Gabe Newell: “Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space”

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You can count on Gabe Newell to say some bold things and he has done that once again by calling Windows 8 “a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space”. He didn’t give any reasons as to why he dislikes it, but he clearly views it as a threat to the PC market.

“I think Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space,” he told AllthingsD. “I think we’ll lose some of the top-tier PC/OEMs, who will exit the market. I think margins will be destroyed for a bunch of people. If that’s true, then it will be good to have alternatives to hedge against that eventuality.”

He mentioned that he wants to get 2500 Steam games running on Linux, and one of the things that is holding the OS back is the lack of games, because ultimately games are something that drives consumer behavior.

Valve recently went on a hiring spree for Linux technicians, so it looks like Newell wants to see the entire Steam catalog on it as soon as possible.

He also puts a lot of emphasis on free-to-play games and said that “it’s about creating value” to users which results in more sales of digital goods.

“We think the future is very different [from] successes we’ve had in the past. When you are playing a game, you are trying to think about creating value for other players, so the line between content player and creator is really fuzzy. We have a kid in Kansas making $150,000 a year making [virtual] hats. But that’s just a starting point,” he revealed.

Generally the problem most users have with Windows 8 is the Metro UI, which isn’t suited (personally) for the desktop version. Windows 8 has a fast kernel and can be termed as something that is a significant improvement over Windows 7, but when Newell uses words such as “catastrophe”, you can be sure that he isn’t pleased with something. It could be Microsoft’s policies or the in-built store in the OS.

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  • ME

    unsurprising honestly. Balmer has always represented what is wrong at Microsoft and this is the first OS conceived and launched under his direction. It is hardly a surprise that a product launched under someone who has been widely described as “The worst CEO in the world today” is going to be a steaming pile of poo.

  • Slaytan69

    In Gaben I trust.

    • MystikDeviant

      As it is written it was spoken by Gaben himself so we shalt all follow in the wise words. GABEN!

  • MOOT


  • Vizier

    Thank you based Gaben

  • Anon

    Im actually quite happy with the windows 8 retail preview. I’m definitely not what you’d call a power user, but it suits my Gaming and video editing needs nicely, and while It was a bit jarring at first I’ve adapted to the metro UI and I like it now. What would REALLY make windows 8 take off would be if we start seeing touchscreens become more common on Desktops

    • Have a little think about what you just said… would you really rather have to reach up and over to monitor? It would be great manboob exercise for sure, but very tiring after a while. If you really think about using your monitor like that it doesn’t work out, certainly it would not in practice.

  • Ocelotty1

    I think that Gabe fears the fact that with Direct X 11.1 being baked into Win 8 & Metro; this means that, potentially, you could have PC level games on a touch screen tablet as well as your desktop tower, that can only be bought through the Windows store, leaving Valve / Steam out in the cold.

    In reality most people will still use Steam as their game platform of choice. Gabe is right though; My PC really is mainly for Gaming, and I have a large amount of money invested in Steam so I am unlikely to want to change to the Windows store anytime soon, besides there is one thing MSFT can never beat – Steam Sales 🙂

    • MystikDeviant

      Honestly i don’t think Gabe has much to fear at all, I for one will cheer in glee when steam ports to linux and the 1st thing i will do is reformat my desktop to a linux machine then once steam has done it and others follow suite(cause peer pressure is cool brah) the laptop will be switched to the penguin side also.

    • Really

      Why would Gabe fear some random Windows store? Did you think before posting? Steam would lose 0% of their customers to a Windows store. Gabe is a very smart guy. He knows this.

    • Ocelotty1

      It’s not the past that Gabe fears, but the future. At the moment W8 is fully back compatible, but when developers start coding for W8 then programs will start getting locked into that nightmare RT which is designed to bypass the independent developers & vendors, since you can only buy programs directly through the Windows store. If RT takes off (especially since it supports the latest direct X codecs) then he knows that Steam will be on the decline over the next few years, He really has no option but to pursue Linux or Apple.
      Naturally this won’t happen overnight and people, such as myself, are incredibly resistant to change, but MSFT are in it for the long haul.

      I think he suspects that MSFT are looking to purely Metrofy future iterations of Windows & thus let them have the economic clout of Apple. The little guy will fall by the wayside. Remember Win 8 has been designed to leave Apple in the dust graphically.

    • abunchofbabyz

      Its like Microsoft are looking for another anti-trust lawsuit.

    • “in reality most people will still use Steam as their game platform of choice”… not trying to be snarky but aren’t more people using Facebook as their game platform of choice?

    • toxicroach

      For real games.

  • ilovegaben

    gaben is god

  • Michael Zelivetz

    I’ve been using the consumer preview since it’s release. I spend about 4% of the time in the Metro UI, the rest of the time I’m in Desktop and it looks and acts pretty much like Win 7 just a tiny bit faster. I don’t see what’s so bad about Win 8 (Or even what is so bad about Metro)

  • C331ow

    I find Windows 8 Metro UI painful all the way around. I’ve been trying to use it, but it’s just more work and more steps to do the same stuff. Not one innovation I can see here, just a huge blocky mess with gadgets that have even less function then the last ones (which MS closed off!) I need for mmos to get the hint amd/or wine to run my favorite….I’m married to 3d studio max. And adode cs. The minute that there’s a port or viable replacements, I’m windows…..but fedora 17 looks very nice, ubuntu..Macs are kinda expensive, but now seem worth it to look into as well.

    Microsoft, y u no see this os is crap?

  • jeremy

    I noticed his mention of windows 8 in the original interview as well. I assumed patent problems and licensing from his implication that it is the manufacturers that will leave the space.

  • derp

    GabeN OS, make it happen. We want it, right now!

  • Looks like the only thing that was a catastrophe was the pizza bar he left in ruins

  • tastey freeze

    the guy is a waste of skin, one he cant give a reason why he dislikes it, if not shut the **** up. its pretty much the same thing just the start menu is different and if people don’t like it they wont get it. they will stick with windows 7 and really alot of mac users like it so it will bring a lot of more users over.

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  • rhinodog

    I have installed steam on windows 8 and it worked fine. I do not like the windows 8 interface very much and with Microsoft ditching DVD and blu-ray playback. I will not be switching unless A LOT CHANGES.

  • Windows 8 is “out” essentially if you want to try it. To save you some time, it’s just Windows 7 with a colorful start screen that has iOS-ish store in it(which is very easy to ignore, and you can still click start and type in a program name and launch it just the same, just looks different). I guess Gabe is saying all this crap because he is scared of this store stealing customers from Steam? Really? People who are too dumb to get past this store would not ever even care about Steam in the first place.

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