Ghost Recon Wildlands – PS4 Pro vs PS4 Head To Head Graphics Comparison

An in-depth comparison between the PS4 Pro and PS4 versions of Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is Ubisoft’s most ambitious game till date. Despite its somewhat mixed gameplay mechanics, Wildlands features one of the biggest open worlds this generation which is perhaps a testament to the company’s AnvilEngine. Another standout feature of the game is its dynamic lighting technology which directly impacts the game’s weather system and day/night cycle. The game’s use of screen space lighting during night time and world streaming logic are all pretty impressive. Furthermore, the world is dense with foliage so it’s not your average barren world…Ubisoft have at the very least ensured that it’s brimming with a lot of trees and grass.

Despite the amazing world streaming tech on offer, the game suffers from a number of other shortcomings. First off, the character models look really off at times. The main characters, the NPCs…they look kind of bland. The animation system seems to have undergone little improvement from the original Advanced Warfighter games. Both the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions also suffer from low texture quality work at several places but as we noted in our review, this is perhaps a compromise for loading and streaming the vast open world quickly.

Wildlands presents an interesting case for PS4 Pro owners with a number of benefits. From an image quality point of view, Wildlands runs at 1440p on the PS4 Pro while playing on a 4K TV whereas the PS4 version runs at a native 1080p resolution. The Pro version also renders a supersampled 1080p image buffer on an HDTV so the image quality is better compared to the same setting on the PS4.

The Pro version also manages to perform better than the PS4 version with a more stable 30fps experience. However we did witnessed some major drops on the Pro version but these were extremely rare. The funny thing about these drops is that they occurred during a totally random situation. We were just merely driving a vehicle and took a sharp turn and the game slowed down. But as we said, these instances were quite rare and may not be experienced by every player. The Pro version also benefits from faster loading of world assets which means pop-ins are drastically reduced along with better texture filtering and shadow effects.

In the end Wildlands seems like a game with a lot of potential and it will be interesting to see what Ubisoft does with it in the future but from a technological standpoint,  its open world asset streaming solution has us excited and it will be interesting to see how Ubisoft uses it in future games such as the next Assassin’s Creed.

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  • Jimmy DoneGood

    Can’t wait for the Scorpio comparison. Should be able to win every contest against all other systems very easily with its powerful specs. True 4k native gaming is coming.

    • Mr Xrat

      360 textures, no exclusives and $499 is coming for scum like you.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Scorpio is tied down to Xbox One just like how PS4 Pro, Nothing Next Gen about 4gb ram upgrade and no exclusives.

    • berj79

      it will be an awesome console for multiplats.

    • justerthought

      The Scorpio version will be great as well, but the hardware will cost you more and you will have to wait for it. Don’t be expecting a huge difference because the PS4 Pro is already filling a 4K screen with very high quality imagery at a low price.

  • Jay Hy

    Wats daPoint??Y compare dis??Most folk stil got P4 u aint gtta compare Ery game to Itslf??Dang wait til Xbx drop scorp den Start comparin??Dis is like Posin n a mirror lookn 4 SMALL details

    • justerthought

      The reason is because the PS4 Pro version is a massive difference. The stable clarity is breathtaking. You feel a great sense of presence as if you are really there. The PS4 and especially the XB1 version are dog rough with stutters, screen tear and flickering distant details that pull you out of the immersion.

      If you care, buy a PS4 Pro, if you don’t care, stay as you are. But don’t delude yourself and pretend that they are the same.

  • Mr Xrat

    Xgimp rage inbound.

    • Cindypbarker

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    • justerthought

      The ugly screen tear and flickering details in the XB1 version compared to PS4 Pro are not even in the same ball park. There is no contest.

      MS have tried to find a positive by upping the colour saturation because it does not require any extra power, but it’s like putting too much sugar in your drink.

  • Gamez Rule

    With or without *Boost Mode*?

    And will there be a Xbone-S vs PS4-Pro?

    • justerthought

      There is no Boost Mode for games that are native PS4 Pro. This game is native PS4 Pro taking full advantage of the extra power.

      Boost Mode is excellent, but it’s for games that have not been optimised for the PS4 Pro to improve frame stability over the base version.

    • Gamez Rule

      I know *Boost Mode* improves performance on games without Pro patches, but from what I can tell while using boost mode when my daughter plays Knack it seems to run better? And the loading times seem shorter?

    • justerthought

      It’s your imagination.

      Boost Mode just runs the CPU and GPU clocks at the full PS4 Pro speed, instead of running them at the standard PS4 speed. Any game that gets a PS4 Pro patch, obviously runs the game at the full PS4 Pro CPU and GPU clock speed.

      Boost Mode only uses half the compute units inside the GPU, the same as the standard PS4. While any game that gets a PS4 Pro patch, utilises them all. Twice as many.

      Loading times are governed by the hard drive speed and amount/speed of RAM. The more RAM, the less loading if it’s already in memory. PS4 and PS4 Pro have the same hard drive speed so no change there, but PS4 Pro runs its RAM at a higher speed, and has an extra 500mb available for games, plus background OS tasks run on additional RAM.

      That means you just see a slight increase in load times on PS4 Pro, but that has nothing do with Boost Mode.

    • Gamez Rule

      Anyway to test it? I swear it runs better and loads faster with Boost-Mode on? I know it shouldn’t make any difference but it really seems it is?

  • justerthought

    This game is a amazing technical achievement on the PS4 Pro with an extraordinary sense of immersion and presence, due to the stable clarity of the graphics and the smooth frame rate.

    The game brings together everything that Ubisoft has learned making open world games and gives you the ultimate open world sand box, gathering all the best bits. In terms of gameplay, the freeform emergent Far Cry series was always a Ubisoft success, so that has been adopted as the framework for this game which is excellent.

    The world is truly massive with incredible detail. You will continue to be impressed as you discover each location which are all individually designed and very intricate. There must be over 200 of them and they all make awesome battle grounds. The road network is extremely realistic and the driving is a pleasure if you stick to the roads. Both the cars and the helicopter handling have been drastically improved from the beta. The boats are thrilling like GTAV, especially down the rivers.

    The game is best played at a deliberate slow pace using strategy and stealth. You have lots of tools at your dispose that keep on delivering as you progress. The game really excels when you do that. Example, when we got the red dot sight we realised we had a new pointing tool when planning the attack from a hilltop. When you point your gun at something a red beam points to it that was invisible to the enemy, but we could see it clear as day with night vision equipped. It great for communicating something like, “the drone radio jammer is behind that building.”

    I’ve found that two player coop is the best because you can keep things tighter and think as one. Four player usually ends up as a run and gun GTAV style romp because it only takes one loose cannon and it all goes guns loud with everyone twitch shooting. Some gamers actually like that so it caters for everyone.

  • WittyPixel

    Performance was pretty bad on the Pro during the beta, lot’s of hiccups. also the jaggies man -_- gotta get some AA on these games.

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