Final Fantasy 16 Will Be More On The Action RPG Side, Says Final Fantasy 15’s Brand Manager

Even more than Final Fantasy 15?

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final fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 15 took ten years to be developed fully, but it was the victim of some very unique circumstances- Final Fantasy games usually take far quicker to release, owing to better managed development cycles, as well as simultaneous development of more than one game in the series.

Maybe that’s why Square Enix can already discuss what Final Fantasy 16 will be like, even though 15 just released. Square Enix executive producer and Final Fantasy brand manager Shinji Hashimoto recently talked about Final Fantasy 16 at the Lucca Comics & Games 2016 in London (via Siliconera and Gamerclick), where he discussed that the setting in Final Fantasy 16 would be vastly different than the one in 15, pointing to the differences in setting from to 8 to 9 as the kinds of differences that players could expect.

As for the gameplay, he also promised that players could expect more of an action RPG, which frankly sounds a bit unbelievable, because Final Fantasy 15 is already pretty much an action RPG to begin with. Final Fantasy 15 is available right now exclusively on PS4 and Xbox One. If you haven’t already, make sure to go check out our review for the game.

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  • Matteo Lupetti

    Of course Lucca Comics & Games is in Lucca, not in London. Then he said Final Fantasy 16 won’t be more action oriented than 15. He said its director will decide its battle system and it will depend on future tendencies and direction.

  • Code Geass Season3!!

    All I will say this, I hope that the next FF game is just like FFXV, open world, the fighting system is open and not enclosed in a circle, better fast travel, more girls, more followers etc.

  • Matt

    what kind of spam bot is generating these abysmal fake news articles??? do you people read? Hashimoto said NOT NECESSARILY ACTION because fans have been begging for turn based since xii. here is what was actually said in the interview you, and so many other game review sites, obviously didn’t read. let me all caps the important parts to make It easy.

    “With Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix was able to fuse a setting that is both a modern and fantasy world in one. WHEN IT COMES TO MAIN-NUMBERED FINAL FANTASY GAMES, the directors think of EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH WITH EACH INSTALLMENT [implying that this will be completely different than what just came before in xv, an adhd/seizure inducing rage fest that couldn’t possibly have more action]. That said, it doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily see a modern setting for Final Fantasy XVI. Hashimoto says that they haven’t made anything for Final Fantasy XVI yet, but to keep in mind that JUST BECAUSE FINAL FANTASY XV HAD A CERTAIN SETTING, it DOESN’T MEAN THE NEXT ONE WILL FOLLOW IN THE SAME WAY [another clue, that things will be different. DERP. what were you reading? because if it was this, you totally missed the point].

    HASHIMOTO EMPHASIZES THE DIFFERENCES WE’VE SEEN IN MAIN-NUMBERED FINAL FANTASY TITLES [yet a third clue that things will be different than xv] by using VII, VIII, IX as examples on how we saw it go from a very steam punk cyber world in Final Fantasy VII and then back to more of a fantasy world in Final Fantasy IX. He says that THIS IS SOMETHING DIRECTORS DO ON PURPOSE TO CHANGE THINGS UP FOR THE SERIES [4th clue, things are going to be different. not like x].

    As far as the battle system goes, this is also something that is decided by the director, so it DOESN’T necessarily MEAN Final Fantasy XVI will be MORE on the ACTION RPG side as we’ve seen in Final Fantasy XV [ok he’s practically saying it will be turn based amirite? why is everyone on the internet saying more action than xv? you people are retarded]. Hashimoto says when they start work on a new Final Fantasy, they set the bar to make the ultimate fantasy of the generation with each installment. So if a director feels that a certain battle system would work best in the current generation, that’s the main system they’ll go with.”

    I count 6 clues that 16 is going to be going into a different direction than xv, probably less action, probably more of a fantasy/medieval setting and less cyber/steam-punk…

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