Gran Turismo 5 – Epic Fail video

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A user has sent us this hilarious video of Gran Turismo 5 which shows a car colliding head on with a group approaching from the opposite side and then flying and rolling for some 50 feet before coming to a standstill.

Truly leaves upto its title. Amazing stuff. Have fun.

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  • Thanks for putting my video up here! 🙂

  • Not a fucking scratch on the car..thats the real FAIL here.

  • How is this an epic fail that crash was pretty impressive I actually loved it, and as for the driving away it’s a video game get a life, and stop the GT5 hating every game you crash on you can just get up and go you get shot in GTA 4 and keep going you die and come back on all games thats why they are video games. Yes this game is a driving sim but even in Forza wich I still play today you can get into this kind of crash and still drive away “IT’S NOT REAL LIFE”

  • jay

    What is a big fail is that after all that, the car looks like nothing happened and he still has a chance to win the race… FAIL!!!

  • This is a fail how? 😛

    Oh that’s right — it’s a perceived Fail for Xboxers. Who can’t seem to accept the greatest racing franchise will never reach their console.

    Let me know when you find something like this that you can reproduce regularlly. This video is purely and anomoly and not a bug or FAIL as you put it.

    Perhaps if you spent a little time doing some research instead of trolling YouTube for videos that incite fanboyism you might actually be able to write an article that demonstrates a minor level of intelligence. Who knows with a little practice you could be writing at the level of a 4th grader.

    Oops sorry, I mistook this site for one that actually tried to publish valuable information and news. Go about your business and I will just make a mental note not to visit this site for fears it will diminish my mental capabilities.

    • Listen, I have all three consoles and by no means am I any sort of fanboy but GT5 is a fail. Pay for cars with higher res and more damage…..what??? That is crappy no matter how you slice it. That would be like uncharted giveing you low res models with crappy animation and saying now you have to pay for the better ones. This video isn’t a fail its kinda rad but T5 is and if criterion made the game you can be your ass the damage would be a whole lot better. YOU are obviously the fanboy, a very obvious PS3 fanboy…….Uncharted, Demon Souls, Heavy Rain and GoW, FTW!!

  • Ooh yea take that your PlayStation dumasses! Your game suxors. Xbox Rulz because we are the coolest evar! This game fails first and foremost because it isn’t Halo and it’s not an FPS that is Xbox Exclusive (you know all 3 true exclusives we gots yo!).

  • Pob

    It looks like Polyphony Digital underestimated just how stupid some of it’s audience would be and forgot to test driving the wrong way round a track.

    …all the player had to do was turn left too 🙁

  • This website is a joke…

  • Hum… That actualy looks quite good. Much better then I expected from the article title. Obviously the car should be all messed up, but we know that severe car damage is out of GT5. But the initial impact and the roll are very good.
    I smell xbots.

  • GT5 is a JOKE !!!

    GT5 fails on so many levels… from the boring lame AI, the piss poor cars ported directly from GT4(playstation2), the poor environment detail(low poly models & low res textures), the shoddy anti-aliasing, the diabolically lame alpha sorting, buggy online play, and an incompetent unaccessible UI… the list goes on…


  • The video was removed earlier due to some issues. Here’s the new url – . Again, thank you for posting my video on your website 🙂


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