God of War 3: Can Kratos shine on the PS3?

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past four years you will know that the God of War franchise is one of the best and most popular ones to date.  God of War 1 and 2 came out in 2005 and 2007, respectively and still hold up today.  However in March the gaming world will find out the end to Kratos’ trilogy and see what happens in God of War 3.  The demo is available (or will be) for those who have either: a) bought the God of War Collection, b) pre-ordered the standard or Ultimate Edition of God of War 3, or 3) buy District 9 on Blu-Ray when it comes out December 29.  I have played the demo and am here to give some initial impressions.

So in case anyone was wondering, this is definitely still a God of War game.  Three different lead game designers over the course of the series have not affected the gameplay very much and that is a good thing.  God of War has always been about simple, flashy combat with some depth to those interested.

The first thing anyone will notice while playing the demo is the graphics.  They are phenomenal.  Along with the amazing visuals another major aspect of God of War has returned and that is T.C. Carson who is the iconic voice of Kratos.  At the beginning of the demo you start off on a cliffside fighting the normal grunt enemies the same as usual.  You eventually get to the cyclopses of old ripping out their eyes until you fight a chimera.  Here you chop off the different parts of the chimera eventually leading up to you breaking off its own horn and stabbing it in the head with it.  You then proceed to shoot Helios (who has been flying around) with a giant cross bow only to be caught by the massive titan in the background and thrown against a mountain.

When you eventually make your way over to where Helios is another battle ensues.  After the battle is over you find Helios injured severely and walk over to him.  Then if the stabbing the head with the horn didn’t give you enough of a Kratos vibe then this will.  Kratos grabs his head and you have to press the L2 and R2 buttons rapidly until you eventually rip his head off.  Congratulations you just killed the God of the Sun.  After you rip off his head his eyes and mouth open only to have blinding light come out of each.  You use this ability in the next area to light the way.

I'll be needing this for awhile.

I'll be needing this for awhile.

When you get to the end of the dark section you hop into an air vent and spread the Wings of Icarus upward and dodge falling objects.  After emerging from the vent he falls from above towards the titan and right when Kratos is about to attack the demo ends.

Let’s just say if you have liked any of the God of War games, you will enjoy this one.  With improved graphics, solid gameplay and the ending to this story arc, God of War 3 is a game that every PS3 owner will need come March. From what we have played we are glad to conclude that Kratos will indeed shine on the PlayStation 3.

Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition of God of War 3 will include:

  • an exclusive skin for Kratos called the Dominus Skin
  • God of War Heavy Metal EP – original music inspired by God of War
  • A documentary called “Unearthing the Legend” which is a history of the God of War franchise
  • God of War Trilogy Soundtrack
  • Seven exclusive challenges in the Combat Arena
Here is the Pandora's Box that you will receive with the Ultimate Edition.

Here is the Pandora's Box that you will receive with the Ultimate Edition.

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  • name

    again exclusive to the US!
    im really getting sick of this shit.
    sony, you do realize you have fans outside the US dont you?
    im starting to think SCEE does not exist.
    i swear to god, if sony does not release a limited edition here in AU for GOW 3 im selling my ps3, ps2 and PSP.
    and if its not out here by march 30th 2010 im allso selling my ps3, psp and ps2.
    im sick of sony treating my like the gum under there shoe.
    thats fine, if this is how they want to treat me 2 can play that game.
    they will never see a cent of my money ever again.
    you support a company for life, almost everything i own is sony.
    my TV, my laptop, my camera, my phone, my camcorder, my bluray player, my surround sound system, my car audio system.
    almost everything i own is sony and this is how they thank me?

    • Chris Vogt

      God of War is most popular in the U.S. especially since it is a SCEA game. In making this exclusive to the U.S. they most likely did not see a market for it anywhere else. Since it is a PS3 game you could easily import it as Blu-Ray games are not region coded.

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  • nick

    That’s what you get for being “loyal” to a company that doesn’t give a damn about its customers. Why do people believe that just because you buy all of one brand they owe you something! They don’t owe you shit but a good product! Stop paying for the name and get the best product for your money! Your TV I can promise you was over priced and not the best compared to samsung or toshiba! I do hope you get your hands on it if you want it that bad, just don’t expect multimillion companies to do you any favors!


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