Final Fantasy 15’s Graphics Have Sure Come A Long Way – A Comparison Between Last Gen And Current Gen

The difference is staggering.

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final fantasy 15 xbox one

Final Fantasy 15 is alive and kicking. Square Enix have released a brand new trailer for the title which showcases breathtaking vistas and graphics. Final Fantasy 15 was previously known as Final Fantasy Versus 13, and was supposed to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Back then, Square Enix had released gameplay trailers and demonstrations on the PlayStation 3.

The game is now a current gen exclusive with the title expected to launch in 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s obvious that the developers will use to push the title to an all new visual level. So we have compared some of the old screenshots from Final Fantasy Versus 13 and compared it to Final Fantasy 15. The results are simply remarkable.

Everything in FF15 feels improved and shiny. Final Fantasy 15 possibly uses Yebis’ optical and post processing effects. To top that the ground textures and character models have improved multiple times when one compares it to FF vs 13.

Take a look at the screenshot comparison below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Please note it’s impossible to do a one to one comparison since the corresponding screenshots for FF versus 13 are not available.

final fantasy 15 ps4

final fantasy versus 13

final fantasy 15 xbox one

final fantasy versus 13 ps3

final fantasy 15

final fantasy versus 13 stella

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  • Midori Inaba

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  • andy

    Not that long a way actually as these screens prove. Just a tad shinier and HDer now.

  • MrSec84 .

    The difference is enormous, definitely night and day better now.

  • Raoh shiro

    Big difference! But, why are all these Asian characters looking more white? Blue eye’s, Blond hair, Pale skin, Long strait nose?

    • Don Karam

      This is a common characteristic with all Japanese entertainment productions. The only reason I can think of for why this happens is because they believe that people usually tend to find their own race the most appealing, and the westerner market is much bigger than the easterner market.

    • Raoh shiro

      It’s quite interesting, because Asians are typically brown/dark brown skin people and who use whitening cream to lighten their skin, or have interracial sexual relations with white people so their kids can have light skin!

      Don’t get me wrong, this is happening in lots of countries where the majority of the people are dark skinned! Jamaica, Brazil, Argentina, Korea….

      White people are the smallest racial demographic, yet the media still perpetuates light skin is good, dark skin is bad?

    • MaximDualBlade

      Who says this game’s characters are Asian? It’s fantasy.

    • Raoh shiro

      Always the same tired excuse most people use who don’t understand whats going on or haven’t lived in the country! I assure, this is a social and psychological problem where white skin is glorified in the media and is beaten in peoples heads daily!

      Look up Jamaica and Brazil, you won’t be able to use the same excuse for them!

    • Vallen

      What are you talking about? How does the media have anything to do with this? (and that statement about glorification is your own illusion as well).

      What these people say is that (1) these characters have white traits, which is TRUE for certain character designs, and (2) that FF is FANTASY. These characters are from nations that don’t exists in reality, so if you wanna believe they are Asian, then do so, or believe that they are Caucasian if you prefer it that way…..

    • Raoh shiro

      Their Fantasy character designs based on the very real “white race” so your point is moot! Either that, or there’s a race of blue eyed, blond haired race of Asians….

    • Vallen

      Okay, so you’re basically saying that you’re upset that these fictional characters look more White than Asian? If that is the case, then you are being racist

    • MaximDualBlade

      It’s just a game and it’s a valid excuse for the game. You dream of them being Asian, then they are Asian.

    • Josh Morland

      I understand what you are saying. Mass media as a whole perpetuates and glorifies caucasoid features as that one must desire or have. It is mind boggling to be honest.

    • Raoh shiro

      It’s sad really. Like I said, it happens in other countries too like Haiti and Jamaica, who coincidently were established by European colonists not more then 200 years ago.

      Some people are so desperate to lighten their skin, they use banned chemicals and run the risk of skin damage and cancer! What’s ironic is if they use too much lightening cream, their skin starts to turn pink, not white!

      What I find interesting is, Michael Jackson was a huge pop star in many Asian countries, including Japan. Which may have influenced many Asians to believe if a black man can transform himself to pass as a white man and be more accepted as a pop icon in western society, so can an Asian!

      It should be noted he had a skin condition called Vitiligo, which creates blotches of uneven skin color do to loss of skin pigmentation. In Jacksons case, it’s speculated he used some sort of bleach to lighten his skin so that it would mask his condition and even his skin color. What I find interesting is, he also physically changed his face to look more ethnically white, like his nose, eyes, chin and hair! I personally think he had some deep seeded issues, other then fixing his condition! Whether that was because he wanted to be more accepted by western society is up to speculation….

    • Josh Morland

      You have to understand Michael had his childhood robbed from him by his father who coincidentally outlived his son. His father would taunt his looks and nose size saying how “ugly” Michael was despite him being handsome prior to surgically changing himself.

      I am here in Thailand and the amount of privilege one can gain for simply having caucasoid features is nothing short of astonishing. I’m talking “god” or “deity” like status just for being or looking white. Asians here go as far as to wear blue colored contacts despite blue-eyed Asians being RARE and in many cases here, unnatural.

      Europeans however, come here to make their skin DARKER by way of tans which make them look orange lol! Absolute dumbfounded hilarity.

    • Raoh shiro

      Yeah, diffidently some weird ironic s*** going on? Here in America, some whites want to be “black”, by acting and dressing the way inner city blacks do in Hip Hop culture! It’s quite amusing!

      I live in a very small town in PA, where the majority of the population is predominately white. Some of the white kids out here dress like they’re from the inner city ghettos.
      The “hood” if you will. What’s funny is you can tell they never stepped foot in such an environment because of the way they over do it! They’re trying to imitate what they see and hear on TV and it just comes out as crass! Some pop stars do it too, example “Miley Cyrus”.

      My “opinion” it really shows a lack of respect for a culture who were stigmatized by white society when they act that way! It’s not cool or flattering, because people who live in that environment have no choice, but middle class whites, who are usually much wealthier do so because it’s hip to them?

    • Josh Morland

      I was born and raised in Chicago. So I am aware of the identity crisis that is “American culture”. Funny thing is I hear from caucasoids how minorities (i.e. blacks and Hispanics) are “hoodlums”, “thugs” or “gangsters” for simply wearing hip hop style clothing.

      Caucasoids on the other hand can get aware with stealing and adopting that style for their skin tone without being subject to racial slurs or stereotypes. Whites have after all, defined and established what is classified as racial prejudice after all. As you mentioned Miley Cyrus who is a perfect example of adopting “twerking”. When minority women do it, it’s considered “trashy”, when Miley Cyrus does it, it’s considered cute and makes internet news…Hypocrisy at its finest.

      To stay on topic relative to this gaming site, feel free to continue these valid complaints via another social medium. I don’t want to be lambasted for discussing societal woes on a gaming site about Final Fantasy 15’s graphics lol.


    Not trolling or something: Look at her necklace:

    A crescent moon and a star (sign of muslims), is she muslim?

    • i was actually thinking that but couldn’t be bothered to post about it.
      i highly doubt it. just a design.

    • Vallen

      I think its just a design. In the trailer Noctis calls her Luna, so maybe that’s her new name (hence the moon necklace). Besides, FF is fictional, the same countries/religions as in the real world dont exist in these games.


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