Far Cry Primal New Details: Core Gameplay Mechanics, Choices And More

Animals play an important role in the game.

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Far Cry Primal

We’re just a few months away from the release of Far Cry: Primal and while the game has been thought of as a kind of bridge between Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5, we now know the title is actually pretty extensive. In fact, we just recently found out that the size and scope of Primal is going to be equivalent to what we saw in Far Cry 4.

RedBull has even more information including some new choices you’ll have to make that will eventually determine just how difficult the game is to play. There is also a new kind of setup that game director Thomas Simon recently talked about. At its core, Simon says the game will definitely remind people of what they saw in Far Cry 4, but there will be a couple of changes. Weapons will still play a part, which shouldn’t surprise anyone since the player takes on the role of a hunter.

What has changed, is that animals will be more than a way to get a diversion started, or as adversaries. Simon says that in Primal, there will be a number of different creatures that can actually be trained by your character and used as weapons themselves. You don’t have to train these animals if you don’t want to, Simon was quick to point out. The game’s director says there will be a number of choices when it comes to progression. “You can go hardcore and never level up at all if you like, trying to go through with two bars of health and trying to stealth everything without relying on your beasts. It’s up to you”, Simon added. Far Cry Primal will be available on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC on February 23, 2016.

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