Far Cry 4 PS4 Versus Xbox One Video Comparison In 1080p: Both Versions Are Almost Identical

The two versions are almost similar, for now.

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far cry 4

Ubisoft have been under fire recently for their less than impressive Assassin’s Creed Unity. Unity, which is a current gen exclusive, suffers from poor performance such as stuttering and frame rate issues, although we found out that the PS4 version seems to hold itself well when there is a lot going on the screen. But overall, Unity lacked optimization resulting into a mess across all platforms, especially the PC.

Far Cry 4 is Ubisoft’s last AAA game of 2014 and has a lot riding on its shoulder and according to our initial tests, the development team seems to have done an impressive job across the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. In this initial test we haven’t yet compared the resolution and frame rate but the texture quality and level of detail seems to be the same across both the versions.

Both the versions employ custom anti-aliasing solution with similar lighting and shadow effects. There is not much to choose here since side by side both the versions are almost similar visually. We will delve deeper in the coming days to find out more differences but at the moment it seems like a stalemate.

Note: The right portion of the screenshot below is from the PS4 version and the left is from the Xbox One version. Please click the ‘Next Slide’ button to navigate through the comparison images.

far cry 4 ps4 vs xbox one

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  • Guest

    Oh boy, dem PS Poor fans are going to cry again. Parity, weeeh.

    • John Doe

      Are you upset about something?

      If I only owned an Xbox One, does that mean every other stronger platform should be dumbed down to match it? Or is that Xbox fan boy logic and corrupt greedy developer logic?

    • Jay

      Are you mental? The xbox one version looks blurrier. Xbox one is on the left

    • Mark

      Personally I wouldn’t say blurrier (still native 1080)………..but certainly more washed out colors in the X1 version, in the video. Still, 95% identical imo.

  • ShadowNextGen

    Far Cry 4 is not Ubisoft’s last AAA game of 2014 🙂

    • John Doe

      That is GamingBolt for you.

    • GotNews4Ya

      The Crew right..?

  • John Doe

    Don’t really trust Gaming Bolt since they’ve been dishonest and wrong before. I think I’ll wait for Digital Foundry.

  • THEundying27

    They both pretty much look the same except for page #4. The picture on the left looks white as if the brightness was was turned up. Looks unnatural. It might just be that gaming bolt purposely turned the setting up on the TV.

  • jacksjus

    The PS4 has a wider image but maybe that is due to their setup.

    The XOne version has noticeably more diluted colors, but in the end that is a matter of preference which is better.

  • Dean brown

    Lol nice try gaminbolt.You either labeled the video wrong or put wrong setting on XB1.Everybody knows that XB1 always has better colours(some say black crush).Ps4 always looks washed out compared to XB1 yet in ur video XB1 is washed out and PS4 is vibrant hmmmm..You guys are not being honest

    • oskamikey

      You’re an idiot.

  • Adam Smith

    I saw here: http://goo.gl/b9CXIY that this game is promoting homosexuality. I mean the villain. Is that true?

    • Mark

      Main villian does seem to be bi, or homosexual. To me, the front cover is a strong image of an erotic man of some sort lol. There may be some rationale in the story behind his character. And not just Ubi fishing for a certain reaction.

    • Adam Smith

      Lol you never know. No ones now believing Ubi after Assassin’s creed disaster 😀

    • oskamikey

      Far Cry 3 had a homosexual guy in it. Does it matter? It’s the 21st century…

    • Andy Stephenson

      Well it’s socially accepted but it shouldn’t be encouraged just so you don’t offend a minority. Nature says it’s wrong so who are we to question. Bit of an odd thing to be arguing about on a game site though

    • oskamikey

      I don’t think you can “encourage” homosexuality. You either are or you aren’t. I’m straight, but I wouldn’t suddenly get an urge to go and smoke some pole just because I saw some gay guy in a game. I expect that’s the same for everyone else. Before you say it could be a bad influence on impressionable young children, well, they shouldn’t be playing an adult rated game. People make their own choices. Games don’t make their choices for them.

      And yes, it is an odd thing to be arguing about on a game site, lol.

    • Andy Stephenson

      Well obviously not but some how I get the impression that you’re old enough not to be influenced by a game.. However that’s not the case for the younger gamers. Remember that everyone is a product of environment meaning that the things that you see/hear when you’re young shape the person you’re to become. So yeah in my opinion things like this should stay out of games.

    • oskamikey

      There’s a reason why this game is adult rated. Youngsters should’t be playing it in the first place. Again, I have to disagree; homosexuality is hard wired into you at a genetic level, your genetic make-up cannot be influenced by your environment except over extremely long periods (what we call evolution). If you’re genetically straight, it doesn’t matter how young you are, you can watch as many people acting gay as you like, but it’s not going to “turn” you gay. It may teach you to accept it as a normality, but not to partake in any sexual acts of that nature if your genetics are not aligned that way.

    • Andy Stephenson

      Regardless. What games were you playing when you were young? Let me tell you age rating didn’t make one bit of difference to me if anything it made games more appealing

    • oskamikey

      When I was young, there weren’t really any “adult” games on the market so I can’t say, although I agree that adult rated games would have more than likely appealed to me.

      Are you deliberately choosing to ignore my comments about genetics having a say and that a game can’t “turn” someone gay, regardless of how young and impressionable they are?

    • Andy Stephenson

      Nope I just didn’t press expand sorry. No you’re misunderstanding. Genetics has nothing to do with it a gay person has the same genetic makeup is a straight person. Everyone is a product of their environment this is fact. You’re environment has a direct impact on who you are this is fact. Here’s a story dunno what country you’re form but this was on uk tv. It’s was a show about 2 gay guys who adopted kids and one of the asked one of the kids when he grows updid he want to be straight or gay. The kid answered I want to be gay. In my eyes that wa because he had been influenced to think that this is the correct way to be. Probably causing this kid quite a bit of grief in the long run. Not saying it’s rite but yeah. And if you’re not a product of you’re environment how is it that rapists tend to have grown being abused and violent people tend to grow in in violent places. I think this decision to make him bi was a political one

  • Mark

    Man if there was a big difference in these multiplats then we should care. Otherwise, pick ur system for the exclusives. Boom

  • Adam Smith

    The graphic looks awesome. But you know what? Check here: http://goo.gl/b9CXIY
    The game is promoting homosexuality according to them.


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