. Bouncing allover the wasteland. I want to b a ball in real life though so I’m pretty biased. BALLOUT 4!!!! OHHH YEEAAAH

    • Whopper

      This is the best comment ever.

  • global king pin 89

    Take it from me an expert and all around the best gamer in the world right now. Fallout3 sucked. Here are the reasons why, 1. You have no direct approach and the game actually wants you to make choices yourself. 2. There are no levels instead you just wander around levelling your character up. 3. You have to select what mission you want to do yourself thus being once again made to do things your way and not the way it should be. 4. PERKS! these are the worst thing to put in the game making you cheap, I kill everything with one hit on very easy (the only difficulty you should choose when playing any game btw, everything is just so much more fun when you power your way through it). Any way hopefully b you guys v agree with me if not then I feel sorry for you for wasting countless hours paying this crap , I pesonally didn’t go any further when i reached megaton because by then I knew that this game was awful

    • JWhitener1

      Fallout 3 was a masterpiece. You are a complete idiot.

    • RealGeee

      Fallout 3 pwns!

    • Chaotasin

      I think you’re kind of missing the point of an RPG…

    • wehttam

      The hilarious part is that there were people who sincerely missed the sarcasm of this post.

  • CarbonSloth

    Include both and let the player decide which one to choose at the beginning of the game. Next Gen FTW.

  • Tryangel

    I’d rather start as a child and play in different scenarios that would make my Characters story

  • Tryangel

    It would also be purchased pretty cool if u got the chance to start your own town and control like what if another town attacked what kind of reaction would u have

  • Preposte

    I want to be Harkness. As long as the game is set in the Commonwealth, I like the escaped android who doesn’t know he’s an android route. Early on you have android hunters to deal with, later you have liberating the artificial race from subjugation route to explore. Plus, it’d make for a cool perk system.

  • Aaron C

    I always thought there should be a little more “awareness” from the game of your history and of the choices you had made. A couple of my favorite moments from Fallout 3 were when I skimped on researching the “Wasteland Survival Guide” and shortly thereafter was berated by Three Dog because my “research methods suck,” and also when something went wrong and I somehow started a fight with the ghouls in Warrington Station and the only way out was to kill them all. Next thing you know, Three Dog is reporting that I slaughtered everyone – “nice going, scumbag.” It gave me the impression that things I did made a difference – good or bad, and people were starting to learn about me. I hope there’s more of that in FO4. And I’m also incredibly psyched that it takes place in Boston/Cambridge. This will be the first title in a long time that I buy on pre-order.

  • Nicole

    I liked having the established background. Pretty much exactly what Lighting7 said in his post, there was a certain appeal of the mysterious character, but I enjoyed the emotional attachment to your family and friends in FO3 much more. Whatever is in store for us with FO4 though, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

  • the_demon_lord

    I find the structure of fallout new Vegas very lacking even though the mysterious concept was kind of fun. I think though I prefer a basic back story that maintains the mystery. This is a bit of a challenge but if done right it would be amazing. Even the choice of choosing your own story would be great. Make like 6 characters and give them their own prologue and back story. Try to let them find a part where their stories are the same yet don’t make you feel like your playing a co-op on single player. Bethesda Good Luck.

  • Terrorizer of the Wastes

    Would be cool if you could work with the android slavers in the institute and create your own android followers from scratch. On consoles this would be a whole lot better on top of having a list of followers you can meet in the wasteland.

  • Lucrain

    I just want a silent protagonist where I get to choose his beginning and end. I’d prefer to make my character’s voice by shouting into the mic like a madman instead of hearing him say something cheese or I wouldn’t want to say, unless it’s Vin Diesel.


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