Randy Pitchford: Duke Nukem Forever generated massive loving fan mails, it’s really an “anomaly”

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Randy Pitchford still thinks that the Gearbox team did a great job with Duke Nukem Forever, but he almost feels that it’s like an “anomaly”.

The game received near universal hate once it was released, and our review wasn’t that kind to it either, but Pitchford revealed in an interview with OPM that the game generated a massive amount of loving fan mail.

Duke Nukem Forever was in development for over a decade at 3D Realms, until Gearbox took over the mantle and vowed to finish it, which they did obviously.

“The amount of attention and interest Duke Nukem commanded ended up being far beyond my wildest expectations,” Pitchford said.

“I’m extremely proud of our production effort to make sure that the world could finally play this legendary game that had been in development for such an astonishingly long time at 3D Realms.”

He also revealed that the fan mails they got weren’t in sync with the opinion almost everyone had on the game, i.e., bad.

“It’s such a strange thing,” he pondered.

“Duke Nukem Forever generated more loving fan mail than anything I’ve ever been involved with.

“It’s really an anomaly – I wouldn’t recommend using Duke Nukem Forever as a case study for any analysis of the games industry except, perhaps, as the most extreme example of an outlier or edge case.”

Personally, I think the game was utterly terrible, but I do have to congratulate Gearbox for finishing it. And oh, did you guys know that Borderlands 2 is shaping up to be an awesome game?

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  • DutchmanDavid

    Even though the game was mediocre at best, it was still fun for nostalgia’s sake. Not to mention that it did have a few nice memorable moments (Drawing a penis on a white-board “That’s… GENIUS!”, getting shrunk and driving around in a small car, the Three Boobed Queen…). If I think back, I liked it more than I thought I would have (hearing all the “DNF SUUUUUUCKS” comments).

    I for one will be secretly waiting for DNF2 and hope they’ll fix the weapon system (I can only hold 2 guns? REALLY?) and the extremely scripted feel to it all (The games WASN’T worth replaying) and I’ll buy it within a heart-beat.

  • Shbito

    To say the game was garbage is retarded. The style was deff oldschool, in that the A.I is decently brain dead and you’re just running through gunning stuff down… but the mechanics behind the game itself are solid. Just because it’s story was meh and it’s style very oldschool FPS doesn’t mean it’s bad. Just not what people were expecting.

  • Lolcatspeterson

    Everyone, please keep in mind that Gearbox only FINISHED Duke Nukem Forever. They added the few final touches and let it loose upon the world. Don’t assume that because DNF was bad, that Gearbox makes bad games. That is not the case. 3D Realms makes bad games. DNF was not a “from scratch” Gearbox title like Borderlands is. So don’t let DNF shift your opinion about the developers.

    Also, my thoughts on DNF are this. Mediocre is not bad. Mediocre is okay, average, or maybe a little below average.

    DNF was not “bad” like “Big Rigs Over the Road Racing” was bad. DNF is not ET bad. DNF is not Superman 64 bad. It is a completely playable game with many sloppy elements, but a complete, and playable game nonetheless. It follows many basic rules of game design, and while it fails to differentiate itself from those games that it mocks, it still is a game worthy of at least saying that there is some entertainment value in.

    I think those who bashed the game were a little out of line because there is a huge gap in quality between Superman 64 and DNF. Or hell, lets take an even more modern game, Aquaman, the spiritual successor to Superman 64. DNF still is more enjoyable than that piece of garbage. Garbage, and words similar to it, should be reserved for games that deserve it. DNF is not one that deserves those titles.

  • charles2029

    Nice work Gearbox, you took an in-progress game, finished it up, and threw a little polish on it. It may have reviewed poorly, but it didn’t prevent fans from picking it up.

  • mehely

    I liked the game but then again i enjoy the half life style of progression in FPS which is what turned off alot of people off the game
    Console ports are a load of piss though
    Not worth the wait but enjoyable as a rental or a buy when you see it on a discount

  • Steve

    I have to say, I thought the game was pretty poor in a lot of ways, but still fun. I still have a lot of fun occasionally in multiplayer because its not a game people take too seriously. I recently installed the high res mod for the old Duke3d, and that game is still more fun and more expansive than many games released today, although the sprites are hilarious. I hope a new release comes out of this and restores dukes deserved status.

  • LastHour1

    Honestly, I thought the single player was terrible. Just didn’t click well with me. I played on PC, by the way.

    HOWEVER, that said, the multiplayer I found to be okay, for what it is. With friends, it can be pretty crazy!


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