Gran Turismo 5 DLC Causes Fan Uproar; Locked to one Account

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Yeah if you are planning to buy the Gran Turismo 5 DLC, please keep in mind that it is locked to one account. Yes, if you use any other account on your PS3, you cannot access the content. This has caused a huge uproar in the PS Blog and forums like GT Planet and Neogaf.

People are asking for refund due to this and looks like it wasn’t a ‘mistake’. It was intentional from Polyphony Digital as you can see in the picture below.

That's got to hurt the unsuspecting buyers.

One user in GTPlanet said, Can’t use a legaly bought DLC. I bough my PS3 when living in Europe and have move back to Canada, i have always use my “main PSN” for all my game since we can’t change the country.

“Now i have bought a 11.99€ DLC which doesn’t work and i can’t get a refund for a product which haven’t give me any warning of any type of “region locking“.

People are planning to start a Petition soon, which shows how grave this problem is. I really have no idea why Sony would do this considering each and every DLC has been region free till now, and only GT5 DLC causes this issue. Is GT5 a special game that gets treated differently?

One poster in GAF responded angrily, “They are going to loose lots of money with this stupid decision.I know a few other people who also have separate accounts for buying and gaming.”

Kazonuri Yamauchi, the producer of Gran Turismo 5 is getting blasted on his Twitter account as we speak, and this mess has got really serious now. The US launch has been delayed till October 25th as we covered here, so they still have chance to minimize the damage a little bit.

From another user in the PS Blog.

Have you encountered problems with the Gran Turismo 5 DLC? You can bombard Kazonuri’s Twitter account here, if you don’t like this. Please tell us in the comments section below and yeah, I know Spa Francorchamps is awesome.

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  • Polyphony digital, I AM DISAPPOINT.

    • Hi Mr. DISAPPOINT =D

    • – @Gribby,

      So,, wait,, you’re leaving “Sony” because you like Forza 4, WTF?

      Anyway, I’ll assume you mean that you’re PS3,,

      As for Gran Turismo is a “has been”, well, did you know that in GT5, there is Dynamic Weather with Snow and rain, Weather effects on the car and track, Day and Night cycles, which BTW are ALL customizable,, there’s also Formula 1 and Karting, and a Track Creator,, did you know those things existed in GT5?

      If you did, then you must also realize just how much more GT5 is delivering to you that Forza 4 CANNOT deliver.


      Why people think they can compare the two fully is beyond me, sure there are plenty of ASPECTS which can be compared, but in their entirety, no one can compare them simply because one is doing much, much more than the other,,
      GT5 is giving much more than Forza 4,
      GT5 is better looking than Forza 4,
      GT5 drives much better than Forza 4.

      Oh, did i mention that if Turn 10 wanted to add any of the weather effects, day and night cycles, or just night time driving as seen in GT5, they would have had to cut the content, the graphics and detail, and put it down to 30fps?

      LOL @ Xbox 360 hardware and DL DVD Rom.

      What Turn 10 want to do, is shut up shop on xbox 360 or form a seperate development studio, then come and make a racing game on PS3 and we’ll see what they can really do with proper hardware and power to work with, maybe then, we could do a FULL comparison.

    • To make matters worse for you. He’s right and you’re not emw80. Gran Turismo 5 was overstuffed with unnecessary bullshit and things people never play with or use. In rela life, almost nobody races at night and nobody races in the rain. It’s clear you’re the deluded fanboy here and calling the kettle black.

      Oh and Turn10 EXPERIMENTED with those things you mentioned but didn’t think they were necessary to add in the current development cycle because they are unnecessary to the racing experience. Twisting reality in your brain, aren’t you? They won’t leave MS, because they know $ony won’t provide for them as they know what a shitty job Gran Turismo 5 turned out to be. Needing Gigabytes of patches to function properly and clearly being a rushed job even after 5 years of being announced as a PS3 launch title.

  • “I really have no idea why Sony would do this considering each and every DLC has been region free till now,”

    This is not the case at all – most DLC has been region-locked. The single-account thing is new and befuddling though.

  • Gran Turismo is a has been. Forza Motorsport 4 is where the racing is at from now on. The New King Of Racers. Everything Sony is overhype and underdeliver. Goodbye Sony, it’s been a fun 3 generations, but you sucked so much the past 5 years that I wouldn’t touch your next products with a ten foot pole.

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  • ps3… it does everything alright.. including rape you. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.. as I own a 360 and ps3, I bought forza 4 and didn’t bother with gt5. I love the gran turismo series… up until I saw what they did with this last one. Stop trying to stuff 20,000 cars onto the disc (most of which I have no interest in driving) and give me the cars I want to drive in the highest fidelity. Not low res you fools. Forza seems to get this. Neither game is perfect, as forza has no night driving or weather effects, but they are closer to the mark than the gt series at this point. Its sad.

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  • i just wanted to get this straight…
    i bought the dlc pack today and i encountered a bug.
    i got the complete pack and nothing came up on the main menu. i did all the steps right and don’t say i didn’t. all i got was the nsx stealth and a theme. can you say wheres my DLC!?!?!?!?!?
    please reply if this applies to you too


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